Delivering the business services vision - david marshall


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Delivering the business services vision - david marshall

  1. 1. Delivering the Business Services vision David Marshall, M.B.A., Head of Business Services Kent Police Business Centre
  2. 2. Agenda A Business Centre model Changing systems and culture Considerations for implementation Kent Police current status Delivery of benefits Future development potential Why a shared services approach? Business Services Excellence Questions
  3. 3. Underlying principles of the Business Centre It’s about grouping HR and Finance processes - Why? that are high volume, repetitive transactions for which rules can be set that can be linked with automation of systems that can be geographically independent Resilience Efficiency Improved service …... that can be measured Business Services Excellence
  4. 4. The Business Centre Vision “Delivering Business Services Excellence – Enabling business transformation that will enhance operational capability and improve customer experience at a reduced cost” + Support Services Implementation Project = Business Services Excellence A significant SHIFT – not an incremental journey
  5. 5. Shared Services - A Magic Formula? It is not about re-inventing the wheel! It is a tried & tested method; many businesses are progressing this way BUT you will need to adapt it for your organisation Business Services Excellence
  6. 6. Shared Service Centre Model “Lift and shift”, “Big bang” or “One step at a time” ? Business Services Excellence Employee Interaction Centre Business Intelligence Services SAP Development & Support Services Self Service Delivery (ESS & MSS) Finance Procurement Time Management Pay & Benefits Services HR Other Services
  7. 7. Key Considerations Human resources processes – selecting, retaining and relocating suitable staff Logistics issues – availability of accommodation, IT and other facilities Cultural resistance – the willingness of customers and stakeholders to accept change Dependencies within other projects – delivery of process and system changes A new concept based on success elsewhere – the Shared Services model A foundation for future efficiencies and service improvements – Business Services Exploiting our technology asset – coordinated approach to maximising SAP benefits Performance improvements – stretching targets, KPIs and Service Level Agreements Business Services Excellence
  8. 8. A new culture A coordinated approach - migrating from current culture to a new one Delivering against expectations – proving we can “walk the talk” Business Services Excellence Encouraging innovation and ownership – continuous improvement Physical environment – facilitating teamwork, learning and growing Leadership and management – direction setting and empowering Stakeholder and customer engagement – understanding expectations Attitude to change – embracing and promoting new approaches
  9. 9. Finance Services Purchasing Processing Mileage & Expenses Overtime Processing Electronic Accounts Payable Finance Services Team Business Services Excellence
  10. 10. HR Services Recruitment Processing Absence Reporting Organisational Management Appraisal (PDR) Support HR Services Team Business Services Excellence
  11. 11. Support Staff to Total Staff Ratio 2006/07 2010/11 Industry Top 25% HR 1:75 1:85 1:100-150 Finance 1:78 1:103 1:100-150 Delivering the cash benefits £0.5m contribution to a £1.8m annual saving Business Services Excellence
  12. 12. Delivering the efficiency benefits Benchmarking our deliverables Setting SLA’s Contribution to organisational goals Adding value, not an overhead Business Services Excellence PDR, Overtime, Mileage & Expenses administration and reporting – same day Vacancy to advert, processing applications - reducing recruitment timescales Absence notifications and overview report instantly – informing managers Requisition processing and contract compliance to purchase order – same day Paying invoices – meeting payment terms, securing discounts, avoiding penalties
  13. 13. Future Potential Potential service to other organisations?Virtual and physical modules Prove the concept on core services Expand and exploit the model Business Services Excellence Facilities, Training & Events Remaining HR & Finance processes Intelligence information Help Desk, Research Bureau Single back office contact centre Local councils Collaboration with Essex Police Other forces considering shared services Other organisations in the CJ family Local business partners
  14. 14. Relevance for Public Services & Collaboration? Collaboration opportunitiesPotential benefits Continuous improvement Expanding capability Business Services Excellence Increased investment in core tasks Efficiency, effectiveness and VFM Reduced spend on non-core activity Improved data quality & standards Exploitation of technology Shared risk and opportunities Build on existing relationships Shared learning and experience Achievement of economies of scale Realise your organisation’s potential
  15. 15. Recognise any of this? Business Services Excellence D O W N T I M E Injuries Non-standard work Defects Waiting Over-production Transportation Motion Excess inventory = Eliminate it and efficiencies WILL result…
  16. 16. Challenge everything! Business Services Excellence Why Did the bridge collapse? Don’t treat the direct cause – eliminate the root cause… Because lightning weakened it. Why Did lightning weaken it? Because it wasn’t build to stand a strike. Why Wasn’t it built to stand a strike? Because it wasn’t built to specification. Why Wasn’t it built to specification? Because the contractor didn’t read the specification. Why Didn’t the contractor read the specification? Because nobody checked that the contractor had the latest version.
  17. 17. Review Understanding the risks Recruitment and retention strategy Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats Adapting to a new business culture Taking up the performance challenge Testing the future potential for Business Services Preparing for the opportunities Business Services Excellence S T A R T U P Mighty oaks from little acorns grow…..
  18. 18. A final observation from me… Business Services Excellence “Shared Services doesn’t have to mean everybody HAS to do everything the same way……. ……but where you can there are real opportunities”
  19. 19. Any questions… Business Services Excellence