Ovarian cyst remedies


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Natural ovarian cyst remedies can give you the relief you need without the unwanted side effects of drug therapies.

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Ovarian cyst remedies

  1. 1. Natural Cure For Ovarian CystsOvarian cyst disease is a chronic condition that cantake a toll on the physical, mental and emotionalwell being of a woman. The conventional medicalapproach cannot really help the individual cure andprevent the condition, as the root causes of thiscondition as well as the manifold complicationsassociated with this condition are not addressed bythe common conventional treatments of ovariancysts. Hence, today there is a growing trend torevert back to the natural approach to handlingovarian cyst disorders in all their aspects.The importance of the natural approach:First, the natural approach to curing ovarian cystsinvolves the use of natural safe and gentleremedies. The use of natural remedies oftenresults is much fewer side effects compared tothose inflicted by conventional drugs. Secondly,the natural approach targets the root causes of acondition rather than focusing on the symptoms.Thirdly, by tackling the root causes the naturalapproach aims at long term healing and preventionof your condition. 1. Side effects of conventional medication: Conventional medical treatment can give rise to many side effects. Women who have to lose their ovaries can obviously never have children again. These women also often experience change in their personality due to hormonal imbalance. Also, oral contraceptives, which are
  2. 2. used prominently to treat the condition, can affect the fertility capabilities of a woman in the long term. Pregnant women cannot use conventional medication, without having to endure significant risks of miscarriage and premature delivery. Compared to this, natural remedies have no side effects. Some forms of natural treatment also put emphasis on strengthening the mental and emotional state of the patient thereby promoting healing in the true sense of the term.2. Inefficiency of conventional medication: Conventional medicine provides only temporary relief from the symptoms of ovarian cysts. The ovarian cysts often reoccur after the treatment is discarded. Even after surgery, the patient is not immune to ovarian cysts. In fact research has shown that the growth of ovarian cysts after surgery is very common. Compared to conventional medication, the natural approach provides long-term relief from the condition since it tackles the root cause of ovarian cysts and is therefore more effective.3. Impersonal approach: Conventional medication works according to rule of thumb without paying much attention to individual differences. Hence, conventional medication fails to treat certain conditions, as it lays emphasis on the disease and not the patient. On the other hand, the natural treatment is a often a personalized treatment. Each and every course of treatment varies from one
  3. 3. person to another. This is the reason why it has such an astounding success rate. 4. Expensive conventional treatment: Conventional treatment for ovarian cysts is very expensive. Besides the huge costs of ovarian surgery, you will have to pay for hospitalization, tests, prescription drugs and more. Natural remedies are comparatively cost effective and therefore women on a shoestring budget can also take advantage of them.The natural approach to treating ovarian cysts iseffective against most forms of cysts. It can beused to prevent complications and to keep theexisting ovarian cyst condition under control.However, these remedies cannot completely cureovarian cysts. To cure ovarian cysts, acomprehensive holistic and multidimensional formof treatment is required.The Holistic approach:The only way to effectively treat and preventovarian cysts is by using a multidimensionalholistic approach to healing.Unlike the conventional approach which deals withthe inflicted organ or with the symptoms of thedisease (and the treatment in often aggressivewith a myriad of side effects), the holistic approachtreats every disease as part of a whole by firstlyrestoring natural balance to the body whilenaturally tackling each causative factor which lead
  4. 4. to the condition. In this way, the holistic approachto treating ovarian cysts offers a long term, safeand gentle solution without the side effects ofdrugs or the risk of surgery while ensuring theprevention of future ovarian cyst recurrence.This article is based on the book,"Ovarian Cyst Miracle" by CarolFoster. Carol is an author, researcher,nutritionist and health consultant whodedicated her life to creating theultimate holistic ovarian cyst solutionguaranteed to permanently cure alltypes of ovarian cysts and dramaticallyimprove the overall quality of your life,naturally, without the use prescriptionmedication or surgery, and without anyside effects. Learn more by visiting herwebsite: Natural Treatment PCOS