Overall travel is the leading india travel and tourism online resource


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Overall travel is the leading india travel and tourism online resource

  1. 1. Overall Travel is the Leading IndiaTravel and Tourism Online ResourceThe leading India travel and tourism site has lots to offer in termsof travel and holiday packages. Find out whether they have thepackage that fits your need for this upcoming summer vacations.
  2. 2. Get ‘Fuelled by Happiness’ With Their CustomProducts and Services• Overall Travel is one of the top online travel solution providers and offers travel products and services designed to deliver precisely what you need. Their service ensures that your life gets „Fuelled by Happiness‟ while staying committed to their brand value. The company operates from Noida, India.
  3. 3. Stay in the Finest Hotels at Top GlobalDestinationsOverall Travel serves as a nucleus to facilitatecomprehensive travel services to individual clients as wellas corporate entities. They have liaison with top hotelsacross the globe which helps them provide the best dealson tour packages India. The packages come with thepromise of security and comfort. This undoubtedly is oneof their key USPs.
  4. 4. Customized Holiday Packages – Their SpecialtyAre you traveling on business or is it a pleasure trip thatyou are planning? Overall Travel has something uniquefor every type of traveler. Their customized Indian holidaypackage is their flagship brand and is extremely popularamong their clients for the fun and adventure it bringsalong. No one offers personalized travel services of suchimpeccable quality as Overall Travel. Try them today toexperience their unique products firsthand.
  5. 5. What Makes Overall Travel Different?Some facts about Overall Travel which makes them the preferred India travel and tourism site.• They have the easiest process for booking when you plan an India tourism travel• Their customer support is among the best in the travel and tourism industry• They offer complete customization of services• Their prices are exceptionally competitive• Their services are designed to deliver optimum convenience and comfort• Their refund processes are customer friendly
  6. 6. Bespoke Information at Your FingertipsOverall Travel is one of the few India travel and tourism site whichoffers reliable, comprehensive and bespoke information, priceestimate, availability as well as reservation facility for both domesticand international air travel, train reservation, hotel and holidaybookings. They also offer detailed information about rentaltransportation such as booking private buses and cars.The objective of their travel package is to get you a home away fromhome during your Indian holiday and overseas excursions. To meet thisobjective, they ensure that each holiday package has “Happiness” asthe focal point in the inclusion list. Customer satisfaction is one ofthe primary ingredients of all their travel packages.
  7. 7. The MICE PackageAre you planning a corporate get-together, conference or puttingtogether an exhibition? Make sure you visit the Overall Travel MICEpage before finalizing any deal. They offer wholesome travel servicesand exciting incentives for both domestic and internationaldestinations. With Overall Travel, you are assured of the doubleadvantage of convenience and the most competitive prices in onepackage. Their experienced and trained professionals become a partof your group during your journeys to make sure you get what waspromised and some more.
  8. 8. Plan to Visit Popular InternationalDestinations? Make it Happen NowApart from affordable tour packages India, Overall Travelalso offers International holiday packages which coverpopular destinations such as Nepal, Singapore, Paris,London, Italy, Morocco, Dubai and many other famousholiday retreats. Foreigners planning an India tourismtravel will find the Overall Travel packages just right fortheir budget.
  9. 9. Enjoy an Experience of a LifetimeWith Overall Travel, the best India travel and tourism site,you can even choose your holiday by theme. Choose fromadventure, honeymoon, beach, sand, spiritual tours,family tours, hills and of course, Incredible Indiapackages. You can be sure of a holiday experience of alifetime.
  10. 10. Thank YouOverall TravelD-101, Sector-63Noida-201301, Uttar PradeshIndiaPh: 0120-4888900 @Overall Travelpublished by www.overalltravel.com Overall Travel