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Why deleting is improving. My presentation from CSforum 2011

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  • Thor: bruk Kb 
  • This is a big problem. Doesanyoneknowwhy??
  • Just say «no» doesentwork. We have to explain and getthemonboadwiththe right mindset. If not just og on building separate campaignsitewith redundant content.
  • Tool: Definethecore. Example med MBB. Blank mal først – så utfyllt: Create a platform for communication to incresaeunderstanding and align goals to create a betterwebsite.Tror Are snakket om dette som ”Core+Paths” når han presenterte på IASummit. Her må du bruke litt tid på å fortelle om dette. Jeg ville kanskje også kalt det for ”InboundPaths” og ”Outboundpaths”. Døp om triggerwords til Triggers
  • Tool: Definethecore. Example med MBB. Blank mal først – så utfyllt: Create a platform for communication to incresaeunderstanding and align goals to create a betterwebsite.
  • Utfordring: Elektronisk inforasjon vs. ikke-elektronisk informasjon (kjerneside-ark, papir-skisser, lapper på tavle)Mange verktøy (Protoshare, Basecamp, Dropbox, Jira, GoogleDocs) krever ADMINISTRASJONLøsning: Deling av informasjon + Synlighet/åpenhet Hvilken skisse danner grunnlag for siden? Hvilken designutkast er siste versjon? Hvilke brukeroppgaver og forretningsmål skal siden løse? Hvilke userstories er knyttet opp mot denne siden? Er siden lansert? Hvordan ser den i såfall ut?
  • Cut the crap

    1. Cut the crap:Why deleting is improving Ove Dalen, 6. september 2011
    2. The challengeTelenor reserves theright to limit the transferrate for your subscriptionto a maximum of 100kbit/s if usage exceeds 6GB in the currentcalendar month.
    4. We have to informAfter 6 GB per month thespeed will be reduced
    5. We have to inform, more!Why is there amaximum limit?
    6. But hey: Whydon’t we sendthe customeran SMS?
    7. The black holeWhat!!! The SMS-inbox, is onlyavailable in theMobile Broadbandapplication oncustomerscomputer!?!
    8. Read more Read moreRead more Read more Read more Read more Read more Read moreRead more Read more Read more Read much more here Read more Read more Read more Read more
    9. Norways biggest and the worlds 6th largest telecom-company. 3,1 million mobile customers in Norway• 150 years history• State-operated monopoly until 1995• 4850 employees in Norway
    10. Telenor put their website on a diet • Increase conversion and sale Goals • Increase self service • An easier website to manage
    11. Stop the cacophony from 1000internal voices
    12. The marketing departmentwants a lot of stuff • Usually they make a 10 page spesification on what to do • Not aligned at all with web thinking • Not aligned at all with user centered design
    13. NO!
    14. Core page:Inward paths User goals: Strategic goals: Outward paths• … • ..• … 1. … 1. … • ..• … 2. … 2. … • .. 3. .. 3. .. Triggerwords: …
    15. Core page: Mobile broadbandInward paths User goals: Strategic goals: Outward paths• Google • Order Adwords 1. What is MBB? 1. Selling the right • Download• eDM 2. What’s the price? subscription to software• Frontpage • Coverage of• Facebook 3. How fast is it the right MBB i compared to customer Norway normal 2. Download broadband?? software 4. What separates 3. Reduce the the different number of calls subscriptions? and emails to customer service Triggerwords: Mobile broadband, Internet, broadband, wireless, 3G, Turbo 3G
    16. Use casesWhat is MBB? Demonstrate “Best in test” Order MBB (consumer +What’s the price? businness) Nearest delaer
    17. Don’t work in silos
    18. Familiar?• Information architects who make structures with no detailed knowledge of the content• Writers reduced to filling the structure• Designers who make pixelperfect Photoshop- design who fails when merged with content• Developers who don’t understand communicationResult: A lot of waste and massive big websites
    19. The cross functional webteam
    20. We prototypein HTML
    21. Never launch in a Big bang
    22. We have to write everything in 2 weeks
    23. Lorem ipsum
    24. Einsteins definition of madness” Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
    25. Step-by-step launchContent + Learn by experience + Content drives design Phone + Secures quality content Menus Broadband - Two separate websites Mobile - Navigation problems? Invoice Mobile broadband Time
    26. Content driven process T riggerord: Mobilt Bredbånd forside Brukeroppgaver: Forretningsmål: 1. Sjekke 1. Sel • Forsiden ge • Bestilling tilbud Telenor 2. Få 2. Bestille • Hjelp • Eksternt 3. Laste ned ut ny • Ny SW søk SW 4. Finne S • Dekning • Landings- frem til W side hjelpesid e .Analyze: Strategize: Wireframes: HTML• Searchlogs • User tasks• Statistics • Strategic goals• Businessgoals • Paths in & out • Trigger words Content written all the time
    27. The result: success for Telenor• Reduced 80 percent of website – website now 500 pages• Conversion rate 100% up on key pages• Emails to customer service down by 35%• And important…an easier website to manage
    28. Thank you! Ove Dalen•–