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Outstanding Productivity Module OPM helps you for your Daily Task Management, Personal Productivity, Meetings Management, customize Microsoft Outlook and Evernote by Getting Thing Done (GTD). We will show at your own desk, at a time convenient to you. Call us 91-265-6560218 for free demo.

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Getting Things Done - OPM Client Presentation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Average worker spends one fourth of the workingday reading and responding to emailsWhat if we could help your companyReduce time spent in email inboxby 30% throughout the company100Min.70Min.Normal
  3. 3. An average executive getsmore than 100 emails per day100Mails60MailsNormal OPMWhat if we could help your companyReduce company wide email volume by
  4. 4. On an average 30 minutes are spent daily on finding orlocating emails, computer files and paper documentsWhat if we could help your companyReduce by 2/3rd of the time spent on findingemails, paper and soft copies of documents.30Min.10Min.Normal
  5. 5. In surveys conducted worldwide – managers reportthat 30-50% of their meeting time is wasted. Areyour meetings effective?What if we could help your companyReduce number of meetings in half and helpmanage your meetings to get results•Reduce the number ofmeetings by half•Manage meetings betterto get results•Generate automaticmeeting
  6. 6. The average worker has 50 interruptions per day, ofwhich 70% have nothing to do with work. Dr. EdwardDemingWhat if we could help your companyReduce interruptions by 50%, allowing consistentun-interrupted focus on priorities.100Interrupt50InterruptNormal
  7. 7. Do your employees know their KRA’s and work onthem on a daily basis?What if we could help your companyHelp employees focus and work 2 additional hoursdaily on their
  8. 8. Proper delegation and accountability are major hurdlesin the productivity of many organizationsWhat if we could help your companyDelegate effectively and make employeesaccountable and take ownership of their
  9. 9. Are your employees always trying to “catch up” andoften not in control of their work day?What if we could help your companyBecome proactive instead of reactive and be incontrol of yours tasks, projects, communicationand commitments from one central
  10. 10. Work-life balance is key to employee engagement andretentionWhat if we could help your companyImprove work-life balance and have more engagedemployees
  11. 11. Are your employees effective & efficient?What if we could help your companyHelp them do more work, in less time and with lessstress. Help them become effective &
  12. 12. Introduction• Almost every working person today feels thathe/she has too much work to do and notenough time to get it done.• In the age of instant communication aided bytechnology, it seems like we are never reallyoff work. Hence there is a constant feeling ofoverwhelm, stress and
  13. 13. OPM (Outstanding Productivity Module) Training• The main reason for this problem is that employeesare never properly trained how to effectively managetheir workday, tasks, priorities and delegation andfollow up.• The solution is OPM (Outstanding ProductivityModule).• It is not just a training program. It is a completesystem to manage all yourtasks, commitments, meetings, and KRA’
  14. 14. OPM (Outstanding Productivity Module) Training• By learning and adopting the best practices in time andworkflow management through Microsoft Outlook, Lotusnotes (or any email client), Evernote & DocumentManagement software, you can dramatically improve yourindividual and team productivity.• You can improve your chances of moving up the successladder while reducing stress and feeling better control overyour work and
  15. 15. OPM (Outstanding Productivity Module) Training• Manage emails, tasks, projects, meetings, delegationand follow up and consistently• Focus on and achieve your KRAs while having abetter work-life balance and reducing stress.• Achieve lasting benefits of increased productivity andreduced stress for the rest of your
  16. 16. OPM (Outstanding Productivity Module) Training• Do more work, in less time, and with lessstress• Learn by doing your own work, at your owndesk, at a time convenient to you• We are there to support you at every stepuntil you master the skills and get in control ofyour work and your
  17. 17. Benefits of OPMCreate consistent focus on your highest priorities and KRAsUnderstand and apply principles and tools of effective time management & personalorganization used worldwide by many of the Fortune 500 companiesMagically - "remember" everything and "recall" it instantly when neededGain control of your workday and boost your productivityPlan, manage and stay on top of multiple tasks, projects and goalsHandle the email overload - get your inbox to zero everyday - reduce corporate EmailFind any document - paper, electronic or email - in 10 seconds or
  18. 18. Benefits of OPMCreate automatic meeting agendasDelegate effectively and follow up consistentlySignificantly reduce interruptionsReduce number of meetings and manage meetings to get resultsReduce stress and Improve work-life balanceBe more effective as well as efficient - Get more work done in less time and with lessstressBecome valuable and irreplaceable to your
  19. 19. Course Contentwww.outstandingproductivity.comLearn to process emails quickly and get your email inbox to zero everydayLearn to convert emails into tasks, appointments, delegated tasks, meetingsUse categories to organize your tasks and appointmentsLearn to setup uniform filing system across emails, hard drive, networkdrive and physical filing cabinetsSetup email rules and alerts to filter junk and redirect emails to properfolders
  20. 20. Course Contentwww.outstandingproductivity.comFind any email, physical or soft copy document in less than 10 seconds -with proper filing and with effective use of search functionLearn to create automatic meeting agendasLearn to delegate effectively and automatically generate follow upreminders of delegated tasksLearn to insert documents, files and Outlook items and link Outlookcontacts to any appointment or taskLearn to setup a reference filing system for paper documents and use thepower of "Document Management" software to find any document in 10seconds or less
  21. 21. Our Methodology1 2 3 4 5 6 7DeliverCustomizedTwo DayTrainingEvaluate ClientNeedsOne DayMeeting30 DayChallenge &AccountabilityEmail andPhone Followup for 30DaysOne DayFollow upTrainingOne yearsupportTurn NewlyLearned Skillsin to life timeCompetence• A good training intervention requires understanding of needs andpreparing customized programs that meets each client’s needs andobjectives.• A good training program requires world class content and deliverybased on adult learning principles of experiential learning• Lasting change requires learning repetition, on job application ofthe newly learned skills, commitment, and
  22. 22. ROI on OPMwww.outstandingproductivity.comIf average executive works 8 hours per day,Works 5 days a week,And 50 weeks a year, then= 8 x 5 x 50 = 2000 hours a year.If you want to calculate the hourly rate of aperson with salary of Rs 10 lacs then divide 10lacs with 2000 = Rs 500 per hour
  23. 23. ROI on OPMwww.outstandingproductivity.comOPM will save 2 hours per day for this executive(and help him use those two hours for his KRA’s)2 hours per day and 5 days per week and 50 weeks peryear 2 x 5 x 50 = 500 hours saved per year500 hours save x 500 Rs / hour salary = 2.5 lacs2.5 lacs saved per executive per year in the firstyear itselfThat is an ROI of more than 800%
  24. 24. Our Mission• Our mission is to help you become more effective and efficient atwhatever you do.Our Vision• Our vision is to impart knowledge, skills and attitude through our trainingand coaching interventions, to help you do more work in less time with lesseffort and less stress while building personal connections and lastingrelationships with your constituents.Our Values• To consult and never to sell – Advise client what is in client’s best interest• Honesty, Integrity and Transparency• Deliver more in value than we receive in professional fees• Strive hard for 100 % customer satisfaction and
  25. 25. Partial Client
  26. 26. Free Demo• Please call for a 5 minute tour orlive demo of how OPM is setupand how easy it is to use• It will be at your desk at a timeconvenient to you• I will share my desktop to showyou -How Outlook, Evernote andDocument Management softwareare customized for OPM• How to use OPM to get youremail inbox to zero• How to convert emails intotasks, delegated tasks, agendasand meeting notes etc.• How OPM can help you takecontrol of your work and your
  27. 27. ContactOutstanding ProductivityM : +91 92277 23366M : +91 97277
  28. 28. Thank You