Five practical ideas to triple your personal productivity


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Despite working for long hours, do you often scratch your head at the end of the day to figure out what exactly you could accomplish during the day? Further wondering, whether your personal productivity is not up to the mark or perhaps not up to what your hopes or expectations are?

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Five practical ideas to triple your personal productivity

  1. 1. 5 Practical Ideas to Triple your Personal Productivity “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing right things” ~ Peter Drucker Despite working for long hours, do youoften scratch your head at the end of the day to figure out what exactly you could accomplish during the day? Further wondering, whether your personal productivity is not up to the mark or perhaps not up to what your hopes or expectations are? The sky is the limit and high are the dreams of personal success. However, while aiming for the mountain peak, do you sometimes feel that you are lost somewhere amidst the bushes? Well, do not fret! You can scale up your mountain of success and increase your productivity gradually and steadily with some simple changes. Here we bestow you with 5 significant practical ideas which you can apply instantaneously to enhance your Personal Effectiveness. Don’t just work harder, but work smarter. 1. Maintain A Meticulous Time Log Keep a detailed time log as you perform your daily tasks. From how much time goes in checking e-mails to the time spent in attending phone calls and web browsing, meetings, phone calls, interruptions, visitors, coffee breaks, chit chats etc. This will help you to know for yourself how much time you are actually working on activities that contribute towards your productivity and how much time is spent on other trivial activities. Studies have revealed that an average executive does only 1.5 hours of productive work in an 8 hour workday. The rest however goes into shuffling papers, socializing, tea breaks and engaging in non-business communication along with numerous other non-productive activities. 2. Scrutinize Your Time Log Results By keeping a time log, a very busy manager found out that after working 60 hours in a week, his productive hours were only 15! It not only cleared his misconception about his productivity but also helped him to realize all his time consuming activities that did not contribute meaningfully to his goals and results. Scrutinizing your own results will make you consciously aware of all the time drains and assist you in eradicating these hurdles from your path towards high levels of personal productivity 3. Calculate Your Productivity Ratio By dividing the actual time spent at work to the total hours spent at the office, you can determine your productivity percentage. For instance, the productivity ratio of 1 day of the manager in the above example, working for 15 hours in 60 hours for a week is 25%. Now, your income, accomplishment, promotion depends on the productive hours, not on the total number of hours worked - doesn’t it? Therefore, to achieve high levels of personal success, ensure you maintain your productivity ratio as high as possible by using the below simple formula,
  2. 2. Productivity Ratio = Time spent in doing “Actual Work” ÷ Total Time spent at work Your income is NOT proportional to the number of hours you work – BUT the number of hours you work on your MOST PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITIES. 4. Cut Back The Total Hours To Force An Increase In Efficiency When you have time constraints, you manage time well and become efficient. However, when you have all the time in the world your efficiency declines and so does the productivity. Murphy’s Law – Work expands to fill the time available to complete it. Therefore, in order to triple your productivity and success reduce your total work time to maximize your efficiency. It’s all about working smarter and not harder. Ask yourself, which one sounds better, working 30 hours with 25 hours of high productivity and a 90% productivity ratio or working 60 hours with 25% of productivity ratio? 5. Progressively Raise Total Hours While Managing Peak Efficiency With this approach, gradually you’ll find that you have skilfully optimized and tripled your personal productivity. For instance, by maintaining an average productivity ratio of 85% efficiency for an entire month you will have tripled your productivity from the low level of 25%. Time logging is one of the mostsimple yet effective ways to enhance your productivity without increasing your working hours and often results in reducing the total number of hours worked. Although it may take some time and effort to implement the process, but once it has been accomplished the payoff is incredible. If you would like to improve the productivity of your team significantly by adopting the best practices in personal productivity that areused worldwide by many of the Fortune 500 companies, contact for a free and no obligation 10 minute demo of our personal productivity module - OPM. Tushar Vakil Coach, Trainer & Personal Productivity Expert www.outstanding +91-9727717512 +91-265-6560218