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Using Promotional Merchandise to Improve Lead Generation
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Using Promotional Merchandise to Improve Lead Generation


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A strategy and case study highlighting how promotional merchandise can improve the results of lead generation campaigns.

A strategy and case study highlighting how promotional merchandise can improve the results of lead generation campaigns.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Using Promotional Merchandise to Increase Lead Generation Effectiveness Strategy & Case Study
  • 2. When most marketers start work on their marketing plan...
  • 3. Promotional merchandise is right at the bottom of the list of priorities
  • 4. It is not seen as something that is strategically important
  • 5. To most people, promotional merchandiseis inexpensive giveaways to be used at events
  • 6. They tend to be last minute afterthoughts
  • 7. And you end up ordering anything as long as it has a logo and it can be delivered on time
  • 8. We think if you work like this you are missing a trick
  • 9. Using promotional merchandise as an integrated part of your marketing campaign can have a significant positive impact on results
  • 10. Promotional merchandise can help your message get noticed
  • 11. It can help your company stand out from the crowd
  • 12. It can allow you to be more creative in your campaigns...
  • 13. ...add a new dimension to what you have been doing previously
  • 14. And it can help you engage more effectively with your customers or prospects
  • 15. The bottom line is this - Promotional Merchandise can make your marketing campaigns more effective
  • 16. Here is an example from one of our customers - Kofax UK
  • 17. Kofax wanted to put together a personalised campaign to their most strategic target accounts
  • 18. As part of the campaign they developed a dedicated microsite with tailored videos as well as new written content
  • 19. The next step was to get people to visit the website, watch the videos and download the content
  • 20. The plan was to do the usual kind of email campaign to drive traffic
  • 21. But they wanted to do a bit more... so called us up for some ideas
  • 22. As well as the email, they followed upwith a high impact direct mail piece...
  • 23. ...that used promotional merchandise at its heart. In this case it was a pair of branded earphones
  • 24. The mailer asked the recipient to do 4 things:1. Plug the earphones into their PC2. Visit the website3. Listen to the video4. Contact them if any more info needed
  • 25. The campaign was mailed out to 2000 contacts and followed up by telephone
  • 26. You want to know the results?
  • 27. Traffic drivers to microsite (from a closed list of 2000 names): email - 35 DM (postcard) - 14 DM (earphones) - 284The Direct Mail piece with the earphones was 8 times more effective in driving traffic to the website than the email campaign Not too shabby... and there is more...
  • 28. During the telephone follow up, 65% of the people who were spoken toremembered the mailer and (more importantly) remembered who the mailer was from
  • 29. The callers all agreed that “Hello, I am the person who sent you the earphones...” was a great ice breaker and conversation starter...
  • 30. ...and the earphones definitely helped get the company noticed
  • 31. With our help, Kofax really stood out from the crowd
  • 32. That programme generated over $1m in qualified sales pipeline and over $250,000 in sales
  • 33. Not bad for a pair of earphones
  • 34. If you want your marketing programmes to stand outfrom the crowd and engage your customers and prospects...
  • 35. ...why not partner with Outstanding Branding and take your marketing programmes to the next level?
  • 36. Promotional merchandise for stand out brands call: 020 3142 6700 email: