Unit 2 - Reformation

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  • 1. So You Say You Want a Revolution? Bronx Lab School Global History 10 Unit 2
  • 2. The Protestant Reformation
    • Began by Martin Luther when he posted his 95 Theses in 1517, the Reformation resulted in the establishment of churches not under the Pope’s authority
    • Catholic vs Protestant
  • 3. Where are we?
  • 4. What was it like?
    • In Europe, the Church has been unified since the first centuries A.D.
    • Hierarchical structure, with Pope at top (then Cardinals, Bishops, Priests)
    • Pope gets authority directly from God, therefore word of pope is like word of God (Infallibility)
  • 5. Key Ideas
    • Protestantism (Lutheran)
      • Criticizes sale of indulgences
      • Salvation through faith alone (Not faith and ‘good acts’)
      • Church teachings based solely on Bible (Not Bible+Pope)
      • All people of faith are equal (no hierarchy)
  • 6. Key Ideas
    • Protestantism (Calvinism)
      • Salvation is pre-determined (predestination)
        • Who goes to heaven/hell is already set
      • The few who are saved are ‘The Elect’
      • Ideal government is a ‘Theocracy’ (Government guided by religion)
  • 7. Key Ideas
    • Printing Press and Spread of Ideas
      • Johannes Gutenberg invents the printing press in 1440’s (though invented 400 years earlier in China)
      • Allows for spread of ideas
      • Allows for Bible to be widely distributed
  • 8. Our Key Questions
    • What is being created or investigated?
    • What is the revolution or change?
  • 9. What is being created or investigated?
    • Created?
      • New forms of religion
      • Competition in Europe for believers
    • Investigated
      • Who has access to the truth
  • 10. What is the revolution or change?
    • Before:
      • Europe united under one religion
      • Religious wars between Christians and non-Christians
      • No religious pressure to be able to read
      • Bible only in Latin
    • After:
      • Europe divided between Catholics/Protestants
      • Centuries of Religious warfare (Ireland today)
      • Added focus on education to read the Bible
      • Bible in all languages
  • 11. Key People
    • Martin Luther
    • John Calvin
    • Johannes Gutenberg
  • 12. Martin Luther
    • What did he create/investigate?
      • New form of Christianity
    • For what change was he responsible?
      • Bringing of Protestant Reformation
  • 13. John Calvin
    • What did he create/investigate?
      • New Christian ideas
    • For what change was he responsible?
      • Calvinism - foundation of much American Religion
  • 14. Johannes Gutenberg
    • What did he create/investigate?
      • The Printing Press using Movable Type
    • For what change was he responsible?
      • Mass spread of ideas
        • Allowed for spread of Renaissance and Reformation ideas