Market Research Using LinkedIn


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  • Profile completionUse resume importerAdd color: presentations, books, videos, etc.Own company profileThink quality when connecting, sharing, joining, commenting, introducing and recommendingBe a source of opportunitySuggest people, companies, jobs and events
  • Market Research Using LinkedIn

    1. Using LinkedIn for Market Research Konstantin Guericke
    2. General Market Research Options • • • • • • • • • Google, Google News, Google Trends Your mentors Send survey to your friends Ask your friends if they know someone “in x industry” or “at Y company” Put up ads on Google and landing page Look up info of related public companies in filings Attend professional events CrunchBase, Quora, Twitter, etc. Wordtracker, KeywordSpy, SEMRush, etc.
    3. How Reach Out Now? • Who try to meet? • What avenues? – Post & pray? – Ask friends/advisors who know? – Ping bloggers? – Blog self and hope for inbound? – Physical events? – Directories & cold call/email?
    4. LinkedIn • Your contacts • Their contacts • Overall network – Among experienced professionals, few are not on LinkedIn (238 mil total) – Easiest place to find • Everyone is busy – Come referred – Give to get
    5. • Hand-written Thank You note – Include Starbucks/Amazon gift card? – Include donation to charity? • Non-generic notes Konstantin, It was great to get your mentorship yesterday. Thank you very much I know how busy you are. In particular I kept the following: - Raise funds when you are ready - Be ready to answer "what is beyond public cloud" - Understand whether Glass Collective makes seed investments. Get introductions. Use LinkedIn to find investors with relevant backgrounds. - Do not think of Google as a client, rather a partner. - Being the first developers/start-ups to use a new platform has its advantages (attention) and disadvantages (tech challenges). I would love to keep in touch, share our progress and partner with you for future workshops, Best,
    6. How Not to Use LinkedIn • • • • Join groups and post (“spam”) Find people and invite them to connect Send update to your friends asking for help Put stuff in profile and hope people will contact you – 5 Billion searches done to find professionals, but are they looking for you?
    7. People Search • Find founders of related startups – Especially those who raised funds and closed doors • Search for experts – – See where they are (location, industry, company, etc.) – View related profiles • Best way to reach is via intro – 3rd degree can work, but 2nd degree is better – Be sure you are connected to your real-life network of contacts – You will be surprised to learn who they know
    8. Getting to Yes • Make it easy for the introducer • Control the message – Explain why you picked them – Make a small ask – Explain what is in it for them – Keep it to 5-6 sentences • Let your LinkedIn profile speak for yourself • Make sure your connection knows what to do
    9. Company Search • Finding a kind of company – – Narrow by industry, location and maybe company size – See at which of these companies your contacts know people (relationship filter) – Search by keyword • Look up specific companies – – – – See who can introduce you See who left the company See related companies See who likes their products & services • Follow companies • Example: find partners, competitors, beta customers, suppliers, investors, etc.
    10. LinkedIn Groups • • • • • Read latest discussions Search discussion archive Search membership directory Comment or like existing/relevant discussions Contact interesting people from discussions or in directory via private message – Have a good profile – State what you want and what is in it for them – Check who viewed your profile • Start a discussion or poll
    11. LinkedIn Ads • • Not wait for someone to search • Target ads by company, function, title, industry, company size, seniority, location, gender, skills, groups, school, age, etc. • Only pay when they click through
    12. Alumni •
    13. Alumni
    14. Alumni
    15. Alumni
    16. Other Resources on LinkedIn • •
    17. Analyzing Your InMap Maven (local hub) Salesman (bi-lateral hub)
    18. Analyzing Your InMap Outlier (Distinct Communities) Infiltrator (No Clump)
    19. Analyzing Your InMap Connector (general hub) Connector in Clump
    20. Manage your reputation