5 common errors college students make when looking for a job

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Graduating college students make these mistakes more often than not according to employers.

Graduating college students make these mistakes more often than not according to employers.

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  • 1. 5 Errors College Students Make in the Job Market
  • 2. Limiting Job LocationUniversity graduates ought todefinitely make the placementfor their full-time jobsexcessive on the checklistbased mostly on their privatepreferences. Nonetheless,selecting too narrow of anplace, like only near Amarillo,Texas, or Naples, Florida andnot South Florida canimmensely restrict upwardmovement Take intoconsideration constructiveopportunities in different areasin case your first most well-liked place doesnt turn upanything.
  • 3. Job Search Only Done OnlineIn response to a MonsterUniversity survey, greater than75%-percent of college gradsand junior undergrads considernetworking as an importantpart in an employment search. If you want to be seen in adifferent way than all differentcandidates, makingprofessional friends andnetworking can get you intoone all your preferredcompanies. Therefore, putadded effort into networking.
  • 4. Lack of Follow UpBecause there are literally1000s of candidates andperhaps 20 or 30 interviewsheld it is important to follow upwith the employer. You cannotjust ship out resumes andcount on your phone to ring,Typically the human resourcesdepartment will get backed up,that there wasnt a good timeto set-up an interview. Mail offa follow-up letter to the statusof that interviewed position.You need to show enthusiasmto obtain good jobs.
  • 5. Coming Off As IncompetentThis goes alongside the linesof dressing too casually,wearing sandals in theinterview, keeping your cellphone on in the course of theinterview.That could be veryunprofessional according torecruiters. Be sure youreready for employersexpectations and look like youbelong.
  • 6. Carefree Demeanor Toward InterviewThe essentials ofprofessionalism and followingthe typical standards still applyeven if youre trying to get anunpaid internship.This tells the company youveresearched them and didn’tjust see their rules and conductbut confirms you are self-motivated.College students should alsobe ready to reply to thosetough interview questions like"What are your weaknesses?"and “Where do you see yourself in 3 to 5 years?".
  • 7. Job Resources • Grad Resources Summary • Entry Level Jobs Online Job Sites • CollegeGrad.com Referrals from Friends/Family • CollegeRecruiter.com A leading job board for college-aged candidatesProfessional Relationships • Find Teaching Jobs Recent job listings for teaching overseas adjunct, and ESL/TEFL positions. • Gen Y Networking