Blogworld Expo 2012: Content Discovery


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CEO Yaron Galai presented at Blogworld 2012 recently. If you missed his presentation on content discovery and distributing your content at scale, you can see it here.

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Blogworld Expo 2012: Content Discovery

  1. 1. @Outbrain@YaronGalai
  2. 2. If you wrote a blogAnd no one came to read it Did you write a blog?
  3. 3. 2 Ways People Find Your Content1) They know what they want: 2) They don’t know what they want: Link
  4. 4. Search traffic 2000 - 2011• Publish for spiders• Keywords; link exchanges• If the spider bites – you’re golden!• …but - Transient traffic – ~1 PV/session; high bounce
  5. 5. Search traffic 2012+• Publish for spiders humans• KW and link manipulations get punished, not rewarded• Content discovery + engagement is key• Still – very transient traffic
  6. 6. Ironically: The best way to get Googlejuice, is to not focus on Google juice, at all…
  7. 7. The things you should focus on:1. Content - Write great content (duh!)2. Discovery - Get links on Facebook, Twitter, Outbrain, StumbleUpon, etc.3. Engagement – Once people find your site, keep them engaged
  8. 8. Engagement• The Outbrain widget – free, and typically gets a 5-10% engagement level• ~100,000 bloggers use it• Also used by the best publishers in the world:
  9. 9. EngagementInstall it
  10. 10. Discovery – The New SEO• Before you get a reader engaged, you need to get a reader!
  11. 11. Or, you can acquire traffic• Traffic acquisition can kick-start your SEO loop• It’s dependable, and easily scalable• Some of the best blogs, publishers & marketers rely on it:
  12. 12. A case study• MySuperMarketer – a social media consultancy• Submitted blog content to Outbrain Amplify• Results: – 400% increase in traffic to their blog – 240% increase in email newsletter signups – Surge in blog comments and Facebook Likes – Increased PV/visit from 1.75 to 2.9 PV’s. – 30% lower bounce rate vs. traffic from other PPC – Very likely: Improved their SEO!
  13. 13. Owned-vs-Earned• Point paid traffic to content of your choice:• Owned – Content that you produce; your blog; your videos, etc.• Earned – Content about your company/product that was published *anywhere* on the web
  14. 14. 330 Free Clicksfor BlogWorld Expo participants
  15. 15. If you wrote a blogAnd no one came to read it Did you write a blog?
  16. 16. 23