Special Investment Regions (SIR) in Gujarat


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Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2011 : Special Investment Regions (SIR) in Gujarat

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  • I Want to Details or Project. of Govt. Of Gujarat Investment In future of Santalpur or Banaskhatha .With Details.....
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Special Investment Regions (SIR) in Gujarat

  1. 1. Special Investment Regions iNDEXTb
  2. 2. India – The Favoured Investment Destination Strong Economy 1,400 10% • Trillion dollar economy Real GDP Growth Rate Real GDP US$ Billion 1,200 8% 1,000 800 6% • World’s 12th largest economy 600 4% • 53% of GDP from service sector 400 200 2% • 29% of GDP from Industry - 0% • Average growth of 7% during global 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 economic slowdown Source: Economic Survey of India Year attracting highest FDI (2000- • Second most favoured destination Manufacturing Sectors Computer Software for FDI and Hardware Telecommunication • FDI inflow grew an average of 9% 2009) during global economic slowdown Real Estate FDI Destination • US$ 19 billion (Rs. 85,500 crore) FDI Construction inflow between April – November Pharmaceuticals and 2009 Chemicals Top FDI Destinations of the World Rank Countries 1 China India ranks at the top on the availability of 2 India skilled man power, access to local and 3 United States international market, and strong market fundamentals 4 Russian Federation 5 Brazil Source: DIPP; WIPPS 08-10, World CompetitivenessSpecial Investment Regions
  3. 3. GUJARAT - the preferred investment destinationGujarat offers investors the right mix of industrial potential, stable political environment, a culture of openness and respect, a hard working and knowledgeable workforce, excellent infrastructure, and a government that warmly and openly encourages overseas investments in a wide array of opportunities.
  4. 4. Excellent infrastructure and connectivity, highlighted by excellent trade and A large pool of qualified, cost transportation networks, power effective and motivated labour force – sufficiency, port-led economic backed by world class educational development and an integrated institutions state-wide gas grid network.Strategic locationproviding access tomajor international and domestic The land of markets entrepreneurs, spread across the globe An investor friendly government offering good governance and political Strong and stability, taking a lead through variousdiversified economy initiatives, with historically cordial labour with robust growth relations and a government keen on trends in all three delivering promises sectors – Home to most ambitious primary, secondary projects of India – Largest and tertiary refinery in the world, home to world’s cheapest car, First LNG terminal, largest private port, 38% of DMIC – and the journey has just begun Leading investment destination with highly competitive investment climate, reflecting investor commitment across Quality land banks available sectors from more than X number of countries
  5. 5. Land bank availability - Phased development in Gujarat Phase 4 - Large scale developments Phase 3 - SEZ • Special investment regions • Industrial Areas • Multi product • Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor • Single product • GIDC Estate Phase 2 • Multi Service (IT/ITES) • Petroleum, chemical and petrochemical • 257 Industrial investment regions estates • Knowledge corridor • Logistics parks Phase 1 • Theme towns • 83 product clustersSpecial Investment Regions
  6. 6. Special Investment Region (SIR) – Regulatory Framework First state to have passed SIR ordinance. 13 SIRs have been proposed in the state. Each investment region is of more than 100 sq km area. Apex Authority GIDB the Apex Authority – to regulate and approve projects of Regional Development Authority Regional Project Project Development Development Specific SPV Authority Authority SIR ordinance empowers state to set up various project development authorities Single window clearance for projects. The present is just the tip of the icebergSpecial Investment Regions
  7. 7. SEZ Act and Gujarat SEZ Policy SEZ incentives • Income Tax Incentives • 10 year corporate tax holiday on export profit – 100% for initial 5 years and 50% for the next 5 years • Other Benefits • Exemption of electricity duty – 10 Years* • Duty free procurement of capital goods (including second hand capital goods), raw materials and consumable spares from domestic market • Facility to realize and repatriate export proceeds within 12 months • Facility to retain 100% foreign exchange receipts in the export earners foreign currency account For Developers of SEZs • Income Tax Incentives • 100% tax holiday for a period of any 10 consecutive years out of 15 years beginning from the year in which the SEZ is notified • Exempt from dividend distribution tax • Tax exempt on Interest of long term finance • Long-term capital gains arising on transfer of shares in developer company tax exempt • No minimum alternate tax (MAT) • Other Benefits • Full freedom in allocation of developed plots to approved SEZ units on purely commercial basis Common Incentives • Indirect Tax Incentives • Nil customs duty • Nil excise duty • Exemption from central sales tax • Exemption from service tax • Exemption from securities transaction tax • Exemption from tax on sale of electricity for self generated and purchased powerSpecial Investment Regions Source: Industries Commissionerate / iNDEXTb, Government of Gujarat, 2007 , * Section 15 – Sub Section II of GoG SEZ Act 04
  8. 8. Gujarat: Industrial Policy Industrial Policy 2009 Thrust Incentives HR/Labour Business Infrastructure sectors environment Specific Sector specific Labour law Single window Focus on sectors Subsidy on flexibility clearance urban, identified electricity duty Industry- Marketing across physical, Up-gradation academia support manufacturing collaboration social and of industrial Grievance services and estates Support for redressal industrial infrastructure Dedicated development Information infrastructure land bank for of specialized centers industry being institutes createdSpecial Investment Regions
  9. 9. Special Investment Regions planned in Gujarat  Aliyabet  Anjar SANTALPUR  Changodhar  Dholera ANJAR SANAND  Hazira HALOL SAVLI NAVLAKHI  Navlakhi CHANGODAR PCPIR OKHA  Okha DHOLERA HAZIRA ALIA BET  Santalpur PIPAVAV  PCPIR SIMAR  Pipavav  Sanand  Simar Indicative map of SIRs in Gujarat, not to scale  Halol -SavliSpecial Investment Regions
  10. 10. Special Investment RegionALIYABET
  11. 11. Location Profile  Peninsula in Wagra Taluka of Bharuch District at the confluence of river Narmada and the Arabian Sea in Gulf of Khambhat  Site is flanked by Petroleum, Chemical & Petrochemical Investment Region (PCPIR) on the northern side, Gulf of Khambhat to the West, marshy land and few villages of Hansot taluka towards south and eastern side  Aliyabet is accessible by land from adjacent Hansot town situated on its eastern side Aliya Bet  Total size of the Aliyabet : 16,858 hectare  The site falls under the jurisdiction of gram panchayat of Kaladra village located on the northern side of Aliyabet.Special Investment Regions
  12. 12. ConnectivityRoad: Connected by road via Ankleshwar and Hansot. SH6 at Hansot is around 16 km from Aliyabet – it connects to NH8 in a loop linking Surat, Mumbai to the south and Ahmedabad, New Delhi towards the north. Connectivity up to NH8 is proposed to be augmented to a 4-lane road New internal two lane roads (20.41 km) are proposed to connect the proposed broad internal zones to the main spine.Rail: Nearest railway station is at AnkleshwarAirport: Nearest airport is at Vadodara. Independent airstrip is proposed for Aliyabet Government had sanctioned development of an airport at Ankleshwar in Bharuch district in 1994. This proposed airport could also have provision for helipads that will connect Ankleshwar to Aliyabet by air.Special Investment Regions
  13. 13. Proposed Development  Entertainment spaces like  Business tourism including  Amusement zone,  Off shore casinos on cruise ships,  Film city,  Convention centres as part of Golf centric development,  Resorts and golf courses along with aqua park,  Ropeways  Sky taxis  Marine engineering and allied industries,  Boat rides  Eco tourism (botanical garden, bird sanctuary)  Forest zone. Proposed Investment Rs 5,294 crore  Exclusive leisure resorts Proposed 33,050  Water sports and recreational Employment facilities  Units proposed to be set up will not generate any process effluents.Special Investment Regions
  14. 14. Proposed DevelopmentArea statement of the proposed zones Sl. Zone Area (ha) Percentage Of No. Total Area 1 ECO ZONE 8.4 5.15 2 FILM CITY ZONE 8.3 5.08 3 AMUSEMENT ZONE 11.9 7.29 4 RESORT/GOLF COURSE ZONE 7.65 4.69 TOTAL (ENTERTAINMENT ZONE) 36.25 22.21 5 DEEP FREEZE/PACKAGING ZONE 8.65 5.30 6 AQUA CULTURE PONDS 45.68 27.98 7 AQUARIUM ZONE 7.91 4.85 TOTAL (AQUACULTURE ZONE) 62.24 38.13 8 SHIP BUILDING YARDS 11.78 7.22 9 ALLIED MARINE INDUSTRIES 6.43 3.94 TOTAL (MARINE ENGINEERING ZONE) 18.21 11.16 TOTAL (FOREST ZONE) 46.54 28.50 TOTAL 163.24 100.0Special Investment Regions
  16. 16. Proposed Development Entertainment Zone  Located at the most accessible and well Marine Engineering Zone connected part of Aliyabet, eastern side of the existing road  5,000m of waterfront, located near the  Away from ecologically sensitive regions Narmada river required for ship building  Primarily aimed at tourism development activities  Zone would attract foreign tourists, high  Subzones include end business tourists, as well as weekend  Ship building yards tourists from the region  Allied marine industries  Subzones include  Film City Zone  Amusement Zone  Resorts and Golf Course Zone Gujarat has some of the largest  Eco zone shipbuilding yards of India Aquaculture Zone Large scale developments in the DMIC  Proposed on the western side of the corridor would boost import export through existing road sea route necessitating the development of  Expected to create local employment new shipyards  Optimum utilization of available wastelands  Subzones include  Aquaculture ponds  Deep freeze and packaging zone  Aquarium zoneSpecial Investment Regions
  17. 17. Proposed Development Offshore Casinos on cruise ships Forest Zone  Potential for attracting high-end tourists, foreign tourists as well as  Planned along the coastline of Aliyabet business tourists towards Gulf of Cambay  Live gaming facilities and would be easily  Developed as eco sensitive area having accessible from the Entertainment Zone bird sanctuary  Ships could be located at a proposed jetty at the western coast of Aliyabet  Short cruises in the Gulf of Cambay Boat rides/Ropeways/Sky train Water Sports and recreation  Possible activities may include  Proposed for improving the connectivity of  Underwater walks Aliyabet  Surfing and water skiing  Transportation of industrial workers from  Kite surfing nearby cities/towns/villages,  Yatching  Attract tourists to the zone.Special Investment Regions
  18. 18. Proposed InfrastructureSpecial Investment Regions
  19. 19. Proposed Infrastructure Infrastructure Water • Ukai Canal network in Hansot Taluka, • Rain water harvesting, • Recycled water use for open spaces Waste • Each zone would be self sustaining unit, • Liquid non hazardous waste to be disposed using septic tanks and soak pits Power & Gas • Tapping point for gas connectivity would be Hansot, The nearest SV (Sectionalising Valve) station is at Koliad and at Mothia in Hansot Taluka. • Tapping line for Power connection would be from Hansot as the nearest 220 KV line is passing through Hansot (Gavasad to Kosamba line) • Use of solar power for lighting the roads and open spacesSpecial Investment Regions
  20. 20. Special Investment RegionANJAR
  21. 21. Location Profile  Anjar and Bhachau are two of the talukas in the eastern part of the Kutch district, located to the north of Kandla Port  Site located in an area enclosed by 4 major towns ‐ Bhuj, Anjar, Gandhidham and Bhachau, connected by national and state highways  Site is under the influence of growth of all four urban settlements and the ribbon industrial development along the road network.  Total proposed area (hectares): 26,673Special Investment Regions
  22. 22. Connectivity  Road :Three major corridors of movement in the region are the NH 8A and the SH – 42 & 46. Most of the villages are accessible by one of the three.  Port : Major port, Kandla is located within 30 km while Mundra port is within 60 km. Both are linked by the NH‐8A.  Airport: Bhuj , airstrip in KandlaSpecial Investment Regions
  23. 23. Proposed Infrastructure Water  Sourced from Narmada canal or local ground water sources  As the figure alongside depicts, identified investment region falls under the Narmada command area  Potential for desalination as a feasible source of large scale water supply Power  Presence of rich reserves of lignite coal  Possibility of harnessing wind and tidal energy  Power supplied by lignite power station located in Panandhro in the north west part of the district  Anjar has a substation connected by 220 KV lines  Wind power projects proposed in the region are 250 MW project by NEG Micon and 500 MW project by Suzlon Energy, located off the coast between Kandla and Mundra portsSpecial Investment Regions
  24. 24. Special Investment RegionCHANGODHAR
  25. 25. Location Profile  Location : near Ahmedabad & on Delhi-Kandla Highway  Industrial stretch starting about 10 km away at Sarkhej and extends upto GIDC, Kerala (beyond Bavla Town)  Total industrial agglomeration spreads to nearly 20 km.  Existing industrial development is in the form of a ribbon development along the existing NH 8A  Total proposed area : 32,248 hectaresSpecial Investment Regions
  26. 26. Connectivity  Site passing along the western railway route of Ahmedabad-Baroda-Mumbai  Proximity to proposed Gandhinagar – Ahmedabad – Dholera metro rail and Ahmedabad – Dholera Express Way.  Proximity to proposed Delhi-Mumbai Freight CorridorSpecial Investment Regions
  27. 27. Proposed DevelopmentEstimated employment 5,00,000Estimated industrial area 6,302 haEstimated residential 4,760 haarea  Strengthening the road network  Street lights and power  Water supply  Drainage and sanitation  Storm water drainage  Solid waste management  telecommunicationSpecial Investment Regions
  28. 28. Proposed DevelopmentLand Use PlanSpecial Investment Regions
  29. 29. Special Investment RegionDHOLERA
  30. 30. Location •Dholera is situated in Ahmedabad district in the Gulf of Khambhat •Dholera is in proximity with the coastal line. It is covered by water faces on three sides, namely, on the east face by Gulf of Khambhat, on the north side by Bavaliari creek and on southern side by Sonaria creek •Strategically located, the Ahmedabad-Dholera industrial region lies within 100 km from the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) in southern Gujarat •Proximity to Ahmedabad has provided Dholera a strong locational advantage with a vibrant manufacturing base and investment scenario •The project is spread over an area of 35,000 hectares. The processing area which is proposed is 14,000 hectares and rest is non- processing zoneSpecial Investment Regions
  31. 31. ConnectivityRoadsDholera has good connectivity with NH8 (Anand) andNH8A (Bagodra), augmenting Bagodra -Bhavnagar, Bagodra- Surendranagar- Radhanpur linksAs a part of Golden Quadrilateral, the 500 km Mumbai-Ahmedabad- Vadodara Express way connects theregionThe port site is connected by road with Ahmedabad –Bhavnagar highway at a distance of about 11 kmRailRail connection is being planned for Dholera - nearestmeter gauge connection is Bhavnagar (34 km) andnearest broad gauge station is Tarapur (103 km)Development of Feeder Rail Links to ensure RegionalRail between Dholera and Ahmedabad for commutermovements and to Vadodara for freight movement.Special Investment Regions
  32. 32. ConnectivityRoad and RailSpecial Investment Regions
  33. 33. Proposed DevelopmentIn order to make the region more accessible,an airport (allocation of 1,700 hectares ofGovernment Land for Airport near SIR area)and a port may come in this region.Almost 2,057 hectares of government landwas allocated for the development of port siteFocusing on industrial, commercial andresidential activities, Dholera is proposed to bedeveloped on public-private partnership modelThe region is proposed to be developed as a Land use Area (ha) Percentagehub for several industries for setting up of their (%)manufacturing units Residential 8,400 24There would be commercial facilities includinginternational business centre, built-up office Commercial 2,100 6space, administrative building and financial Industrial 14,000 40service centre and residential area wouldinclude labour dormitories, staff housing, Institutional 1,400 4managerial housing and high end housing for Transport 2,100 6top executives Open 7,000 20 SpacesSpecial Investment Regions
  34. 34. Proposed DevelopmentZonal DistributionSpecial Investment Regions
  35. 35. Proposed Infrastructure • A power station is present in Vadavi • Four 220 KV substations are present in Salejada, Viramgam, Dhanki and Nikol • Four 132 KV substations are also present at Sabarmati, Vatwa, Dhandhuka and Barwala • Dholera offers unique opportunity for developing 3500 MW plant; • Integrated Logistics Hub with Container Freight Station at DholeraSpecial Investment Regions
  36. 36. Special Investment RegionHAZIRA
  37. 37. Location Profile  Hazira is located along the western coastline of Gujarat, in Chorasi taluka of Surat district. Hazira’s proximity to Surat city as well as its location between the river Tapi and the coastline makes it an advantageous location for industries.Special Investment Regions
  38. 38. Connectivity Road  Hazira is regionally linked with three State Highways which join at Icchapor toll post viz. SH 66 (Hazira to Dumas), SH 168 (Hazira to Olpad) and SH 81 (now NH 6A) from Hazira to Surat.  Among these three State Highways two are connected to the NH 8 which passes through Surat city. Rail  20 km from Surat railway station. Airport  13 km from the Dumas airport Port  Hazira seaport is 7.5 km from the siteSpecial Investment Regions
  39. 39. Proposed DevelopmentSpecial Investment Regions
  40. 40. Proposed DevelopmentLand Use PlanSpecial Investment Regions
  41. 41. Proposed Infrastructure Physical Infrastructure  Widening of NH 6A to 60m  Truck Parking Facilities, Logistics Hubs  Other Roads, Bridges & Railways  Water Supply Network, Street Lighting, Sewer Network, Effluent Network, Railways Social Infrastructure Widening of NH 6 FROM 45M TO 60M  Public Sanitation Facilities  Sector & Zonal level Amenities (Police Evacuation corridor Posts, Substations, Post Office, Health Transportation and logistics hub Center, Bus Terminals, Library, College, Community Centre, Fire station etc)other road networks and sewerage line, storm water network, street lighting along roads Housing Bridges across Tena creek  Low Cost Housing for Contract Worker  Medium Cost housing Amenities and utility corridor  Executive Class Housing Proposed workers housing Proposed flood protection wallSpecial Investment Regions
  42. 42. Special Investment RegionNAVLAKHI
  43. 43. Location Profile and Connectivity Located in Rajkot district, in the Morbi and Maliya talukas Road :  SH - 24 passes through the proposed SIR which connects Navlakhi to Morbi via Dahisara. Rail  A single line broad gauge railway line passes through the SIR which connects Navlakhi to Morbi and Maliya. Port  Close to Kandla, Mundra, Sikka and Navlakhi port Airport  Nearest international airport is Ahmedabad  Rajkot airport is approximately 76 km awaySpecial Investment Regions
  44. 44. Proposed DevelopmentFocus Industry Key segments Infrastructure StatusPrimary Focus Ceramic tiles • 66 KV substation atCeramic Sanitary ware Khirai village in Maliya Crockery taluka. PowerEngineering & All segments • Nearest 220 KVautomobiles substation is at MorbiFood Processing Processed foods Consumer electronics • Government can supplyElectronics Industrial electronics Narmada water for Water industrial purposes ComputersSecondary Focus GinningTextile Spinning RMG Paints & dyesChemicals & Fine specialty chemicalsPharmaceuticals FormulationsSpecial Investment Regions
  45. 45. Special Investment RegionOKHA
  46. 46. Location Profile  Located in Okhamandal taluka, one of the ten talukas of Jamnagar district  Located on the west side of the district  Okha is a busy port town situated in north west coast of Saurashtra peninsula, at the mouth of Gulf of Kutch  Located on the road connecting Jamnagar and Okha  Close proximity to the holy place of DwarkaSpecial Investment Regions
  47. 47. Connectivity Road  NH8 and SH6 bound the south and west sides of the proposed site.  NH8 Ext. passes through the district of Jamnagar, connecting to Somnath – Porbandar– Dwarka.  Okhamandal is connected with Jamnagar by SH6 which passes through the town of Khambhaliya Rail  The site is connected to Delhi-Okha Western Rail Route via Jamnagar.  Hapa Junction is a convenient railhead on broad gauge terminus connecting to Okha & PorbandarSpecial Investment Regions
  48. 48. Connectivity Airport  Jamnagar airport is at a distance of 150 km from selected site.  An airstrip is present in Mithapur at a distance of 5 km.  The nearest International Airports are located in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Port  Number of minor ports are located within a radius of 100Km of the identified area.  Bedi,Okha and Sikka are intermediate ports while Salaya, Jodiya, Pidara, Bet (Dwarka), are minor ports.  Sikka is an all-weather direct berthing port which is connected by rail and road (SH- 92) to Jamnagar– the district capital.  Okha port is connected by SH6A and 6B to Jamnagar & Porbandar.Special Investment Regions
  49. 49. Proposed Infrastructure Water Urban areas in the region source water from Sani dam, perennial water storage reservoir, about 50 km from the site. Water supply for industrial purposes is done by GWSSB as well as individually sourced from bore wells and check dams Power Existing Power Supply in the area is handled by Paschim Gujarat Vij Corporation Limited. Captive Generation Plants by Industries or group of industries is also a possibility. The long sea coast and Gulf of Kutch has a potential of generation of wind energy Comm Good communication facilities already unicati available due to presence of large on industries like Reliance, Essar, Tata in the region,Special Investment Regions
  50. 50. Proposed Infrastructure Projects Government of India has proposed development of Okha port as a minor fishery harbor under a centrally sponsored scheme. Tourism Projects The State Government has proposed to set up motels and cottages on the coastal belt of Porbandar and Jamnagar. The plan is to have six motels along the beach with a 30-room capacity each. Government of Gujarat plans to develop the coastal corridor from Jamnagar to Okha as an integrated tourist destination.Special Investment Regions
  51. 51. Special Investment RegionSANTALPUR
  52. 52. Location Profile Located in Santalpur taluka, one of the seven talukas of Patan district Area is approx 141 sq km Site comprises 14 populated villages surrounding the better known village of Varahi along the NH-15. Site is about 115 km from Mehsana and 125 km from Palanpur, both of which are important towns on the DMIC. Site is located on the extreme eastern side of the Taluka, adjacent to the Radhanpur Taluka and is about 15 km from the Radhanpur town. Santalpur taluka borders the Little Rann of KutchSpecial Investment Regions
  53. 53. Connectivity Road  NH 15 runs across the taluka, equally dividing the taluka. It links Gandhidham and Kandla Port to Radhanpur in Patan district and Tharad in Banaskantha district  The only State Highway within the taluka is the SH-127, which connects Suigam to this taluka and touches NH 15 at Sidhada, passing just outside the delineated site Rail  Parallel to NH 15 is the Broad Gauge railway line from Gandhidham till Palanpur via Radhanpur.  Important route as it connects the Major Port of Kandla to the entire region of North Gujarat  As a part of augmentation of existing linkages for DMIC, this railway track has recently been converted from Narrow Gauge to Broad Gauge.. The proposal for double tracking of this line is already under consideration. The site is 115 km from  One of the nine junctions of Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) will be at Palanpur for traffic to and from the Kandla Port, DMIC at Mehsana Mundra Port and the Gandhidham area.Special Investment Regions
  54. 54. Connectivity Airport  Nearest airport is the Ahmedabad International Airport, located about 200km from the site.  There is a domestic airstrip at Deesa 120 km from the site – currently it is not being used Port  The SIR enjoys proximity to the only major port in the state, the Kandla Port, 190 km from the site. Kandla due to its strategic location is the connecting hub for northern, western and central India.  Kandla is the major hub for Indias food grains and oil imports.  The port currently handles traffic of 46 MMTPA and is proposed to increase upto 68.4 MMTPA by 2011-2012.Special Investment Regions
  55. 55. Proposed Development Spices and Seeds Processing Industries • An Israeli firm, Elbit Imaging, has Vegetable and Fruit Processing Industries decided to import 10,000 high-breed Dairy Processing Units milch cows to set up a $100-million dairy unit at two locations in north Cotton Ginning, Pressing and Cotton Yarn Gujarat. Spinning Industries • The first one has been planned at Solar Power Generation Plant – the Ambasan Village in Mehsana district. location has highest intensity of solar Initially developed on 43 Ha of land, in radiation all throughout the year, making it future it will be expanded to 100 Ha. very suitable for Solar Power Generation unit/s. • The farm also has plans of introducing contract farming on 2,000 Ha of land The above industries will in turn be served where dry fodder will be produced with by the allied infrastructure of drip irrigation method, turning it into  Cold Storages, easily digestible nutritious feed.  Logistic facilities,  Research Laboratory, Location Area Estimated solar Remarks (sq. km) power generation  Warehousing facilities etc. (MW) Within the 15.29 500 Approximate initial identified investment in the Solar park is also proposed in SIR investment range of Rs. 7500 region Crores to Rs. 10,000 CroresSpecial Investment Regions
  56. 56. Proposed DevelopmentLand UseSpecial Investment Regions
  57. 57. Proposed Development and Infrastructure S.No. Location/Activity Investment (Rs. crore) Utilities Industrial Investments (in  Power 1. Palanpur-Mehsana Agro park Approx. 16,000 delineated at Santalpur) (except  The 220 KV Shivlaka Transmission grid solar zone) from Mehsana cross the southern portion of the site. Investments in solar zone (of 2. Palanpur-Mehsana Agro park 7,500 delineated at Santalpur)  Water  Three distributaries of the Narmada Canal Total investments 23,500 criss-cross the site Integrated township Employment that SIR can generate will be around 300,000 Institutional area  Educational institutions  Research laboratory  Testing and certification centre for agro productsSpecial Investment Regions
  59. 59. Location Profile  Government of Gujarat proposes to set up the Gujarat PCPIR (GPCPIR) at Dahej, spread over the blocks of Vagra and Bharuch in the district of Bharuch, south Gujarat.  PCPIR is surrounded by the Gulf of Khambhat in the west, Narmada river & Aliyabet island in the south, villages of Vagra and Bharuch Taluka in the east and Dahej-Samni railway Line in the north.Special Investment Regions
  60. 60. Connectivity Road  Site falls to the west of NH8 which links Delhi and Mumbai. The site is currently linked to the NH-8 via the Bharuch Dahej SH-6.  The site falls within the stretches of SH6 and is also bordered by stretches of SH 64 and SH 161. SH6 within the designated PCPIR region can be divided into 3 stretches (i)Bharuch Dahej Road (ii) Coastal Highway and (iii) Vagra Pakhajan Jolwa Road Proposed road projects  As part of the Golden Quadrilateral, running parallel to the NH-8, the Ahmedabad-Baroda stretch of National Expressway No. 1, which is currently 93.4 km in length, will get extended to Mumbai, passing close to Bharuch of a total length of 500km.  Under the World Bank funded Gujarat State Highway Project Phase II B; the strengthening of the Bharuch Dahej Road has been undertaken.  Gujarat State Road Development Corporation has formed an SPV for the 4 laning of the Bharuch-Dahej SH6 .Special Investment Regions
  61. 61. Connectivity Road – proposed projects for PCPIR  6 Laning of SH-6 from Dahej to Bharuch  4 Laning & strengthening of the Vagra-Pakhajan-Jolwa Stretch of SH-6, falling within PCPIR along with external linkage  4 Laning & Strengthening of Coastal Highway Stretch of SH-6  4 laning of the Bharuch Derol Stretch of SH 161  Construction and Up gradation of 2 lane Coastal Road along River Narmada  Construction & Up gradation of major roads within GPCPIR .Special Investment Regions
  62. 62. Connectivity Rail  Connected to Delhi-Mumbai Western Rail Route via Dahej to Bharuch NG line. A single line narrow gauge railway line measuring 62.36 km, linking Dahej, Vagra (turning towards Bharuch at Samni) and Bharuch, forms the border of the PCPIR in the north and east.  Project involves conversion of Bharuch-Samni-Dahej  The feeder Route of Dahej- Bharuch BG line will link to the Dedicated Freight Corridor at the access points on the freight corridor  A Logistics Park is being considered at the access points of the freight corridor within Bharuch Airport  Nearest airports to PCPIR are located in Vadodara and Surat, both equidistant – around 85-90 km.  Nearest international airports are located in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Modernisation of Ahmedabad International Airport has been proposed by the Airport Authority of India (AAI) at a total cost of Rs 1750 million. Modernisation of Vadodara Airport and expansion of Surat Airport has also been proposed by AAI .  The Government of Gujarat has acquired 44 ha of land for an airstrip at Ankleshwar which is 6 km from Bharuch, close to NH8 to be built at an estimated cost of Rs 20 croreSpecial Investment Regions
  63. 63. Connectivity Port  Existing ports/jetties Name of No of Type of Commercial Type of Capacity in Future company Berth(s) ownership usage materials MMTPA expansion in handled MMTPA Birla Copper 1 Private Sector Allows 1-2 Copper 4.50 5.00 Captive Jetty MMTPA smelter and (1 berth) Commercial fertilizer as Usage well as its raw materials GCPTCL 1 Joint Sector Built for Hazardous 1.80 2.00 Port/Terminals Commercial liquid & (1 berth) Usage gaseous chemicals PETRONET 1 Joint Sector Only for Liquefied 5.00 5.00 (LNG) Port/Terminals stakeholders Natural Gas (2 berths) IPCL 1 Private Sector Only for Liquid fuel 3.50 - Captive Jetty stakeholders OLD PORT 1 Government Built for General 0.30 - DAHEJ Owned –GMB Commercial Cargo (Negligible) Usage Sub Total 5 Berths 15.10 12.00 (4 Berths)Special Investment Regions
  64. 64. Connectivity Port  Proposed ports/jetties – further plans for handling 50 MMTPA additional cargoType of cargo Location No of Berth Type of ownership Type of Proposed Capacity Future(Phase (s) materials ( Phase I) in II) Expansion handled MMTPA in MMTPAGeneral cargo North of 2 Government- GMB General 3.5 4.5port Petronet Jetty- Cargo (1 Berth) Under ConstructionPort Facilities North of Birla Yet to be Sandesara Group Being Being Assessed Being Assessedplus Container Copper Jetty assessed having technical AssessedBerth collaboration with Virginia Port Authority, .  GMB along with GIDC has plans to develop riverside into port based activities  A Ro-Ro ferry service connecting Dahej and Gogha (Saurashtra) is being planned from the GMB area near Jageshwar by the Gujarat Government at a cost of Rs 650 million  GMB has, in principle, accepted the proposal of M/s ABG Shipyard Limited to set up a modern ship building/repair yard for big size vessels on upstream of IPCL Jetty near Jageshwar  At Hazira, Shell Group has signed MoU with Singapore Port Authority for the container Terminal at Hazira which is at a distance of 60 nautical miles from Dahej.  GMB and GIDC have plans to develop a feeder container terminal at Dahej, if a Container Port is not found feasible.Special Investment Regions
  65. 65. Proposed Infrastructure Gas Grid connectivity  Gujarat Gas Grid handles more than 13 MMSCMD of gas and its current network passes through PCPIR – near Ankleshwar. Gujarat Gas proposes to extend its network till Vilayat as and when industries start coming in.  Grid imports 18 MMSCMD of gas from Petronet LNG as part of GAIL National Gas Grid Project. Water availability  The existing water reservoirs and OHTs fall within the existing industrial estates and the water pipelines run along the connecting roads from Vilayat to Dahej.  The site currently has a single source of water i.e. Narmada River through which various agencies supply water for various purposes.  GIDC has provided 8 MGD water pipeline for supplying raw water to industries which is currently being augmented by another 25 MGD pipeline (presently under construction).  A new water project of capacity 35 MGD at a cost of Rs 245 crore has recently been sanctioned.  Through the Narmada Canal Network, the site receives raw water for irrigation. The Central Bada Scheme of GWSSB provides drinking water to rural habitations.Special Investment Regions
  66. 66. Proposed Infrastructure Effluent/ Solid waste treatment  GIDC has provided a 55 km effluent conveyance pipeline of 90 MLD capacity from Vilayat to the mid-sea at Gulf of Khambat - Vilayat Industrial Estate has a pumping station within its boundary.  For solid waste management, a scientific landfill site including incineration facility for the disposal of hazardous as well as non–hazardous waste would be developed in the proposed utility zone.  Common Effluent Treatment Plant and sewerage treatment plant would be developed along the effluent conveyance pipeline within the utility zone.Special Investment Regions
  67. 67. Proposed Infrastructure Power availability  Currently power is available from Gujarat Electric Board (GEB) mainly from 220 KV Haldwara Substation (linked with the grid of the state utility GETCO) by 220 KV Dahej Haldarva circuit line.  There is a 220 KV substation situated in the centre of Dahej GIDC (which is connected to the Haldarva substation at a distance of 60 km) from which GACL, Indo Gulf and LNG Petronet are linked. This substation receives 30 MW constant power from GACL Dahej generating station.  A 66 KV sub station at Dahej supplies power to the units of GCPTCL and BASF but it receives power from 66 KV Vagra sub-station. IPCL draws power directly from Haldarwa .At Vilayat Industrial Estate, a 66 KV sub station has been set-up  It is proposed that captive power plants, additional substations required for the power distribution to the PCPIR be located within the utility zone. Already an MoU has been signed for 2000 MW of power generation by co-developer of Dahej SEZ Ltd.Special Investment Regions
  68. 68. Proposed Infrastructure Telecommunications  Telecommunication network is available from BSNL mainly and also from private distributors like Airtel, Hutch and Idea.  BSNL has OFC network with ring connectivity. Within the PCPIR, BSNL has exchanges at Dahej (1500 lines), Vagra (1088 lines), Vorasamni (496 lines).  At Vilayat, land has already been made available to BSNL for installing an exchange. There is sufficient spare connection available.  ISDN facility is available at Dahej Exchange and internet (dial-up) is available from all the exchanges. Broadband (Tier II) has been planned at Dahej in the region and Broadband (DSLAM) has been planned for Dahej, Janiadra, Ambheta, Bhensli, Lakhigam, Rahiyad and Birla Copper. WLL-BTS is available at Dahej and Vagra in the region. GSM-BTS is available at Bhensli, Dahej, Lakhigam and Vagra and planned at Ambetha and Vadadla in PCPIR.  It is proposed that additional telecommunication facilities required for the telecommunication within PCPIR be located within the utility zone.Special Investment Regions
  69. 69. Proposed DevelopmentZoningSpecial Investment Regions
  70. 70. Proposed DevelopmentLand Use Pattern Proposed(including Existing)Area Proposed Area in Zone Land Use Phase I Phase II Total % age (Ha) (Ha) Industrial, PROCESSING Warehousing 13888 6495 20383 45 and Ports Residential 9258 4330 13588 30 Institutional 1543 722 2265 5 NON- Green 3086 1443 4529 10 PROCESSING Commercial 1543 722 2265 5 Utilities 1543 722 2265 5 Total 30861 14434 45295 100 Processing Area Status Villages Area In Ha) 1 GIDC developed existing Dahej Existing Lakhigam, Luwara, Abheta, Dahej, Vadadla, 4500 Industrial Estate & Port Area Suva 2 GIDC developed existing Vilayat Existing Bhersam, Vilayat, Vorasamni, Aragama 1000 Industrial Estate 3 Proposed Processing Area(including Proposed as per the Pipaliya,Vahial,Sayakha,Bhersam, 6593 industrial and warehousing zones) zoning plan for Sadathala,Nandida,Khojbal,Kothia Phase I GPCPIR This includes Vilayat Estate Expansion proposed by GIDC 4 Proposed Processing Area(including Proposed as per the Dahej,Vadadla,Vav,Sambheti,Samantpor, 6495 industrial ,warehousing and port) Phase zoning plan for Janiadra,Akhod,Nadarkha,Pakhajan, II GPCPIR Suva,Rahiad,Koliad This includes Dahej Estate Expansion proposed by GIDC Total 18588Special Investment Regions
  71. 71. Special Investment RegionPIPAVAV
  72. 72. Location Profile  Proposed SIR is located in the Amreli district of Gujarat  This district is located near the Gulf of Khambat in the Arabian Sea  Rajula taluka is bound by District Bhavnagar in the north east, Jafrabad and Savar Kundla taluka in the North West and Gulf of Khambat in the South.  Pipavav port lies in Rajula taluka and is ambitiously named as the ‘gateway to North-West India’. It also houses India’s largest private sector port and world’s third largest container terminal operating port.Special Investment Regions
  73. 73. Connectivity Road  National Highway 8E passes through the district - connects Amreli district to Junagadh and Bhavnagar  Also connected through SH 31 to Gadhada, SH 25 to Rajkot, SH 110 to Jetpur, SH 30 to Baghsar, SH 96 from Visavadhar to Gariadhar, SH 104 from Una to Derdi. Rail  Districts headquarter Amreli lies on Dessa –Veraval meter gauge section. .Airport  The nearest international airport to district Amreli is at Ahmedabad (335 km). The district is also surrounded by many domestic airports i.e. Bhavnagar (140 km), Junagadh (260 Km), Rajkot (480km) and Diu (90 km) all connected from Mumbai International Airport.  Port  Pipavav, Jafrabad & Victor are sea ports within Amreli District. Port Pipavav is one of the largest cargo handling terminals in the country.Special Investment Regions
  74. 74. ConnectivitySpecial Investment Regions
  75. 75. Proposed Development Delineated site has the River Dhatarwadi on the western edge, salt pans towards east, Motapar creek towards south and other villages towards north. The proposed region is spread in 10 villages having total area of 3,509 ha excluding existing habitation area. Major attraction nodes : Port of Pipavav, Port of Victar, Port of Jaffrabad, Alang shipyard, mining activities Existing industries : Ultratech Cement, L&T cement, Metadist Co. Ltd and PSL. Most of the big industries are concentrated on the southern side of the NH-8E in villages Rajula taluka has a rich mineral resource base of white clay, limestone, trap rock, bentonite, calcite which is a raw material for cement, pharmaceutical products and foundries.Special Investment Regions
  76. 76. Proposed Development New avenues for investment are in SEZs in Amreli district Electrical equipments, Name Location Sector Status Engineering, E Complex Rajula & Engineering Notifie Pvt Ltd Jafrabad d and infrastructure projects Seven industrial estates are also PSL Ltd Pipavav Alternative In proposed at Jafrabad, Liliya, Rajula, energy & Princip ancillaries le Babra, Damnagar and Amreli. Minerals based engineering and cement industries are growing due to the presence of port.Special Investment Regions
  77. 77. Proposed Infrastructure Pipavav is located in Rajula taluka in the Saurashtra region of the state of Gujarat at a distance of about 140 km. south west of Bhavnagar along the long creek length of the Gulf of Khambat, Arabian Sea. The port has good connectivity, a four lane expressway 11km long connects Pipavav port to NH 8E. Road Road project of Gujarat State Road Development Corporation (GSRDC) and Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) linking the port with Pipavav-Bherai Road to Ahmedabad at an estimated cost of INR 12 Crore (USD 3 million) Power Gas based power project of capacity 615MW between Krishak Bharti Cooperative Limited (KRIBHCO) and JV of Gujarat Power Corporation Limited (GPCL) Water Urban Development (UD) and Urban Housing Department have commissioned a project along with water supply and sewerage system in the district.Special Investment Regions
  78. 78. Proposed Infrastructure Water • Saurashtra branch canal – subdivides into Vallabhipur canal network which feeds up to Devali village in Bhavnagar district. Rajula taluka gets its network of water supply from this sub branch canal • Distribution is dealt by GWSSB . Main 711 MM dia pipeline enters village Dantardi from Mahua taluka and goes up to Kadiyali. • Gujarat Water Infrastructure Ltd (GWIL) supply water for industrial purposes in the region. Solid Waste Solid waste management is done for the area under municipal limits of Management Rajula. Power supply Power is supplied from a 400KV substation at Jetpur to 220KV substations in Savar Kundla, Kansari, Timbadi and Dhasa zones respectively. The Savar Kundla line steps down to two 66KV sub stations at Dungar and Rajula which supplies electricity to the entire taluka. Gas Supply Gujarat State petroleum corporation (GSPC) has proposed to set up a power plant in Rajula taluka. The proposed line is called the Jafrabad- Darod section which enters Rajula from Mahua taluka, passing through Dantardi, Visaliya, Pipavav, Ningala, Uchaiya and Rampara No.2 villages.Special Investment Regions
  79. 79. Special Investment RegionSANAND
  80. 80. Location Profile  SIR is located in Ahmedabad district of Gujarat  It is surrounded by Mehsana and Gandhinagar districts in north, Surendranagar district in the west, Bhavnagar district in the south, Gulf of Khambhat in the south east and Anand district in the east.  Sanand taluka is bound by Gandhinagar district in the north, Virangam taluka in the west, Bavla and Dholka taluka in the south, Daskroi and Ahmedabad city talukas in the east.  Sanand taluka is spread over an area of 785 sq km which includes 67 villages and one municipality.Special Investment Regions
  81. 81. ConnectivityRoad Connected by NH8 to Delhi and Mumbai. NH – 8 also connects Ahmedabad district to major cities like Gandhinagar, Vadodara, Bharuch, Anand and Surat in Gujarat as well as Jaipur, Udaipur and Ajmer in Rajasthan. As part of Golden quadrilateral, 95 km of Ahmedabad – Vadodara expressway gives good connectivity between these cities. NH – 59 connects Indore to the district.Rail Ahmedabad district is also well connected to major cities through broad gauge and metre gauge railway lines.Airport Ahmedabad city has an International airport which links it to many major cities of India and the world. Port Kandla and Mundra ports are connected toSpecial Investment Regions
  82. 82. ConnectivityRoad Connected by NH8 to Delhi and Mumbai. NH – 8 also connects Ahmedabad district to major cities like Gandhinagar, Vadodara, Bharuch, Anand and Surat in Gujarat as well as Jaipur, Udaipur and Ajmer in Rajasthan. As part of Golden quadrilateral, 95 km of Ahmedabad – Vadodara expressway gives good connectivity between these cities. NH – 59 connects Indore to the district. SH–17 connects Sanand taluka to Ahmedabad, Sarkhej, Virangam, Thorimubarak, Malia and Chotial and joins NH–8A. SH-144 connects Sanand to Bavla and Dehgam road, SH-135 connects Sanand taluka to Kadi and Bavla road. SH – 74 connects Dholka and Bavla. Proposed Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) running parallel to NH -8 is also in proximity to Sanand talukaSpecial Investment Regions
  83. 83. Connectivity Airport  Sardar Vallabhai Patel Airport in Ahmedabad is approximately 30 km away from Sanand.  Well connected with other major cities of the country  Direct international flights to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Middle-east cities of Sharjah, Kuwait and Muscat. Port  Proposed Dholera port is the nearest to Sanand taluka. It is expected to handle 6 million tonnes of general cargo per annum, which is being jointly developed by Adani and J.K group  Mundra port – promoted by Adani group – is linked by NH – 8A at a distance of about 400 km. It has the largest container terminal in the west coast of India with handling capacity of 1.25 million TEUs per annum. It handles liquid cargo like edible oil, petroleum products and chemicals.Special Investment Regions
  84. 84. Proposed Infrastructure Water supply Narmada Main Canal is the main source of surface water for Sanand taluka and it is supplied through two of its branch canals namely Dholka Branch Canal (DBC) and Sanand Branch Canal (SBC). Sewerage and storm water drainage In Sanand taluka, sewage flows through open drains and a sewage treatment plant has been proposed. Solid waste disposal There is an existing solid waste dump of area 41,986 square meter in Sanand town. AUDA has proposed a new landfill site for Sanand, Dholka and Bavla at kodaliya village.Special Investment Regions
  85. 85. Proposed Infrastructure Power supply The nearest 220 KV substation is at Virangam and Rupavati and 66 KV sub station is available at Chharodi and Sanand. Gas supply GSPL gas pipeline passes through the villages of Nidhrad, Vasodara, Rupavati, Khoda and Charrodi till the Tata Nano plant. It has tap-off points in all this villages.Special Investment Regions
  86. 86. Special Investment RegionSIMAR
  87. 87. Location Profile and connectivity  The investment region falls under Junagadh district  Within the district the region is located in the Sutrapada taluka Road :  NH-8E from Veraval to Bhavnagar via Kodinar and Una passes through the delineation. Rail  There is no broad gauge railway line that passes through the delineation option.  There is a meter gauge line (Veraval – Talala – Delvada) of Western Railways that passes closely from the identified site.  There is a proposal to extend a broad gauge line from Veraval to Pipavav port. Port  Close to Veraval, Chhara, Pipavav and Porbandar port Airport  Nearest international airport is Ahmedabad, approximately 350 km away  Diu is the nearest domestic airport  Keshod is the only airport in the Junagadh district; however it is not functional at present  Rajkot is another important domestic airport which is approximately 275 km away .Special Investment Regions
  88. 88. Potential Industries Industry Key segments Portland Cement Blended Specialty cement Paints & dyes Chemicals Fine specialty chemicals Engineering All segments &automobile Food Processed foods (for raw material Processing available)Special Investment Regions
  89. 89. Proposed Infrastructure Infrastructure Status • The closest 66 KV substation is at Sutrapada village in Sutrapada taluka. Power • The nearest 220 KV substations are at Timdi and Dhokadava. • Main source of water in the district is through wells WaterSpecial Investment Regions
  90. 90. Special Investment RegionHALOL-SAVLI
  91. 91. Location Profile Halol Savli site has been chosen as the preferred destination for Vadodara Special Investment Region Area of the Halol Savli Site is around 123 sq. km. The Savli site falls within the Savli taluka of Vadodara District while the Halol site falls within the Halol taluka of Panchmahal district.Special Investment Regions
  92. 92. Connectivity Road NH8 from Delhi to Mumbai is at a distance of 35 km from the Halol industrial site and 8 km from Savli Industrial site connecting the Halol-Savli delineated area with major cities like Vadodara and Ahmedabad. NH8 is 4- lane divided carriageway and connects to the Mumbai (JNPT) port on southern side – currently under 6 laning. The proposed industrial area falls mainly on the eastern front of the highway. The Halol and Savli sites are also connected through a triangular mesh of state highways (SH). SH 87 connects Vadodara to Halol, SH 150 connects Halol to Savli and SH 158 connects Savli to Vadodara. The SH 158 is being 4-laned till the Savli GIDC Estate. Besides, SH 5 provides connectivity to Godhra from the Halol site and is currently being 4-laned. They will act as major spines for the proposed SIR.Special Investment Regions
  93. 93. Connectivity Freight Corridor The proposed Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) is at a distance of 35 km from the Halol delineated industrial area and 8 km from Savli delineated industrial area. The connectivity of the Halol site from freight corridor is through the four lane SH 87. Railway The broad gauge double track rail line from Vadodara to Godhra passes along the proposed Savli industrial area and at a distance of around 1.5-2 km from Halol industrial area with the railway station at Kahakariya village of Savli Takuka towards the western edge of the delineated site. The Halol industrial area is connected to this railway line through SH 150.Special Investment Regions
  94. 94. Connectivity Airport Vadodara domestic airport is at a distance of 35 km from the proposed Halol industrial area and 15 km from Savli Industrial area. The connectivity from airport is through SH 87 which passes through the Halol delineated site. For international connectivity, Ahmedabad International Airport is at a distance of 135 km. Both the Ahmedabad and Vadodara airports are under expansion and modernisation while a new airport is being conceptualised near Dahej. Port The nearest seaports to this site are Dahej Solid Cargo Port at a distance of 185 km, Hazira at a distance of 220 km and JNPT (Mumbai) at a distance of 250 km.Special Investment Regions
  95. 95. Proposed Industries  Engineering  Engineering Plastics  Building Materials used in  Plastics used in Automobiles Construction  Plastics used in Electrical & Electronics  Machines and Machine Parts used in  Plastic Products used in Agriculture Factories  Plastic Re Processing  Metallurgical Industries  Electrical & Electronics Industries  Fabrication  Power driven pumps  Electric Motors  Automobile OEMs and Ancillaries  Switch Gears  Engine parts  Transformers  Drive transmission & steering parts  Power Transmission Equipments  Suspension & braking parts  Power Plants  Equipment & others Proposed 25,000 investment (Rs crore) (10-15 years) Proposed 300,000 employmentSpecial Investment Regions
  96. 96. Proposed DevelopmentZoningSpecial Investment Regions
  97. 97. Proposed DevelopmentZoning ZONE AREA (ha) IN % Engineering Cluster Electricals & Electronics Cluster 5989 49.0 Automobile Cluster Engineering Plastics Cluster 1476 12 Existing Industrial Area & already proposed for 1300 11 Logistics 1230 10 Green / Buffer Area 520 4 Commercial 550 4 Utility 1230 10 Residential 12295 100 TOTALSpecial Investment Regions
  98. 98. Proposed InfrastructureZoning Infrastructure Water • The main source of drinking water is from tube wells • Some villages have piped water supply from the large water body of Vadatalav managed by the Gujarat Water Supply and Sewerage Board • The Narmada main canal is passing along the western edge of the proposed Halol Industrial site. There is a proposal for future intake of water from this canal for supplying water in all the selected villages incurring a total expenditure of Rs 53.45 crore. There is a proposal for a treatment plant of the capacity of 73.30 MLD at Halol. This scheme will provide 20 MLD water exclusively to the existing industries. • The water supply to the existing GIDC estate, Halol is through the Narmada main canal with tapping point at Khakharia near Chandrapura village • The water supply in GIDC estate, Savli is from Mahi River with tapping point at Parthanpura.Special Investment Regions
  99. 99. Proposed InfrastructureZoning Infrastructure Power & Gas • sources of power are Kadana power station and Nandesari power station at Panchmahal and Vadodara respectively • There is a 220 KV power station and 220 KV power line passing through the delineated Halol site while there is a 132 KV substation and power line at Savli delineated industrial area. Apart from the 220 KV line there are two 66 KV substations in proposed Halol site. There is a continuous 3-phase, power supply in the region. • The region has sufficient amount of power availability. All the 66 KV substations are proposed to be interlinked to maintain the uninterrupted power supply. • There is a gas distribution line passing through the proposed Halol- Savli sites. The gas connectivity is laid and maintained by GSPC (Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation).Special Investment Regions
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