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Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2011 - District Profile : Panchmahals

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Panchmahal - District Profile

  1. 1. Panchmahals
  2. 2. INDEX 1 Panchmahals: A Snapshot 2 Economy and Industry Profile 3 Industrial Locations / Infrastructure 4 Support Infrastructure 5 Social Infrastructure 6 Tourism 7 Investment Opportunities 8 Annexure 2
  3. 3. 1Panchmahals: A Snapshot 3
  4. 4. Panchmahals Map 1: District Map of Panchmahals with § Panchmahals is located in the eastern part of Gujarat Talukas § The district is spread across 11 talukas and Godhra is the district headquarter § The major industrial locations in the district are Kalol, Panchmahals Halol and Godhra § Focus Industry Sectors – minerals, engineering & automobiles, tourism, irrigation projects, dairy farming § Panchmahals is the largest producer of quartz in Bakor Gujarat Divada Lunawada § Major Tourist attractions in the district include Santrampur Sahera Champaner-Pavagadh Archeological Park (listed as Morva Godhra World Heritage Site by UNESCO), temple of Mata Kalika Ghoghamba Kalol in Pavagarh, the Jain pilgrimage center at Pavoli, fairs of Chaiti Atham and Math Kotal, Kadana Dam, etc. Halol Taluka Jambhughoda DistrictSource: Panchmahals District Booklet :2006-07 Headquarter 4
  5. 5. Fact File 73.15º to 74.75º East (Longitude)Geographical Location 22.30º to 23.23º North (Latitude) 45º Centigrade (Maximum)Temperature 14º Centigrade (Minimum)Avg. Rainfall 1,047 mmRivers 8 (Panam, Mahisagar, Neshri, Kunkaran, Goma, Dhadhar, Veri and Sukhi)Area 5,083 Headquarters GodhraTalukas 11Population 1,580,000 (As per 2001 census)Population Density 388 persons per sq. km.Sex Ratio 938 Females per 1000 MalesLiteracy Rate 60.92%Languages Gujarati, Hindi and EnglishSeismic Zone Zone III Source: Panchmahals district booklet ,2006-07, Socio Economic Review 2006-07 5
  6. 6. 2Economy and Industry Profile 6
  7. 7. Economy and Industry Profile§ Panchmahals is rich in minerals and agricultural produce§ Major occupations in the district are dairy farming and agriculture; major crops cultivated are wheat, maize and pulses§ 10% of the total area of the district is covered under forests which is about 2,21,900 hectares§ It accounts for a large cultivation of mango, banana, papaya, citrus, guava, brinjal, cabbage, cauliflower, cucurbits, onion, garlic, ginger etc.§ Panchmahals boasts of 97% production of Quartz in Gujarat and supplies to other districts and regions§ The district is a manufacturing base for steel products, automobiles and cryogenic equipments§ Tourist destinations and fairs in the district attract a large number of tourists every year 7
  8. 8. Agriculture§ Panchmahals has black alluvial soil which supports Fig.1 Production of Food Crops: 2006-2007 ( Metric Tones) farming practices 13,270§ Wheat, maize and pulses are major crops produced in the district 59,600§ Total cereal production in the district was 2,68,800 metric 88,396 tonnes (MT) in 2005 - 06§ Total wheat and pulses production in the district was Pulses Vegetables Fruits 73,400 and 59,600 metric tonnes respectively in 2005 - 2006Source: Department of Agriculture,Govt .of Gujarat:,2007 8
  9. 9. Agriculture Fig. 2: Vegetable Crop Production 2006- 07§ Total vegetable production - 36,727 MT in the year Production of Vegetable crops 06-07 700 14000 2006-07 600 12000 500 10000 Production in MT Area in Hectares§ Total fruit production – 32,253 MT in the year 2006- 400 8000 300 6000 200 4000 07 100 2000 0 0 ts a o on n ge o l a er ja§ Among all the vegetables grown in the district, kr ea t at Pe bi ta ow ba in ni O ur m rB Po Area (in hectares) O Br w b To l c li f Co Ca e Cu st u Ca u Production (in MT) Cl Vegetables onion had the largest production (12,540 MT) Fig. 3: Fruit Crop Production 2006- 07 during 2006-07 P rodu ction in M T 2500 14000 Area in Hectares§ Mango is the major fruit crop of the district and its 2000 12000 10000 1500 8000 1000 6000 4000 production in 2006-07 was 11,898 MT 500 2000 0 0 s r oo a Ch o va na a e e tru Be ni g pl ay at ik P o G ua an na Ao Area (in hectares) Ci ap an Cu Pap M Ba gr d ar m st Production (in MT) FruitsSource: Department of Agriculture,Govt .of Gujarat: 2007 9
  10. 10. Minerals§ Major minerals present in Panchmahals district include Fig.4 : Mineral Reserves In Panchmahals (MT) quartz, marble and granite 1,374,530§ Proven reserves of quartz in Gujarat is about 4 million metric tonnes – 75% of which is found in Panchmahals 75,583 3,000,000§ District contributes 97% of quartz produced in Gujarat 86,007 (1,29,855 metric tonnes) Quartz Sand Gravel Black Trep§ Quartz is classified as a major mineral due to its and as application across a wide variety of industries, glass industry being the dominant consumer Source: Panchmahals District booklet 2006-07, Commissionerate of Mining & Geology, Government of Gujarat 10
  11. 11. Major Industries§ Medium (MSIs) and large scale industries (LSIs) are spread over Godhra, Kalol and Halol talukas§ Major players in the district include General Motors India Pvt. Ltd, Maruti Koatsu Pvt. Ltd, Inox India Ltd., MJ Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Panchmahals Steel Ltd§ Key businesses in the district are engineering, steel and steel rerolling, chemicals, food products§ Some of the major medium and large scale players present in the district are mentioned in Table - 1 Table 1 : Medium and Large Scale Players in Panchmahal* Name of Company Location Items of Manufacture Inox India Ltd. Kalol Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Tanks Maruti Koatsu Cylinders Pvt. Ltd. Halol Gas Cylinders M.J.Pharmaceuticals Halol Medicines Panchmahal Steel Limited Kalol Ingots/Billets General Motors India Pvt. Ltd. Halol Automobiles and Spare parts Alembic Halol Medicines/Formulation Division Source: Panchmahal District Booklet 2006- 07,District Collectorate of Panchmahal *Indicative list 11
  12. 12. Major Industries Map 2 : Major Industry Players in Panchmahals District * *Indicative list 12
  13. 13. Small Scale Industries (SSI) Map 3: SSIs in Panchmahals § Major invesments were observed in lathes and machine tools (INR 166.68 Lakhs) § Almost 60% of total number of small scale industries (SSIs) are concentrated in Godhra, Kalol and Halol talukas of the district § Food processing machinery sector has the maximum number of units Wooden Boxes and (102) in the district Barrels GodhraPrinting Publishing of Books/Journals Kalol Food Processing Fig.5 Investments and Employment Fig.6 Number Of Units Machinery Food Processing180 166.68161 120 156 Machinery160 102 Halol Lathes and140 126 100 Machine Tools120 103100 83.55 80 80 61.86 55.4 60 52 60 40 37 31 40 20 0 20 Food Lathe s And Wooden Printing Processing M achine Tools Boxes,Barre ls Publishing of 0 M achine ry Books Food Processing Lathes And Wooden Printing Publishing Investments Employment Machinery Machine Tools Boxes,Barrels of Books INR (Lakhs)Source: Panchmahals District booklet 2006- 07 13
  14. 14. Major Investments Trends Fig. 7 : Investments in 1988 -97 Vs 1998-07 Fig. 8: Sector- wise Decadal Investments Comparative Data in last two decades 800 720 700 Investments (INR Lakhs) 2304 600 2500 1806 500 2000 400 1500 300 1000 200 500 122 102 100 44 0 19 33 1988-1997 1998-2007 0 Industrial Machinery Chemicals Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Investments (INR Crore) 1988-1997 1998-2007 § As per Industrial Entrepreneurial Memoranda filed, chemical industry contributed maximum investments during 1998-2007 i.e. INR 720 Crore (USD 171.42 million) § Transportation sector witnessed a sizeable investment to the tune of INR 987Crore (USD 235 million) during 1988 -1997 § Investments in industrial machinery and pharmaceuticals have also increased in the last decade (1998- 2007)Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007 14
  15. 15. Economy Drivers§ Emergence of numerous small scale industries, presence of vast reserves of minerals and existence of many industry players are fuelling the economic and industrial growth of the district§ Recent surge in the growth of engineering sector in the district has added more jobs and increased opportunities for the masses§ Glassware, ceramics and cement are a few industries gradually emerging due to the presence of quartz in the district§ The economy of Panchmahals is also driven by dairy farming and agriculture practices§ Small scale industry sectors such as food processing units, wooden products and machine tools are the supporting pillars of the economy§ Upcoming irrigation projects are boosting agricultural production in the district 15
  16. 16. 3Industrial Locations/ Infrastructure 16
  17. 17. Industrial Estates Table 2: Existing GIDC Industrial Estates Map 4: Industrial Estates Estate Area in (Hectares) Jambughoda 1 Godhra 20 Kalol 71.84 Halol 461Source: Gujarat Infdustrial Development Corporation Government of Gujarat, 2007 17
  18. 18. 4Support Infrastructure 18
  19. 19. Road Connectivity Map 5: Road & Rail Network Road§ Total road length in the district is 4861.87 kms§ Panchmahals is 166 km. from Gandhinagar – the state capital§ National Highway (NH) 59 passes through the district connecting it to Ahmedabad (136 km) and Indore§ NH 8 passes through Nadiad – Godhra (district headquarter) – Dahod§ State Highway 4 passes through – Nadiad – Halol – Godhra – Lunawada Table 3: Distance from Major Districts in Gujarat Major Talukas Distance (km) from Pamchmahal* Table 4: Distance from Major Indian Cities Valsad 315 Major Indian Cities Distance (km)* Rajkot 321 Kolkata 1741 Mehsana 211 Surat 227 Chennai 1589 Vadodara 81 Hyderabad 1042 Jamnagar 406 Delhi 912 Ankleshwar 165 Mumbai 576 Source: Panchmahals District Profile Booklet, 2006-07: Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (G.I.D.B):2007 * All Distance From District Headquarter- Godhra 19
  20. 20. Rail and Airport Connectivity Rail § Six broad gauge railway stations are present in the district § Total rail length of the district is 155 km – broad gauge line § Main railway station is at Godhra § The railway station at Godhra in the district is on the main railway track of Delhi-Mumbai Airport § Nearest airport (Vadodara) is 80 km awaySource: Panchmahals District Profile Booklet, 2006-07: Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (G.I.D.B):2007 20
  21. 21. Power and Water Supply Network Map 6: Power Map of Panchmahals Power§ Electricity in Panchmahals is supplied through Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB)§ There is a Hydro power station at Kadana and two 220 KV sub-stations at Godhra and Chandrapura respectively§ 66kv and 11kv distribution system spread over the district Water§ Water supply for industrial purposes in the district can be obtained from three main sources, viz Gujarat Water Supply and Sewerage Board (GWSSB), an irrigation canal and Sardar Sarovar Project.§ Sardar Sarovar Project water for industrial supply is made available through branch canals which are mentioned in Table - 5 Table 5: Branch Canals of Sardar Sarovar Project Name Of Branch Canal Length (in km) Starting Point End Point Vadodra 115.1 Rameshwara Bhadodra Dena 11.83 Ujeti Rakui Dumad 6.94 Kanjari Lotna Zumkha 4.2 Madhwas Ratanpur Nahra 4.1 Boru Sama Desar 15.28 Kalwana Desar Source: Panchmahals District booklet: ,2006-07, Gujarat Electricity Board 21
  22. 22. Gas Supply Map 7 : Gas Grid In Gas Panchmahals Route Identification Completed Under Construction § The district has a pipeline section running from Padmala to Halol (36.89 km)Source: Gujarat State Electricity Board, Government of Gujarat, Gujarat State Petrochemical Corporation 22
  23. 23. Proposed Infrastructure Projects Major Roads§ Halol-Godhra-Shamalji (State Highway 5) project with an area of 170 hectares in Godhra, Halol and Shamalji is under implementation§ Nadiad-Dakore-Godhra State Highway project has been announced Water § Irrigation facility will be extended by the construction of the Kadana dam and reservoir in Santrampur taluka of Panchmahals District. § Water conservation will be increased by constructing check dams and deepening ponds Source: CMIE Sept. 07 report 23
  24. 24. 5Social Infrastructure 24
  25. 25. Education Table 6: Educational Infrastructure§ Total number of Government and private schools in Educational Institute Number Panchmahals (primary, secondary and higher secondary) is 2480 Primary Schools 2077§ Colleges offer courses in various streams such as arts, Secondary Schools commerce, science, law etc. 403 Higher Secondary§ Technical institutions offer courses in subjects like Schools Polytechnic Colleges 1 desktop publishing, electric motor rewinding, servicing, Scooter mechanics, refrigeration, secretarial assistance, ITIs 19 IT, electronic installation and wiring Pharmacy College 3§ Diploma Pharmacy College in Panchmahals, run by Colleges (Arts/Science/Commerce 12 Nootan Education Trust, has an intake capacity of 60 /Law etc.,)Source: District booklet :2006-07,District Collectorate of Panchmahal 25
  26. 26. Health Table 7: Health Infrastructure§ Panchmahals houses good health care facilities to Health Infrastructure Numbers provide a comprehensive range of medical treatments Primary Health Centres 51§ There are 63 child welfare centres and 16 maternity Community Health 11 Centres hospitals for mother and child healthcare Hospitals 7§ The district also hosts 11 community health centres and Child Welfare Centres 63 51 primary health centres Maternity Hospitals 16§ Panchmahals has many healthcare centres which offer Dispensary 63 medical facilities in pediatrics, cardiac, obstetrics and gynecologySource: Government Of Gujarat ::Health Department :2007,District Booklet :2006-07 26
  27. 27. 6Tourism 27
  28. 28. Tourism§ Champaner-Pavagadh Archeological Park, situated 45 km north east of Vadodara, was inscribed on World Heritage List by UNESCO in July 2004, and was named as Champaner-Pavagadh Archeological Park. The medieval city of Champaner-Pavagarh is dotted with large number of historical monuments of various religious faiths, and water bodies - both natural and man made. It attracts about 20 lakh visitors every year and has shown a growth of 10.92 % in the inflow of tourists in 2005-06.§ Panchmahals is also home to many religious places such as Luneshwar Mahadev Temple and Marideshvar Mahadev Temple§ Chaiti Atham and Math Kotal fairs of the district attract many tourists every year§ Jambhughoda Wild life sanctuary and Ratan Mahal Sloth Champaner Pavagarh : World Heritage Site Bear Sanctuary are other tourist attractionsSource: India Guide Gujarat, 2007, Annual Report (2006-07), Tourist Flow in Gujarat, TCGL, GoG 28
  29. 29. 7Investment Opportunities 29
  30. 30. Investment Opportunities Minerals § Huge potential for investments in glass, ceramics and manganese- based products § Tremendous opportunities for technology upgradation through capital intensive projects with high investments Agriculture § Maize-based products § Cattle feed Engineering § Steel fabrication § Machine tools § Automobile accessories Tourism § Hotels § Food joints 30
  31. 31. Investment Opportunities Plastic § Polyvinyl pipes (PVC pipes), doors and windows, water tanks, industial moulded products § Plastic automotive components § Plastic wares Animal Husbandry § Dairy farming § Poultry industry § Tannery 31
  32. 32. Annexure I Maps Figures TablesMap 1: District Map of Panchmahals with Figure 1 : Production of Food Crops ( Metric Table 1 : Medium and Large Scale Players intalukas Tones) PanchmahalsMap 2 : Major Industry Players in Figure 2: Vegetable Crop Production 2005- 06 Table 2 : Existing GIDC Industrial EstatesPanchmahals DistrictMap 3: SSIs in Panchmahals Table 3 : Distance from Major Districts in Figure 3: Fruit Crop Production 2006- 07 GujaratMap 4 : Industrial Estates Figure 4: Mineral Reserves in Panchmahals (MT) Table 4 : Distance from Major Indian CitiesMap 5: Road & Rail NetworkMap 6: Power Map of Panchmahals Figure 5: SSI; Investments & Employment Table 5 : Branch Canals of Sardar Sarovar ProjectMap 7 : Gas Grid in Panchmahals Figure 6: SSI; Number Of Units Table 6: Educational Infrastructure Figure 7: Investments in 1988 -97 Vs 1998-07 Comparative Data in last two decades Table 7 : Health Infrastructure Figure 8: Sector- wise Decadal Investments 32
  33. 33. Annexure II : AbbreviationsIEM : Industrial Entrepreneur MemorandumMoU : Memorandum of UnderstandingSSI : Small Scale IndustriesMSI : Medium Scale IndustriesLSI : Large Scale IndustriesVGGIS : Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors SummitGSECL : Gujarat State Electricity Corporation LtdSEZ : Special Economic ZoneGIDC : Gujarat Industrial Development CorporationDMIC : Delhi Mumbai Industrial CorridorDFC : Delhi Freight CorridorGWSSB : Gujarat Water Supply Sewerage BoardITI : Industrial Training Institute 33