The What, Why and How of Location Marketing - PJ Verhoef, Clarion Consulting - #SMM11

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  • 1. The Essential Guide to … in 20 minutes
  • 2. 01 LBS 02 LBM The LBMA Wikipedia
  • 3. Over 50% of all Internet connections are now location enabled smartphonesData sources (a.o.) 20% of all search is mobile Mobile users 45% more likely to search local 20% of foot traffic visits a store in response to a location-based ad 55% of people are willing to travel 15 minutes for a 10% discount
  • 4. Dont Use Retail Online PurchaseReasearch Online 11% 7% Search Online before Shopping Retail Purchase Offline 89% 93%
  • 5. Asset To Examples Search & (Geo-)socialShop, restaurant, locations platforms Products, merchandize Online information/commerce Real-time Inventory Mobile platforms information Staff (Geo-)Social Media
  • 6. Total views in 6 months Provides useful additional information? 4% ja 96% nee Ease of use? 0% 8% onvoldoende voldoende 50% 42% goed uitstekend Use again? 4% 4% ja nee 92% Twijfel
  • 7. Who? How? Push Pull Example Customers Check in, Tweet, TagMerchant or Mall Indoor Positioning Subscriber Opt-in,Carrier or Partner Geofence Ad Network Display & Search
  • 8. • Six million subscribers (23% of total)• 300K coupons sent for 50% off a coffee• 14% redeemed the coupons• 93% of users said they recalled the ad
  • 9. How? Example Location-Focused Social Media AnalysisGeo-social Platforms’ Merchant DashboardsLocation of Search Trends in Google, Tweets Crowdsourced Field Research
  • 10. Local Advertising, In-store signage & magazines Print Local Billboards, Narrowcasting In Shop: Display Window, Staff, Shelf Space, Out of Mobile In-store traffic Home flow, Music, Scent, POSRouting, Check-ins, Tweets, Coupons Online Mobile site, Search, Social (Like, +), Reviews, Group buying
  • 11. In ShopMobile Print Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Stations, Outlets, etc. Out of Online home
  • 12. • 184,000 participants in 12 week period at BWW • 1 in 3 users returned to play • 20,000 User Generated Challenges • 100 million impressions via Facebook and Twitter • Brand Engagement: On average, a player spent 90 seconds per challenge= 3.6 yearsJune 2011 | Slide 5 of 5
  • 13. What? How? Example Points, Kickbucks, foursquareLoyalty Reward badges, etc. Providing exclusive privileges Of Offers, Deals, Specials, MobileDeal redemption Coupons, etc. Or Non Cash (e.g. merchandizing) Sales Cash Credit (e.g. PayPal, AMEX)
  • 14. Attract & Transact Retain Link Locate Listen Engage Locations to User check-in Local-social In Shop Loyalty reward Link to Loyalty platforms Merchant media analysis Print Ads Redemption programs, Products to indoor Platform Deals Out of home Sales platforms, POSonline assets positioning merchant dashboards Online ----- Social CRM Inventory to Carrier mobile positioning Benchmarking, Mobile Ads NFC ----- platforms Ad network trends, user Creative QR EmbedStaff to social targeting influence, Campaign Successful reputation POS media ---- Incentives Location of PayPal Game Setup Daily Google search, Facebook credit Deals Tweets Dynamics Social Get your PR Crowdsourced Moment! field research interaction Staff training
  • 15. Web-Based Narrowcasting Community