Effective Social Media Marketing for Retail Businesses

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Using TM Lewin’s online community (called “Off the Cuff”) and Jimmy Choo’s innovative Foursquare campaign as examples, Naomi Paget (Head of Direct Marketing, TM Lewin) and Matt Rhodes (Director of …

Using TM Lewin’s online community (called “Off the Cuff”) and Jimmy Choo’s innovative Foursquare campaign as examples, Naomi Paget (Head of Direct Marketing, TM Lewin) and Matt Rhodes (Director of Client Services, FreshNetworks) will explain how retail businesses can make effective use of social media marketing. They will show how to grow and sustain customer engagement through a successful online community, and offer practical tips on how to make social media marketing work for you. Presented at Social Media Marketing 2010 (London).

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  • Two approaches to social mediaQuick impact – great for launching a new product. (NB need to maintain contact with key communities between times)Sustained conversation -
  • WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED? THAt you can use social to drive traffic and conversion.But also that brands and retailers are keen to do this themselves.So perhaps there is les space.
  • We used Foursquare to check into various locations throughout the day, seven days a week.900 followers on 4sq
  • Word of mouth
  • For this audience – more important to mentiontrade & mainstreampressMost clicked story on PR Week & Marketing Magazine
  • Potentialqs people could ask:What do we do with all the people afterwards?: In-store event (increase purchase?), going to NYC, Other sales results?: We’re looking into it. Newsletter sign up: peaked slightly but nothing to speak of.Physical footfall: no results.Online visit to Trainer Page: no results.Is it really engaging the target market?: Even if we didn’t, we increased awareness around the new range.


  • 1. Social Media Marketing for Retail BusinessesGetting viral success and ongoing engagement
    Talk to us: www.freshnetworks.com | info@freshnetworks.com | +44 (0)20 7692 4376
  • 2. Today is about two things:
  • 3. Actually it’s about:
    Viral success
    Ongoing engagement
  • 4. Viral activity create buzz...
  • 5. ...and sustained engagement brings real benefit
  • 6. But the best is to achieve both
  • 7. Two ways of achieving this:
    Online communities
    Social media events
  • 8. www.freshnetworks.com
    T.M.Lewin : An online community
  • 9. Why T.M.Lewin is
    Be seen as an authority on business dress
    Get customer insight into our product, marketing and services
    Educate and excite customers about the brand and products
    Clearly differentiate our brand from our competitors
    Reach a new audience
    Encourage word-of-mouth
  • 10. Outcome – Off The Cuff community
  • 11. Blogs from all areas of the business
  • 12. Sartorial advice from experts
  • 13. We aim to turn responses into conversations
    “ …shirts for my size are usually too narrow but I’ve never tried a classic. I have a 44" chest 36' waist can anyone shed some light?”
    “…At present our slim fit shirts are really more semi fitted so I don’t think you will have any problems with them being too fitted”
    “Seriously, TM will always have my business and in fact I have turned some of my co-workers on to the site”
  • 14. People who enter the community are
    as likely to convert on their first site visit
  • 15. Maintaining interest
    Regular updates with new blogs and polls,and quick responses to comments have helped build engagement
    of community members have already returned
  • 16. The conversation has gone viral
    134different countries
    from outside the UK
  • 17. www.freshnetworks.com
    Jimmy Choo : Social media events
  • 18. Six months of community building
    Project PEP
    Blogger Outreach
  • 19. A social media event
  • 20. 4,000 individuals participated on Foursquare,Twitter and Facebook.
  • 21. 1 in 17 London Foursquare users were chasing CatchAChoo.
  • 22. The campaign was mentioned over 5,000 times on Twitter.
  • 23. 250 blogs and publications mentioned the CatchAChoo campaign.
  • 24. The campaign was widely covered in: The Evening Standard, Reuters, Marketing Magazine, PR Week, Mashable, Vogue…
  • 25. Daily trainer sales in-store went up 33% after the Evening Standard coverage.
  • 26. “We have seen some great feedback both from media and a variety of individuals who have been impressed by this initiative.” – Jimmy Choo
    “Probably my favourite campaign that I’ve seen in social media. Period.” – Tristan Walker (Foursquare) at Web 2.0 EXPO
  • 27. And one unsuspecting member of the public was mistakenfor the CatchAChoo team
  • 28. What’s next for Jimmy Choo?
    CatchAChoois on the move…
  • 29. So how do you do this?
  • 30. Summary of what to do next
    Have strategic plan for your engagement:
    Find out who is saying what and where they are saying it
    Work out what you are trying to achieve and how you will measure your impact
    Experiment with social networks and work hard to get successful engagement
    Have a clear process to measure your impact and refine your strategy
  • 31. And bring your online community andsocial media events together
  • 32. That’s it