Case Study: The Chop or Not Viral Marketing Campaign


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Channel 4 created the “Chop or Not” game to highlight the issue of reducing the UK’s £152 billion budget deficit. The game allows members of the public to say what service areas of the budget they would 'chop' or 'not'. NixonMcInnes has been working with Channel 4 on a viral campaign around the game which will have a second phase when a live show airs on the 21st June (ahead of George Osbornes’ budget announcement). In this case study, Andy and Anna will talk us through the campaign and explain what they have learned so far and ideas for the next phase of the campaign. Presented at Social Media Marketing 2010 (London).

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Case Study: The Chop or Not Viral Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Andy @the_pied_pipes Channel 4 Anna @Carlsonator NixonMcInnes
  2. 2. Chop or Not Getting people to care about budget cuts
  3. 3. Newsworthy The deficit and spending cuts appeared in over 7000 headlines in last 3 months
  4. 4. But talking about big numbers is hard Quiz: a million seconds is how long? What about a billion?
  5. 5. Million sec: 11 days Billion sec: 32 years
  6. 6. So if we said.... That the deficit was £170bn and we could save £1000 per minute, how long do you think that would take?
  7. 7. It would take 323 years
  8. 8. So now if we said... How much money would you need to save per minute if we had to get rid of the deficit in 5 years?
  9. 9. £64,688 a min
  10. 10. What if we could... Get 20,000 people to tell us how they’d reduce public spending in a week leading up to the election?
  11. 11. How were we going to do it? Make it fun Make it social Make it open
  12. 12. Hmm. What tried and tested web interaction models could we find...
  13. 13. If you had to cut an item from the public purse, what would it be?
  14. 14. What if you had to choose between these two? vs. Bit harder now isn’t it?
  15. 15. What we did
  16. 16. Know thyself
  17. 17. It was difficult...
  18. 18. Online PR
  19. 19. Twitter
  20. 20. Facebook
  21. 21. First stats c70k visits 38,851 1st stage completes 55% conversion. Yay! Target met 11,794 finished games c850k ‘chops’
  22. 22. Social stats Referred plays Shares 3122 social shares = c26% of game 7,000 finishers sent a share 5,250 Facebook got 50% more return plays per 3,500 share 1,750 +10% social referrals - 3x more than normal 0 on Twitter Facebook
  23. 23. Were socially referred players more engaged? Avg game finishes: 55% Facebook players: 60.4% Twitter players: 69.8%
  24. 24. Discoveries
  25. 25. Shareable != Pass-on-able
  26. 26. Copy resonated with the playing audience
  27. 27. Mistakes?
  28. 28. Mistake one... People who gave more didn’t get more...
  29. 29. Mistake two? Encourage people to play again
  30. 30. Mistake three... Burying social proof
  31. 31. Mistake four... Didn’t split tracking links
  32. 32. What we are doing next Chop or Not goes live, on telly. June 21, 8pm, C4
  33. 33. A more representative sample?
  34. 34. Tracking conversation Tweets will be monitored on the night
  35. 35. Giving back our data
  36. 36. More social objects
  37. 37. Takeaways Giving a game a purpose need not make it dull Shareable != Pass-on-able Social profile ‘followers’ need not be a KPI Surprising copy in shareables - any shareables are social objects Get your tracking nailed
  38. 38. Tanks :) Andy @the_pied_pipes Channel 4 Anna @Carlsonator NixonMcInnes
  39. 39. And tanks for the pretty pictures :) "mynameis" - meta2/502180199 "Flip Clock Study 007a" - photos/jesuspresley/2532413826/ "The Little Hand Says" - bricassidy/62599744/ "Crowd" - 405506361 "Life is Love" - subzeroconsciousness/3398892377 "Holborn tube station" - olotini/3914123022/ "Cartoon UK" - thatscottishengineer/3083827089/sizes/l/ “Everyone makes mistakes” - photos/gregbiche/324444264/