Bringing Social to the Heart of the Business - Ben Kay, EE


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Ben Kay, Head of Digital Strategy and Adoption, EE

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Social business means more than being on Facebook and Twitter and operating an internal social network. Here's the question: do you help all the individuals associated with your organisation to build richer, more productive relationships with each other, coalescing by need and desire, knowledge and capability, shared values and shared value, or don't you? In this session, Philip discusses aspects of organisational design, business performance management, marketing, public relations, branding and the imminent empowerment of the individuals that make up organisations.
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  • Traditionally our social activity has been marketing & comms focused.We’re not providing social data to inform management decisions.
  • Traditionally our social activity has been marketing & comms focused.We’re not providing social data to inform management decisions.
  • Our customer (and our potential customers) work rest and play online, a behavior fuelled by the success of social platforms
  • Traditionally our social activity has been marketing & comms focused.We’re not providing social data to inform management decisions.
  • The beating heart of our social worldInformation is powerVisualization and insight is keyImpact is paramount
  • Bringing Social to the Heart of the Business - Ben Kay, EE

    1. 1. Bringing social to the heart of the company Ben Kay Head of Digital Strategy @Benjamin_Kay
    2. 2. SMARTPHONES RULE With increasing digital connectivity, and the huge upswing in mobile connected devices, consumer have unprecedented access to information to make rationale decisions. @Benjamin_Kay
    3. 3. THE EMERGENCE OF SOCIAL ADDED A NEW DYNAMIC The world we know and operate in has changed, fuelled by the continuing growth and adoption of social platforms and the real time dialogue audiences now expect to have with companies. @Benjamin_Kay
    4. 4. WE WERE SEEING SIGNIFICANT CHANGES IN BEHAVIOURS 77% Search for a product or service via a Search Engine 71% visit the company’s website 48% read about products/services on a review site 13% talk about a product/service on a social network 12% visit the company’s facebook page 6% Chat live with a customer service company representative Source : Mintel Digital Winter trends December 2011 @Benjamin_Kay
    5. 5. OUR WORLD HAS CHANGED Mobile is our heartland.. But.. …we need to weave social tools, best practices and techniques into the very DNA of our organisation to survive and thrive. And.. … our products are real-time, used real-time, but do we operate real-time? @Benjamin_Kay
    6. 6. SOCIAL + MOBILE = ??? @Benjamin_Kay
    7. 7. WELCOME TO EE The most advanced digital communications company in the UK, with superfast 4G and fibre broadband. 3 brands – 1 network 27 million customers 15,000 employees Over 600 retail stores @Benjamin_Kay
    8. 8. A CLEAR FOCUS @Benjamin_Kay
    9. 9. A UNIFIED SOCIAL AMBITION “To socially enable EE” Turn social from being something we do to the way we do business. @Benjamin_Kay
    10. 10. SOCIAL BUSINESS FRAMEWORK Socially enable EE Clear measures of success A set of objectives accelerated by us acting faster and smarter Mission Objectives Improve brand health Optimise marketing activity Improve revenue generation Create operational efficiencies Improve customer experience Innovate products & services KPIs Volume (Following & Activity) Quality (Sentiment) Money (Revenue & Operational Savings) Five cross organisational work streams that deliver the social experience Work streams Enablers Sales &Value Growth Brand Engagement Beyond core services Service The Social Hub A physical central management capability Measured by Aligned behind Brought to life by Underpinned by @Benjamin_Kay
    11. 11. AMBITION SUPPORTED BY EXECUTION PRINCIPLES •  We will deliver relevant, valuable and useful social communities for like- minded participants. •  We will always know, and actively manage, our social reputation. •  We will educate, align and empower the organisation to embed social media into our DNA. •  We will always aim for brilliant executions. There will be no compromise. •  Given the pace of social change, we will always have one eye on the future, building relationships and partnering with key platform owners and third parties to achieve this. @Benjamin_Kay
    12. 12. A CHANGE IN BEHAVIOUR @Benjamin_Kay
    13. 13. Social is more than just media. It’s a way of doing business. (and it’s not just about Facebook and Twitter!) @Benjamin_Kay
    14. 14. ACT SMARTER. ACT FASTER Competitive advantage can be made by making immediate decisions using information and knowledge sourced via our social platforms – ultimately delivering greater shareholder value. Competitor activity Consumer behaviour Product development Campaign optimisation In-life comms Loyalty / rewards Crisis management Internal comms Act smarter. Act faster. Influencing business intelligence Media spend To do this, we need to act smarter and act faster. But how?@Benjamin_Kay
    15. 15. INTRODUCING THE SOCIAL HUB @Benjamin_Kay
    16. 16. See link in description for video. SOCIAL HUBVIDEO @Benjamin_Kay
    17. 17. THE SOCIAL HUB The Social Hub is our new physical ‘facility’ that tracks and monitors EE and competitor mentions in social. It’s purpose is to: -  continually present a real-time picture of how EE is performing in a social universe -  monitor, co-ordinate and evaluate all social activity -  feed social info & insight to the organisation -  house our Community Management Engagement team -  become our EE ‘centre of social excellence’ @Benjamin_Kay
    18. 18. A TOUGH JOURNEY We have: -  Empowered a cross functional team to engage across platforms -  Built a support network around the team Brought the organisation together -  Senior steering -  Operational alignment -  Regular informal stand-ups Pushed ourselves to transparency Becoming more agile is challenging @Benjamin_Kay
    19. 19. MEASURING SUCCESS Insight driven action •  Identifying gaps in internal data •  Measuring ‘success’ of proactive communications •  Reactive (crisis) •  Proactive (reach & conversion) •  Identifying social risks before the event Reducing operational costs through coordinated approach •  Cutting down time to market •  One version of truth @Benjamin_Kay
    20. 20. Thank you Questions?@Benjamin_Kay