Task 3 PPM - Group 4 - Focusing Attention


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Task 3 PPM - Group 4 - Focusing Attention

  1. 1. Mathematic Teaching Planning Critical Teaching Skills for Focusing Attention Group Fourth: Yusefdi (A1C010002) Eva Yulinda Lubis (A1C010006) Pika Purnama Sari (A1C010010) Tia Titi Afsah (A1C010029) Ernesty Dameyani (A1C010031)COURSE LECTURER: DEWI RAHIMAH, S.Pd., M.Ed. Mathematic EducationFaculty of Teacher Training and Education Bengkulu University 2012
  2. 2. 1. Video 1. Give examples three convergen and three divergen questions based on videoa. Convergent question What’s the name of shape from the first video ? How many face of rectanguler parallelpiped ? What’s the formula of volume and surface area from rectangular parallelpiped, cylindre and right tringular prism ?b. Divergent question From the video, How many ways which can use to make rectangular parallelpiped’s nets ? What could happen with shape and surface area if the base oh prism is changed in different shape ? What’s relationship between surface area and volume of cylinder ?2. Video 2. Give one example question for each level of Blooms Taxonomy based on videoa. Low-level question Knowledge (remembering) What is definition of parallelogram ? What is charecteristic of parallelogram ? C B Comprehension (understanding) See the picture AB = 3 CD = 3 AD = 4 We know that in the parallelogram has the both pair Side are parallel. Show side is parallel with BC ? C A D B What the opposite angles of a parallelogram are congruent with angle A? A D Application (applying) Find the relation between diagonal and the opposite sides if one of parallelogram’s angle is 60 degrees !b. High-level question Analysis (analyzing) A B D C
  3. 3. If we have a parallelogram ABCD and we want to extend one side of parallelogram, ad to be two times AD, how about the other side of parallelogram ? Synthesis (creating) From the theorem of diagonal parallelogram, create the formula of area parallelogram if the high is t and BD is d ? D C Picture : t A B Evaluation (evaluating) From the picture below, which both pair of opposite side are parallel, and which the opposite angle of parallelogram ? D C 600 1200 A B3. Give one example question for each guideline for planning dandelivering questionsa. Be clear and concise Question : how many ways to solve linear equation in two variable ?b. Use vocabulary Question : How we solve linear equation using subtitution Method ? If we want to solve linear equation, what the ways to solve with subtitution method ?c. Plan question that are short enough for student remember
  4. 4. Question : Mention the methods used to solve linear equation in twovariable !d. Follow question with time for student to think Question : What is the way to solve the linear equation in twovariables ?e. Follow question with redirections, prompting and probing as necessary Question : With the elimination method, determine value of x and y from the equation below : 2x + 3y = 8 dan x – y = 4f. Follow question with honest feedback Question : solving linear equation : 2x – y = 9 and 3x + 4y = - 14 with using subtitution method. Explanation : if student answer the question with true method give praised, but if them using addition method or etc, need to correct so student knows the true answer.g. Goal should be involve as many of them as possible Question : Who can explain again how to solve linear equation in two variable with your opinion ?h. Avoid ridiculous question Question : Is the firework picture influence the x value and y value to solve the linear equation in two variables ?