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ITKnowledgeBase Userguide

  1. 1. USER GUIDE 2009 In this tutorial you will learn how to: <ul><li>Get Started </li></ul><ul><li>ITKnowledgeBASE Homepages </li></ul><ul><li>Use the Search functions </li></ul><ul><li>Choose and Read Titles </li></ul><ul><li>Upload a List of Titles </li></ul>
  2. 2. Product Homepages
  3. 3. Product Homepages USER GUIDE 2009 Here is the homepage for ITKnowledgeBASE The total number of book titles appears here. This number changes often as new titles are added Browse titles by choosing a category in IT knowledge or by choosing All Categories to see a complete list of book titles.
  4. 4. Book Titles and looking at an e-Book
  5. 5. Book Titles USER GUIDE 2009 To further this tutorial, let’s choose the first title, Building Web Applications with C# and .NET: A Complete Reference Here are all of the book titles that are within the “Programming Languages” category in ITKnowledgeBASE
  6. 6. Looking at an e-Book USER GUIDE 2009 To read the full-text of this title, click on “Read it Online.” Choose one of three tabs for: 1) Book Summary 2) Book Features 3) Table of Contents 1 2 3
  7. 7. Searching and Inside an eBook
  8. 8. Search USER GUIDE 2009 Another way to get to content is to use the general search at the top of the ITKnowledgeBASE pages and click on the arrow or Enter. Search “.NET” and press the arrow or Enter.
  9. 9. From left to right in the results we see: The number of times this term appears in this file and the chapter name Search USER GUIDE 2009 In 4 seconds, we found over 500 documents containing the word “.NET”
  10. 10. Search USER GUIDE 2009 This shows how many times the term “.NET” appears in the chapter. Beside this is the title of the chapter. Click on the first article and see what happens.
  11. 11. Search USER GUIDE 2009 Here is Chapter 21 from the first title in our search results. You will notice that everywhere that the search word appears is highlighted Clicking on any of the chapter sections allows you to jump to that part of the chapter. Clicking on any part of the result will open the table of contents for this chapter.
  12. 12. Inside an e-Book USER GUIDE 2009 Return to the table of contents in the beginning of the book, click on table of contents You can print or save using these options under ”File” or by using the icons in the Adobe Acrobat window. Alternately, you can view article sections by choosing 21.3, 21.4, 21.5, etc
  13. 13. Inside an e-Book USER GUIDE 2009 As you read through an article, you will notice that you can click to view figures
  14. 14. Inside an e-Book USER GUIDE 2009 By clicking here, you can view thumbnails of the pages for a certain chapter
  15. 15. Inside an e-Book USER GUIDE 2009 Under options, you can print pages, reduce or enlarge thumbnails.
  16. 16. Inside an e-Book USER GUIDE 2009 Here are some additional viewing tips >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Here, by clicking on the bookmark logo, we can see bookmarks at all of the important parts of this chapter. To return to the page of contents for the whole book, click on Table of Contents. If you need help, click on the green circle with the ?
  17. 17. Viewing Tips
  18. 18. Viewing Tips USER GUIDE 2009 If you would like to increase or decrease the size of the text, or read the chapter page in full-view, here are a few suggestions: To increase or decrease the size of the text, please click on the down arrow on the icon and make a selection. To view the full-page one page at a time click the button on the right OR Click here to fill the window with each page and be able scroll continuously
  19. 19. Viewing Tips USER GUIDE 2009 If you prefer not to see the bookmarks, click on the small X and the top right hand corner of the window. This will allow you to view the chapter/book using the whole screen
  20. 20. Advanced Search
  21. 21. Advanced Search USER GUIDE 2009 On the left side of the ITKnowledgeBASE page you will see an Advanced Search option, you can search by keyword You can choose to display book abstracts in the results, and decide how many results to show per page and if you would like to see these in descending or ascending order At the bottom, you can limit your search to certain books or all books in ITKnowledgeBASE
  22. 22. Product Homepages USER GUIDE 2009 Let’s go back to the homepage and explore more ways to enhance your research You can export an Excel CSV file from here of all of the titles, with author, ISBN, Pub Date, and urls to link to the titles If you need technical support, click here for FAQ’s, contact information and your information
  23. 23. Exporting Title List
  24. 24. Export Book Title List USER GUIDE 2009 This screen will open, choose to save the file to your desktop or a folder To export a list of titles click here