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User interfaces and the environment: Exploiting human abilities for mobile interaction
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User interfaces and the environment: Exploiting human abilities for mobile interaction


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Antti Oulasvirta, PhD …

Antti Oulasvirta, PhD
Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT
Talk at ETH Zurich in July 2010 and NRC in September 2010

Published in: Technology
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  • A natural starting point is the most essential input device for a computer since the 1960s, also one of the most researched piece of interactive technologyThere’s not a single mobile device without a keyboard, soft keyboard or physical one with real buttons
  • In practice, PC is still better by a factor of two!We find similar differences to PC inReading from display – 1,5Target acquisition – 2-3Menu performance – 1,5-3GIVEN THAT KEYBOARD SIZE IS SMALLER BY A FACTOR OF 10 AND DISPLAY SIZE BY A FACTOR OF 6, THIS IS ACTUALLY REMARKABLE THAT THE DIFFERENCE ISN’T MORE!Half-QWERTY (one-handed) 35 wpm [1]Chord keyboard (one-handed, Stenograph, Palantype) 250-300 wpm [1] Twiddler keyboard 60 wpm [3]T9 9-20 wpm [4]T9 20 wpm [8] Reduced QWERTY 23 wpm (half of normal) [5]Handwriting on a PC 24 wpm [6] T9 and joystick-based EdgeWrite 16 wpm [7]Full-QWERTY 15 wpm [9]Touchpad-QWERTY 13 wmp [9]Physical ITU with no prediction 8 wpm [9]One-handed thumb/two-handed index finger: ITU-12, 21-27 [2] with predictive T9: 46 wpm [2]
  • Add pc?
  • Caveat
  • Caveat
  • -50% in text entry-40% in menu selection
  • Annoyance
  • NOT a single study where no effect reportedObstacle course
  • MFI shows that performance decreases…The method is lightweight, it takes only about one hour to run and you can use it in the lab to evaluate practically anything
  • With 5.1 letters per word
  • 20-40% decrease due to manual multitasking
  • People don’t do long, complex things with mobile devices, even the smartphones. They do brief things, check email, find something etc.
  • What mobile interactive computers COULD be?Calling (recent study) with 3 smparthones -> 1 minutes for a noviceCapturing and sending an image to Facebook, 1.5 minutesLooking up wikipedia entry related to a place: 1 min
  • Are the ”multimodal UI” researchers doing it the wrong way? Vocabulary learning?
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