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  1. 1. Presented By: Andrew Glover Stephen Ouellette
  2. 2. Thunder Composite Technologies, Windsor ON • Who is TCT? • Execution Ability • Innovation = TCT • Innovative Product • Manufacturing Process • Business Analysis • Schedule • Future Innovations
  3. 3. Thunder Composite Technologies, Windsor ON “Thunder Composite Technologies is linked directly to the leading machine tool builder in North America, Harbour Advanced Machining. This partnership allows Thunder Composite Technologies to utilize over 35 years of machine tool building experience to create the most efficient and sophisticated production system for producing composite leaf springs in the world.” “At the forefront of this product is the advanced machinery and tooling specifically designed for automated production” "The design and engineering team at TCT has using a fiberglass and epoxy resin to create a proprietary shape and ply pattern that is unparallel in strength and ride quality.” “Derived from the advanced and precision industries of Nuclear, Aerospace, and Automotive.”
  4. 4. Thunder Composite Technologies, Windsor ON ANDREW GLOVER ANDY VALENTINE STEPHEN OUELLETTE President VP Engineering and Development VP Sales and Marketing A graduate of Mechanical Engineering and specializing in lightweight composites during his university career. Andrew also has a strong background in automated machine tool building. Currently Andrew is also the Engineering Manager for a leading Machine Tool Builder which is TCT’s strategic partner. Andy graduated from Mechanical Engineering and his engineering experience is varied from heavy construction of power generation plants to automotive production machinery throughout his career as an engineer. Andy is also a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario. Stephen has a bachelor of science with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry from Wayne State University and has a strong sales and marketing background. Stephen became a strong leader in his area of sales by exceeding sales targets by understanding his markets and clients and is the direct contact for all of TCT’s marketing and sales initiatives.
  5. 5. Thunder Composite Technologies, Windsor ON Innovation Facts Something New Better than What Exists Economically Viable Widespread Appeal Serving Size 12lbs (5.5kg) Amount Teneur % Daily Value % valeur quotidienne INGREDIENTS: S/E Glass, Epoxy resin, machines, machines, and machines, and resin, and resin. 100% 100% 100% 100% Questions? Thunder Composite Technologies Inc. 2545 Doty Place Windsor , ON
  6. 6. Thunder Composite Technologies, Windsor ON Innovative Product Horse and Buggy Technology To…
  7. 7. Thunder Composite Technologies, Windsor ON Innovative Product -Greater Fatigue Life 5 to 10 times higher depending on composite matrix. -Infinite Shape Memory -Superior Dampening Characteristics -Higher Impact Strength 3 to 6 times higher impact strength then steel, depending on composite matrix. -Elimination of Harmonic Whipping -Weight Savings Example: F150 spring weights aprox. 55 lbs per spring. Our spring weights 12 lbs per spring! -Natural Dampening Properties of Composites creates a better ride. -Non Corrosive -Elimination of Inter-Leaf Friction Which creates a more active ride suspension. Advantages of Composites
  8. 8. Thunder Composite Technologies, Windsor ON Manufacturing Process Thunder Composite Technologies has developed a unique fully automated manufacturing system to produce variable cross-sectional thickness composite parts. This system has been in development for the last five years and is now undergoing runoff for full production. Flexible Hybrid Selective Pultrusion Process
  9. 9. Thunder Composite Technologies, Windsor ON Business Analysis Target Market 70 percent of light truck owners are males between the ages of 25 and 54 83 percent of this market in the U.S. has an income of 35,000US or more. Municipalities and Service industry. 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Year Sales(Billions)
  10. 10. Thunder Composite Technologies, Windsor ON Business Analysis Market Needs Offroad / Recreational Service Industry OEM
  11. 11. Thunder Composite Technologies, Windsor ON Business Analysis Competitors Four Known Competitors -Two are low volume order companies for race and specialty cars -One caters specifically to the commercial trucking industry -The most well know is TRW for GM- Corvette
  12. 12. Thunder Composite Technologies, Windsor ON Business Analysis Strategy & Implementation Product Value Competitive Edge Marketing Strategy Sales Forecast
  13. 13. Thunder Composite Technologies, Windsor ON Schedule As of Today: -Materials Research & Selection -One Design- Variable Cross-Sectional Parabolic Arc -Market Research -Business Plan -Consultations -Review of Business Plan -FEA Analysis Completed -Website development -Strategic Relationship With Equipment Manufacturer -Built the necessary tooling and machinery to support production -Build relations with aftermarket spring suppliers -Ready for commercial sales
  14. 14. Thunder Composite Technologies, Windsor ON Future Innovations Smart Fiber Technology (Head Ski’s-AFC Technology) User-controlled suspension using smart fiber technology Composite Coil Springs Composite Coil springs are already in our tooling design phase and will be prototyped soon.
  15. 15. Thunder Composite Technologies, Windsor ON TECHNOLOGY MOTIVATED– CONSUMERDRIVEN! Thank You Questions? Please contact us anytime: Thunder Composite Technologies Ltd. 2545 Doty Place Windsor, Ontario Canada Contact For Andrew Glover 519-971-2552 Cell Fax: 519-969-0541