Social Media Marketing Strategy: Final Marketing Plan Project


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Social Media Marketing Strategy: Final Marketing Plan Project

  1. 1. Final ProjectOTTO PORTA 03/23/12
  2. 2. 03/23/12
  3. 3. 03/23/12
  4. 4. The most challenging part of keeping a• Attracting followers. blog:• Obtaining high number of comments.• Choosing, preparing and posting the most interesting content for my target.• Promoting the blog. What did I enjoy?• The preparation: setting up the account, design, and settings.• I really enjoy posting and sharing them in Tweeter and Facebook• Learning about blogging. How many final posts, comments, and post with more views ?• Final number of posts: 6• Number of comments: 3• Post with more views: “Social Marketing ROI” (2 views) 03/23/12
  5. 5. 03/23/12
  6. 6. (My family picture) 03/23/12
  7. 7. I have been in FaceBook for more than 2years, I have more than 1,000 friends (seemy timeline), but I didn’t know thepotential it had. I learned these in class:•About land pages, Ads and groups, as 3of the major ways of Market my personaland business pages (only 295 of 1,000 ofmy personal friends liked my businesspage)•I learned the different kind of posts on mywall to make engagement useful and ofvalue.•I will start putting all my new knowledge Ilearned in class, in action to Market in abetter way my pages. 03/23/12
  8. 8. Twitter:!/ottoporta 03/23/12
  9. 9. I have 90 following and 43followers on Twitter.•This group of followers, as well as thosethat I am following, have beenindependent to my friends on Facebookand were not part of my business orpersonal interest. Twitter, Facebook andmy blog were separated entities.•Now I understand better Social Media andits importance. Part of my action plan willbe the integration of all the “parts of thepuzzle” in my Social Media activity.•I started following people andorganization with purpose . 03/23/12
  10. 10. • I learned the importance of Social Media ROI, that it is important to evaluate my “likes”, “shares”, and “comments”, but it is also important to evaluate the financial activity in terms of “revenue”, “transactions”, and “number of new customers”, as well as FRY (frequency, reach, yield).• I learned that Social Media has a cost (people, computers, offices, time and more).• I learned the importance of the Integration of my Social Media activity.• I learned that I have to choose better the people , companies, and other organizations when deciding to follow. I’ll be more diligent in this matter.• I learned more tools that will make my Social Media more profitable to my business. Some examples: Facebook has more than only pages, it offers Ads, and groups. 03/23/12