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Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
Wolfram alpha presentation
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Wolfram alpha presentation


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Knowledge search engine intro

Knowledge search engine intro

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • Give out a handout - Be Semantically Aware (in web 2.0 folder)
  • Welcome!Intro: My name is Nicole and I am the Ed Tech Fac for PSD. Wolfram|Alpha is the THE TOOL that was missing from my classroom and that’s really why I am here today. I truly believe that in the hands of teachers like you, teachers that seek out new and innovative ways to engage students, W|A it has the power to advance learning and change the education forever. I will give give an overview of W|A for the first ~20 minutes with the following objectives: **Read From SlideAt the conclusion of the presentation I will open the floor up to questions and then it’s PLAY time!Let’s get started!
  • Reference Library= real-time dataScientific Calculator= w/ show steps, Learning Tool= promotes socratic thinking and “inquiry based learning” = Algebra crisisSocratic Learning= the question becomes more important than the answer, student driven/centered learning – critical thinking
  • **DEMO**LionLion, red fox, chicken02Pizza + soda + pop30mins running, female, 30 years, 135 lbs3+2Sin 3x + 2Plot sin 3x + 2 (limit results)Loan, 25000, 6.5%, 30 yearsMSFT, AAPL, GOOG – most recent trades on stocksWeather – registers own IP address (local info)Weather in SF and Mumbai (compare side by side)What is the distance from sf to MumbaiHow similar are india and china – variety of infoSynonyms for niceScrabble rhijnte – give you possible options
  • Gallery of videos, lessons – an amazing collection which you can add to as well!
  • Wolfram alpha main page – more – widgets. Can build own or from gallery. Embed into anywhere you want. Great way to focus students onto ONE focus. Very powerful.
  • Just read through
  • Go to website.
  • Once again – lots of content and ideas to use semantic aware applications in the classroom.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Be Semantically Aware
      Tech Tuesday presentation
      Nicole Lakusta
    • 2. Tech Tuesday Overview
      What is Wolfram|Alpha?
      Integrating Wolfram|Alpha into the classroom
      Educational Features
      Wolfram |Alpha Demo
      Widget Builder Demo
      Additional Resources
      Play Time
    • 3. Wolfram|Alpha in the Classroom
      Engaging Enriching Entertaining
    • 4. Wolfram|Alpha is a Knowledge engine
      Natural Language
      Dynamic Computation
      Curated Data
    • 5. W|A versus Google and Wikipedia
      Searches URLs
      Thousands of results
      Community generated
      Subjective, descriptive results
      W|A provide discrete answers
      W|A results are computed by robust algorithms mapped to over 10 trillion pieces of data
    • 6. Products
      Wolfram|Alpha Website
      Wolfram|Alpha App for Smartphones
      Learning at your fingertips! (Cost $1.99)
      Widget Builder
      A mini-app built on a W|A query
      Wolfram|Alpha API
      Tools for partners to leverage W|A engine
    • 7. Wolfram/Alpha homepage
      DEMO Time!
    • 8.
      Examples Page
    • 9. Content
      Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry, Prob and Stats
      Earth Science, Life Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy
      Social Sciences
      Socioeconomics, Finance, Geography, History, Education
      And more!
      Engineering, Computational Science, Music, Food and Nutrition, Culture and Media
      For a comprehensive list go to…
      Hisotry Geography
      ISS INSAT-1D
      Silver, gold
      Tides, Seattle 3pm tomorrow
      President of Mexico in 1950
      Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California
      Synonyms of nice
      Define filibuster
    • 10. Wolfram|Alpha for
      Use a query, series of queries, or widgets to drive student inquiry, explore relationships between variables, and bring a lesson to life!
    • 11.
      Widget Builder
    • Have students unbalance an equation so that Wolfram/Alpha can't fix it.
      In the field….
    • 12.
      Other Semantic Aware Apps
    • 13. Wolfram|Alpha in the Classroom
      Engaging Enriching Entertaining
    • 14. Wolfram|Alpha Resources
      Wolfram|Alpha for Education
      W|A Widget Builder
      W|A Examples Page
      Thank you for participating!
      Nicole Lakusta
      Educational Technology Facilitator
    • 15. Play Time!
    • 16. Found online on insidePSD
      – PSD70 Resources
      – PD
      – Add new feedback
      - Be Semantically Aware session
      Session Survey