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  • Admin tech survey June 2009 – 70% of admin had a complete tech plan generally aligned with their ed plan
  • ISTE NETS * Admin Fall 2009 (self survey)84% are engaging stakeholders in the development and implementation of a tech-infused school improvement plan83% work w/staff to organize learning teams focused on continuous improvement to advance prof practices and student achievement thru use of digital-age tools87% provide opportunities for continuous PD in the use of new tools and resources integrating tech in the classroom88% stay current in emerging ed trends and share info w/staff to support their selection of resources for effective tech integration92% model and encourage staff to share proven practices of tech-infused instructional strategies
  • Mileguide Tool April 2010 (SLItech members and staff)Student knowledge and skills – 30% in early phase, 65% in transition, 5% in 21st CEducational Support Systems – 22% in early, 53% in transition, 25% in 21st CEducational Leadership – 18% in early, 66% in transition, 16% in 21st CPolicy Making – 22%, 30%, 48%Partnering – 32%, 36%, 32%Continuous improvement – 17%, 30%, 53%
  • Mileguide - further development - AISI: critical thinkingDifferentiated InstructionTeachers need more job-embedded, customized, collaborative and tech-infused PDConsensus around a vision for student learning which includes core content, 21st C skills, sound assessment practices,….Setting the DirectionWork through “Where’s the Flashlight?” activity w/staff (Bernajean Porter – Leading Our Way Forward)
  • Howard Research – Alberta Ed May 201086% engaged in a shared vision92% developing a digital-age learning culture for students92% promoting an environment of PD centered on infusion of technologies68% provide digital-age leadership and use info/tech resources to improve school/division50% actively promote digicitizenship + 40% are familiar
  • Howard Research – PD w/SLItech: 73% satisfaction, level of challenge (65% just right, 10% not enough, 24% too challenging) with more time needed to complete activities. Sessions provided valuable info, lots of materials and resources, good conversations/reflections w/colleagues. Monthly school visits assisted in furthering the tech integration process. Portal allowed capturing of discussions and sharing documents.
  • Connections: SLItech year 2
  • Celebrate the good work from year one (show the Admin books for each school site) and looking forward to year 2!
  • We look forward to starting the visioning process……
  • Sl itech sept15_lead_team

    1. 1. SLItech YEAR One<br />September 15, 2010<br />
    2. 2. Admin Tech Survey<br />
    3. 3. 84% are engaging <br />stakeholders <br />87% provide PD<br />88% stay current<br />83% team focused; <br />use of digi-tools<br />92% model <br />and encourage<br />ISTE NETS * Admin <br />Fall 2009<br />
    4. 4. Student knowledge and skills<br />Educational Support Systems<br />Continuous Improvement<br />Educational Leadership<br />Policy Making<br />Partnering<br />MILEGUIDE Tool – April 2010<br />
    5. 5. Further development<br />
    6. 6. 92%<br />50% + 40%<br />86%<br />68%<br />
    7. 7. Messy learningChallengingTimeValuable infoGood conversationsPortal capture<br />