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Git training with Devaamo



Git training with Tampere-based developer community Devaamo ry ( at New Factory on Nov 28th 2012.

Git training with Tampere-based developer community Devaamo ry ( at New Factory on Nov 28th 2012.



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Git training with Devaamo Git training with Devaamo Presentation Transcript

  • Devaamo ry sli d es up da te d1 Otto Kekäläinen Uusi Tehdas / New Factory Tampere 29.11.2012 .1 2 . Git training with Devaamo
  • Outline 1. The story of Git 2. Basic commands 3. Git internals 4. Doing it with Github 5. Advanced commands 6. Git everywhere
  • 1. Story of Git
  • Git /ɡɪt/ ”A silly, incompetent, stupid, annoying or childish person.”
  • "I'm an egotistical bastard, so I name all my projects after myself. First Linux, now Git” Linus Torvalds, PC World. 2012-07-14
  • Linus needed a new source code revision manager for Linux, and none of the available open source options at the time where good enough, so he wrote his own in April 2005. Kernel 2.6.12 was the first release managed by Git and version 1.0 of Git was released in December 2005.
  • Design goals of Git: ● distributed revision management ● protection against corruption, both accidental and hostile ● speed
  • Popularity doubled from 2011 to 2012!
  • ...but adoption would be faster if it was not so difficult to use. Originally Linus did not intend end users to use Git directly, instead he tried to delegate to somebody else the task of making the actual command line interface. We are still waiting for it... Luckily Git has been simplified and documentation has improved over time, but some Git commands still refer to Git internals that are difficult to grasp. E.g. git-push: Update remote refs along with associated objects.
  • 2. Basic commands
  • First obstacle: same terms with different meanings
  • git init git add example.txt git commit -nam “First commit” # fill example.txt with text from git commit -nam “Second commit” git log git diff HEAD^
  • git config --global "John Doe" git config --global
  • git clone git:// # edit files git commit -nam “Updated translation” git push git pull # edit files git commit -nam “Implemented X” git push git blame readme.txt
  • 3. Git internals
  • Folder /.git contains everything, your / is just the working copy.
  • Folder /.git contains everything, your / is just the working copy. When you commit a 2 MB file /example.png, your / will grow to 4 MB...
  • When you add a file, it goes to the staging area. The file does not go into the actual history tree until the stage is committed.
  • Push and pull and many other commands are short cuts that act with both your local repository and the remote repositories.
  • Image credits Steve Bennet (
  • Git tracks content, not files! SHA-1 everywhere, if you need to change something in the history, you have to rebase and build a new history.
  • 4. Doing it with Github
  • Visit After making your first repository, set up SSH key for convenient authentication: Note: Github is not the only Git hosting site, Gitorious and Bitbucket are popular too.
  • Exercise: - go to and fork it - look at the fork under your own Github account and clone it to your laptop - edit names.txt and add yours - push changes back to Github - in Github, do a merge request back to me
  • Want to put a simple shared repository on any SSH capable server? Create a bare .git with no working files: git init --bare Want to have notifications when somebody commits? Put a shell script at .git/hooks/post-receive
  • 5. Advanced commands
  • Sorry, but default commands not very friendly, so get yourself good cheat cheets and write up your common commands once you've figured them out.. Image credits Steve Bennet (
  • 5. Git everywhere
  • Would you like to store all your files in Git? Git-annex Diff of binary files? Add in .git/config [diff "odf"] textconv=odt2txt See also:
  • Backup entire file systems with Git? Bup Bug tracker and wiki contents in Git? trac+git
  • Publish to the web with one commit? gitblog Open source alternative to Dropbox based on Git?
  • Publish to the web with one commit? gitblog Open source alternative to Dropbox based on Git?
  • Would you like others to contribute to your software? Provide easy forking (git clone), easy way to develop new feature (git branch), and an easy way to send them back (merge request).
  • Will Git credits replace developers CV's?
  • Is there anything we can't store and track in Git?
  • Recommended next reading: Pro Git for $25 on Amazon Also online at This presentation will be available at
  • Contact Seravo Oy:n if you need Linux natives to develop and administer your Linux systems About the company: About the technologies: