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Best practises for HTML5 servers (Devaamo Summit 2012)


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Presentation by Otto Kekäläinen at Devaamo summit on 2012-06-16

Presentation by Otto Kekäläinen at Devaamo summit on 2012-06-16

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Devaamo Summit 2012 Best practices for HTML5 servers Otto Kekäläinen Tampere 16.6.2012
  • 2. Command and Conqueror
  • 3. What is HTML5? 1995 1997 HTML 2.0 HTML 4.0 1999 2000 2001 2008 2011 May HTML XHTML XHTML HTML5 XHTML HTML5 4.01 1.0 1.1 Working 2.0 Last Call Draft 2005: CSS3 2011 June: ECMAScript 5.1 never?
  • 4. What is HTML5? CACHE MANIFEST SVG NETWORK: WOFF /checking.cgi WEBM CACHE: /test.css localStorage.setItem('key', 'value'); /test.js localStorage.getItem('key'); /test.png <header> <footer> <article> <nav> <video> <audio> <canvas> <input type=”range”> <input type=”color”> Mark Pilgrim function displayPosition(position) { var p = document.getElementById("p"); p.innerHTML = "<table'><tr><th>Timestamp</th><td>" + position.timestamp + "<tr><th>Latitude</th><td>" + position.coords.latitude + " deg</td></tr>" + "<tr><th>Longitude</th><td>" + position.coords.longitude + " deg</td></tr></table>"; } getCurrentPosition(displayPosition, displayError);
  • 5. Why is HTML5 important? Flash Silverlight Java Applets
  • 6. Why is HTML5 important? The universal runtime Any browser, any OS, any device (+ XULRunner, Prism, PhoneGap)
  • 7. Universal means Big audience Lots of €€€€€
  • 8. HTML success stories Google Facebook Twitter Youtube LinkedIn Amazon
  • 9. The secret to global success? Leverage on open source! - small cost, forever - widely used, proven technology - best practices built in the most popular tools
  • 10. If Google ran on Windows servers, could they ever really be a threat to Microsoft?
  • 11. Why emphasize servers? - a security issue is more severe in server code than in client code - server failure is fatal - servers have running costs
  • 12. Where do you want to go – directions: programming language framework storage http server caching delivery
  • 13. for Python for Node.js Zend Framework for PHP ..or CakePHP Ruby on Rails for Java / J2EE
  • 14. To SQL or NoSQL? Midgard2
  • 15. Global popularity of http servers
  • 16. HTTP server considerations forking vs. threading FCGI, WSGI Node.js? web sockets SDPY
  • 17. Cache, Proxy, TLS, DNS ..
  • 18. DevOps Test: Jenkins, Apache Bench, Deploy: build scripts, snapshotting Monitor: Munin, Nagios/Icinga, logger, XMPP, Git hooks, services on the web (Pingdom, Manage: Know you Linux distro tools (Landscape, SUSE Manager)
  • 19. Platform as a service Virtual servers as a service Hardware as a service Buy your own servers Build you own servers
  • 20. See our blog at for nitty gritty details later this summer!
  • 21. There is no one way. You should find you own path. Just remember that at a crossroad between an open and a closed source option, choose open source.
  • 22. Product development success factors speed cost features Stay agile! quality
  • 23. Contact Seravo Oy:n if you need Linux natives to develop and administer your Linux systems About the company: About the technologies: