Stefano Edoardo Pancani - Performance Management 2.0 - Metodi e strumenti collaborativi per la Gestione e Sviluppo delle Risorse Umane - Digital for Job

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L’intervento mira a presentare le opportunità offerte dalle tecnologie e dalle soluzioni Social & Cloud, con particolare riferimento a Salesforce.Com, affinchè le aziende possano beneficiare di una …

L’intervento mira a presentare le opportunità offerte dalle tecnologie e dalle soluzioni Social & Cloud, con particolare riferimento a Salesforce.Com, affinchè le aziende possano beneficiare di una trasformazione della organizzazione e del business usando il social. Verrà illustrata una applicazione specifica che favorisce questa trasformazione, integrando tecnologie cloud e mobile technologies per connettere meglio le risorse umane aziendali e i vantaggi che derivano dalla sua adozione.

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  • 1. Stefano Edoardo PancaniMetodi e Strumenti Collaborativi per la gestione delleRisorse Umane
  • 2. • The mission of Hitrea – Hidden Treasure is to leadcompanies through the transformation from atraditional model (hierarchical and beaurocratic) intoa “social organization”, inspired by the principles ofManagement 2.0.• Value creation embeds the capability to generate theso-called “mass collaboration”, with the hugepotential offered by social media, through learningcommunities organized around precise (andmeasurable) business objectives.HITREA and the Social Organization revolution
  • 3. • This is the space, the environment, where HITREA isdeveloping a research platform aimed to pushcollaborative culture within the organization• The LAB is based on the introduction of advancedPerformance Management Tools;HITREA and The Social Lab
  • 4. Is Poor Collaboration Killing Your Company?
  • 5. • HITREA can count on a consulting and technology partnershipwith and so on the opportunities offered bythe most advenced technologies and solution applications inthe Collaborative e Cloud arena;• Salesforce.Com is a recognized leader in SAAS (Software AsA Service) applications and in Cloud Computing• Thanks to Salesforce tools and applications , we are targetingthe field of SOCIAL HR;• HITREA Social Lab integrates traditional collaborativefunctionalities (like Salesforce Chatter) with the featuresspecific of performance management provided by WORK.Comrecently launched by Salesforce;• WORK.Com is still growing in Europe, but it’s already a focusin the world of social HR and Performance Management.The Advanced Solution for the LAB
  • 6. Salesforce, a leader in Cloud Computing andCustomer Relationship Management#1Sales, Service,MarketingCloudComputingInnovation2011, 2012
  • 7. SocialNew waysto connectTrustNew ways tobuild relationshipsMobileNew ways toreach customersBig DataNew ways todiscover insightCommunityNew ways tocollaborateAppsNew ways tobuild appsNew Ways To Connect With CustomersCustomer RevolutionEmployee RevolutionNew ways to connect
  • 8. Video Presentation: Salesforce Work.comSalesforce
  • 9. helps companies deliver performancein three key areasMotivation : Create a culture of meaningfulrecognition at work. Now people canrecognize colleagues with custom badges thatreflect company culture and values. Therecognition a person receives becomes part oftheir social profile in Salesforce, allowingpeople to build their reputation and colleaguesto identify experts.Alignment : Today’s workplace is more fragmented than ever. 40 percent of businessessuffer from poor alignment of messaging, sales tools, and seller skills. With,teams can manage in real-time, drive alignment with social goals, and solicit and receiveongoing feedback and coachingPerformance & Calibration: Performance reviews are among the most hated processesin business. enables painless, productive reviews that actually improveperformance by capturing all the achievements, recognition, and feedback a personreceives and calibrate performance across teams.
  • 10. Aligning The Organization• Load and manage Users & Organizations• Set organizational Goals and Badges• Monitor Organizational Activities
  • 11. Meaningful RecognitionRecognition can be given orrequested directly within the system,where it is consolidated and availablewhen it comes time to work onreviews.
  • 12. Appraisals (Performance Review)A New Mindsetfor people appraisals
  • 13. Performance AppraisalsWhatImpact, growth areas,potential, ratingWhenMontly, quarterly or bi-annuallyWhySocial, frequent, fastRelevant
  • 14. Organizing a Performance ReviewNotification: Quarterly Performance ReviewPerformance Review PanelTab: Activity and Feedback
  • 15. Meet to discuss
  • 16. Calibration: look at the overall performanceUnderstand talent is not just aquestion about one singleindividual, it’s a matter ofcollaboration, of how we relationourserlves to an ecosystem
  • 17. The process of Calibration
  • 18. Salesforce: Customer Company ArchitectureChatterData.comMulti-Tenant InfrastructureSales Service Marketing AppExchangeData Heroku TouchAny SocialNetworkAny DeviceBack EndSystemsAny AppAppExchangeAppsERPFinancePublic or PrivateAppsConnectedCustomersConnectedCustomersConnectedProductsConnectedProductsConnectedPartnersConnectedPartnersConnectedEmployeesConnectedEmployees
  • 19. • For us, Work.Com is not just a product• This is about a cultural transformation and a vision• HITREA can deliver these practises to customers:– Help develop collaborative culture strategically throughoutthe organization– Perform organizational, technical, cultural assessment– Develop the roadmap for change management– Introduce, personalize and integrate WORK.Com based onorganizational needs and business objectives to introducehigh degree of «socialization»Conclusion: The Value Added of HITREA
  • 20. • HITREA is currently developing the Social Lab tointegrate a set of distinctive functionalities:– Work.Com as the core application– Embedded integration with Chatter– Set of tools for collaborative work (wiki-like for manualsand procedures for collaborative documentmanagement, blog functionalities for expertcontribution)– Support integration of HR ERPs (i.e. Sap, Oracle,Cezanne,…)Social LAB: manage Integration and ApplicationEnhancement
  • 21. Thank You