Reinventing Experience - Fabio Carnevale Maffè


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Digital Experience Festival 2012
Digital for Creativity
Tavola Rotonda

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Reinventing Experience - Fabio Carnevale Maffè

  1. 1. L’abitare nell’era digitaletra sostenibilità e socialitàFabio Carnevale Maffè
  2. 2. I principalielementi Risorse Tecnologia Utente Designed by Experientia®
  3. 3. I principali Come gli strumenti tecnologici possone rendere possibile deielementi cambiamenti comportamentali? Risorse Tecnologia Come è possibile migliorare la qualità della vita gestendo il consumo delle nostre risorse? Utente Come noi individualmente stiamo cambiando? E come potremmo cambiare? Designed by Experientia®
  4. 4. The process Br ie f Fin di ng In s Op si g po ht s Research   rtu Co n n c i ty ep  m t  d ap es iDesigned by Experientia® Pr gn ot ot yp Discovery Re Te e vis s8 ed ng  P ro to ty pe /s In te ra c8 on Vi Fr su on al t  e Design nd Detailed  design    d ev Te s8 ng Ba ck  e nd  d ev Te s8 ng Re pr fin od em uc Build t/ en se Re t Development   rv le ice as  e e  o xp f   er str i e on nc g es  
  5. 5. The process Br ie f Fin User di ng s research Op In si gDesigned by Experientia® po ht rtu s ni Discovery ty Co  m nc ap ep ideation Concept t  d es ign Pr ot ot yp e Te s8 User Re ng testing vis ed   Pr ot ot yp e/ s
  6. 6. UserCenteredDesign • UCD methods ensure that the service is based on peoples mental models, rather than technological implementation models. • This means that people will intuitively understand how the service operates. Designed by Experientia®
  7. 7. Researchtechniques Understanding people focuses on sharing, shaping and evaluating experiences Sharing Shaping Evaluating Field observations Ideation Heuristic evaluation Contextual interviews Brain & bodystorming Scenario testing Mystery shopping Concept development Usability testing Diaries Scenario design Pre-launch analysis Visual stories Participatory design Post-implementation Persona development Interaction design assessment Card sorting Industrial design Prototyping Designed by Experientia® 7
  8. 8. Trends Collaborative Social Prosumers consumption housing The user The services The house Designed by Experientia®
  9. 9. Low2noSustainable urban development, Finland
  10. 10. 2010 —Low2No Low carbon living As part of a team made up of Location international engineering and planning firm Arup (London) Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, Finland 23,000 m2 residential and architectural firm Sauerbruch Hutton (Berlin), 6,000 m2 office & incubator Experientia won an international competition to develop a 1,600 m2 retail and services building block in the city of Helsinki, Finland, which will have low or no carbon emissions. Clients Sitra, Finnish Innovation Fund Integrated approach to energy efficiency with high SRV, developer architectural, spatial and social values and constructed VVO, housing agency with sustainable materials, methods & operations. Time frame Jätkäsaari covers a plan area of 100 hectares of mixed-use 2009 Competition, 1st prize development and infrastructure and will house circa 16,000 2010–11 design phase 2013 Completion inhabitants and 6,000 new jobs. Designed by Experientia® 10
  11. 11. 2010 —Low2No Title Create value through innovative processes Our approach Experientia is responsible for the workstream “Low carbon Ethnographic research User & stakeholder interviews lifestyles - enabling behavioral change”, designing energy Personas & scenarios demand management solutions such as advanced smart Concept design meters, mobile applications and services as well as designing Participatory design workshops and coordinating “mixed use”service offerings. Prototype development Strategic communications Participatory design processes with stakeholders, local entrepreneurs and future residents ensure the fit within the Our deliverables Finnish culture. Research analysis Behavioral change models Personas & scenarios Concept development Interactive prototypes Designed by Experientia® 11
  12. 12. 2010 —Low2No Advanced smart meters. Low2No concept prototype is a holistic, people-centred, advanced smart meter. We have envisioned an empowering smart meter that tracks personal carbon footprint, offers handy tips to reduce it and connects people to a like-minded community. User requirements: è Provide contextual realtime feedback è Analyse personal consumption (energy, water, waste...) è Incentivize reduced consumption through social reward systems è Integrate controls - holistic approach è Design intuitive and meaningful interface controls Designed by Experientia® 12
  13. 13.
  14. 14. StoriesTorino, Regione Piemonte
  15. 15. Stories Location Engaging citizens in energy consumption Turin, Italy Experientia developed together with Telecom Italia, Ismb, Clients Polito and Csp a feasibility study on energy monitoring Regione Piemonte mobile service. Based on indepth user research carried out in Turin, we Time frame developed a prototype for a mobile application that can 2011-2012 engage the user on monitoring and compare energy consumption with the users. Designed by Experientia® 16
  16. 16. Stories Designed by Experientia® 17
  17. 17. On going projects
  18. 18. browsing active How much does it worth? By trying out the presented tip (e.g. by switching off Remote control stand-by electricity from - Appliances within the app), the projected - Lighting saving dynamically changes - Sauna and gives you a better sense of the effect. Check and act Car-sharing av Car availability near-by locatio Distant checking SNS based - Appliances - Home security (front Common fa tip sharing door, windows, etc.) - Food availability (in your checking & fridge) Tip box Popularity indication Useful and interesting "tip Common sauna of the day" or ability to organiser browse different tips (As a Check common sauna part of the application). Whats worst? status, book for private Immediately see and use, etc. understand which devices/activities are consuming more energy than the community I tryed and Liked it! average or compared to "I tried" and/or "Like" Low2No ideal level. feedback on given tips. My home Tips tailored to you My energy history Provide specific tips based See your energy Availability of shared Customised tips on energy Transport info sharing on recorded consumptions based on facilities, general info, reduction Easily share transport info behaviour/activity patterns. time. updates, news, etc. In case of exceptionally high (specific directions from A to consumption, 1 or 2 specific B) via SMS, email, etc. device may be suggested instead of a generic advice. Reques Postingundirected request washin Phone No° Mixed transport route Based on your lifestyle (recognised manually and Mobile tracking SMS automatically) routes with mixed transport means (Shadowing thru mobile) Opportunity areas Get information and tips are suggested. on your phone through (e.g. Tram + Shared bike) SMS. Food scanner Ambient awareness Scanning food for accounting purpose which also provides info on low-carb products. Meaningful background Subtle background colour Informative wallpaper Graphically pleasing and change indicating your energy consumption informative wallpaper Transport info Super customised and Food & shopping performance. This can be which tells story immediate transport info. a "trigger" for you to take (information) about low notice and check further carbon food choices, etc. Recipe suggestions Healthy grocery list details. Transportation Recipe suggestions Extra low2no food (e.g. Sustainable paths Walking/commuting paths Suggestions based on your items and low2no goods. Vegetables and fruits) item is added to your with combination of shopping list based on different transports and Best timing for sauna Personalised transport the number and types of Low2No discovery elements. Best timing for sauna info items already added. preparation to eliminate App that immediately tells Contextual transport info Whats good on my excess heating time. you how long before the An interactive map that path? next bus/tram/train comes helps you quickly judge if
  19. 19. Opportunityareas Private Sphere è Transparency with the utility suppliers è Information about home systems è Learnings on household smart appliances è Minimal living space Public sphere è Link behavioral change with the formation of new residential communities è Unappealing neighborhood services è Community reclaiming of unused public and private spaces Designed by Experientia® 20
  20. 20. Experientia s.r.l.Torino (HQ)Via Cesare Battisti 1510123 TorinoItalyT +39 011 812 9687F +39 011 813