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Frukostmöte för Länsförsäkringar kring omvärldsbevakning och det nya digitala landskapet.

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  • My name is Daniel…We are Ottoboni, a full-service digital agency located in Stockholm
  • Daniel
  • Skanska, global websites and intranetCampaigns for McDonaldsOnline magazines for Pernod Ricard
  • Our agenda for this session is to talk about the future, but not the future as in 5 years from now. But what we are looking at right now and are working on in the next 12 months. The future related to digital communication and episerver
  • A Digital Strategy, then and now
  • This is what we did 10 years ago, we did a websiteThe strategy was not always there, the technique or the design was sometimes way off We learned our lessons and today
  • Now days, there is a digital strategy is a part of every project.This is actually the first draft of a strategy for Pernod Ricard, one of the world’s largest producer of wines and spirits.
  • The target groups digital landscape is unfortunately much larger than the Pernod website, it would be really easy if wasn’t, but it is. So we have to build a digital platform witch allows us to connect witch other media partners in order to present the products in situations were you see wines and spirits as relevant.Yesterday the communicative goal was to increase visitors on the pernod websiteThe goal for 2010 is to display our products in relevant channels and situations when a peerages is close. How many visitors the Pernod website has is irrelevant. Media partners like Channels 4 in Sweden, they have a TV show with Per Moberg, Swedens Jamie Oliver and they have one is Sweden’s largest sites for recipes. The Strategy = Connect witch the TV show and the recipie site The largest producer of milk and dairy products in Sweden is called Arla.They have their own recipie site, an iphone application witch recepiec, tochscreens witch recipies in grocery stores around SwedenThe Strategy = Connect
  • In order for Communication to work, it needs to be simple tools holding it together.12 different systems, different accounts, different set ups = it will fail because it is too complex.And if our clients can´t use the tools to execute the strategy then our business is dead
  • That´s why we focus on episerver and connecting other channels into episerver As the digital landscape keeps on evolving we try to use episerver as a hub for all communication and connect the channels round to the same platform.
  • To give you an example, our work for SkanskaWe started 3 years ago with developing Skanskas new digital strategy.developing the global website on episerver
  • and then all national websites and campaigns.The Intranet
  • Use monitors in your store to present product information, offers, news or for branding.
  • Add extra value to the customer through a touch screen were they can interact with your product and find more information, see related products, view 3D models etc.
  • This is an example how it can looks when your playlist is done and played on a client. In this playlist the editors upload images, add text and all get nicely formatted with shadows, correct font etc.
  • When you’re done with your playlist you select witch clients or channels you want to distribute the playlist to and in a few minutes the playlist is downloaded to the clients.
  • Microsoft is the next level when it comes to touch screens, it adds an extra dimension because user can interact now only with fingers but with gestures and physical objects.This screenshot is from a banking application made to a Swedish bank where customer can get a good overview of their economy.
  • Social media and EPiServer.
  • Blogga eller twittra?Vad är målet, vad är syftet, vad är strategin.
  • Blogga eller twittra?Vad är målet, vad är syftet, vad är strategin.
  • Blogga eller twittra?Vad är målet, vad är syftet, vad är strategin.
  • Social media and EPiServer.
  • Sossarna gör det bra med närvaro där målgruppen finns
  • Vägen målgruppen hittar dit
  • Something that has dramatically increased over the past 2-3 years is motion or filming in our projects. The boarders between TV and Internet are not that obvious anymore
  • Something that has dramatically increased over the past 2-3 years is motion or filming in our projects. The boarders between TV and Internet are not that obvious anymore
  • Today, we actually have our own studio at our officeCould be interviews witch the CEO at a company or as in this case, a campaign site witch a clear touch of Alice in wonderland.But motion/film witch a direct purpose to increase sales are not that common.
  • We started working with Stadium 6 months ago, Stadium is Swedens largest retailer for sports equipment and clothing They wanted our help in how to increase online sales. When we analyzed their strategy we realized that their website for online shopping was OK But only for someone how knew what they wanted. For someone how had not decided and needed guidance, it was a disaster.
  • This is a view of their online website showing ALL jackets…You have the prize, the name, the color etcBut when you buy jackets there are more things to it than prize and a pictureYou want to see how it fits, you want to see details and features.Our idea was to come as close to actually trying it on in a store as possibleWhat we came up with was a guide for people who had not decided yet.
  • Vi är en fullservice byrå inom digital kommunikation.Vi har den strategiska och tekniska kompetensen för att kunna genomföra den förflyttning ni vill göraDetta är inte ett Reklamuppdrag och det är inte ett IT-projektDet handlar om att arbeta fram och implementera er digitala strategi
  • Ottoboni omvärldsbevakning

    1. 1. OMVÄRLDS- BEVAKNING OTTOBONI Daniel Bernehjält, vd Jesper Gisslén, konceptutvecklare
    2. 2. Agenda • 1 min om Ottoboni • 4 min om Ottoboni & Länsförsäkringar • 55 min digital omvärldsbevakning
    3. 3. Företagspresentation / Kort om Ottoboni Group Fakta Grundat: 2001 Anställda: 40 st Omsättning: 35 milj Kontor: Stockholm Kompetensområden Projektstyrning Koncept & design Teknik & utveckling Projektledare Art Directors Systemutvecklare Produktionsledare Designers Gränssnittsutvecklare Motion designers Flashutvecklare Illustratörer Konceptutvecklare Informationsarkitekter Copywriters
    4. 4. Stockholm, Ringv 100
    5. 5. Kunder
    6. 6. Kunder
    7. 7. Länsförsäkringar & Ottoboni - Samarbete som startade 2006 - Internetbutiken & det inloggade mötet
    8. 8. Länsförsä 2006 Information Kommunikation Försäljning
    9. 9. Internetbutiken – tidig wireframe
    10. 10. Internetbutiken – element
    11. 11. Internetbutiken – tidig uppbyggnad
    12. 12. Internetbutiken – lansering
    13. 13. Övriga projekt / Undvik skada
    14. 14. Övriga projekt / Möt våra medarbetare
    15. 15. Övriga projekt / Länsbonus
    16. 16. Övriga projekt / Småföretagarguiden
    17. 17. Omvärldsbevakning
    19. 19.
    20. 20. Digital strategi 2010
    21. 21. Digital strategi 2010
    22. 22. CMS CMS
    23. 23. CMS som en motor Instore Website Campaigns Mobile E-commerce CMS Extranet Social networks Online magazine Intranet
    24. 24. Skanska
    25. 25. Skanska
    26. 26. LCD / Plasma monitors
    27. 27. Touch screens
    28. 28. Plasmaskärmar
    29. 29. Distribuera Surface board CMS Monitor Touch Screen Webbtjänst
    30. 30. Microsoft Surface Board
    32. 32. Den fysiska världen
    33. 33. Den digitala världen
    34. 34. 80-talet
    36. 36. Länsförsä 2006 Information Kommunikation Försäljning
    37. 37. Länsförsä nu Information Försäljning Kommunikation
    38. 38. Länsförsä framöver ? Information Försäljning Kommunikation
    39. 39. Extern kommunikation med målgrupp Varför? - Svara på frågor, reda ut missförstånd (Kundservice) - Aktivt ge tips och råd (Försäljning) - Personlig ton i kommunikationen. Dialog på vardagsspråk. (Varumärkesvård) - Öka trafik till webbplats (Sökmotorer & Försäljning) - Lyssna på vad som sägs om Länsförsäkringar (Omvärldsbevakning) - Snabbt sätt att informera (Kriskommunikation) - Utföra enklare undersökningar (Användarstudier) - Ge specialerbjudanden (Försäljning)
    40. 40. Kommunikation Den egna webbplatsen Externa digitala kanaler Bloggar Sociala nätverk (Facebook, Linkedin) Besökare kan ge feedback Mikrobloggar (Twitter, Bloggy) Socialt mediarum Social delning (Flickr, Youtube) Besökare tipsar varandra Jämförelsesajter (Compricer, Kontakt/Live-chat Comboloan, Pricerunner) Nischesajter(Fordonsforum, Familjeliv)
    41. 41. Besökare kan ge feedback
    42. 42. Blogg
    43. 43. Mikroblogg – Bloggy
    44. 44. Mikroblogg – Twitter
    45. 45. Realtidssökning – Omvärldsbevakning
    46. 46. Wikipedia
    47. 47. Flickr (dela bilder)
    48. 48. Youtube (över 5000 visningar)
    49. 49. YouTube Tredje mest besökta webbtjänsten bakom Yahoo! och Google. 20 miljoner besökare varje månad 100 miljoner videovisningar per dag 65.000 nya uppladdade videos varje dag
    50. 50. Bra respons
    51. 51. YouTube - Kommunikation
    52. 52. TV ELLER TVTV
    54. 54. Stadium, e-handel
    55. 55. Stadium, e-handel
    56. 56. Ytterligare ett bra exempel
    57. 57. Sammanfattning Sociala medier Surface board Försäljning InStore Digital strategi TvTv YouTube Internet vs TV Twitter Kampanjer
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