Epi otic-- Dog Ear Cleaning Solution
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Epi otic-- Dog Ear Cleaning Solution






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Epi otic-- Dog Ear Cleaning Solution Epi otic-- Dog Ear Cleaning Solution Presentation Transcript

  • EPI Otic Advanced
    Ear cleanser for dogs and cats
    Get Rid Of Bacteria and Yeast!!!
    By OTC Pet Meds…
    © 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds
  • Content
    EPI Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser25 mg/ml + 1.1 mg/ml 237ml -Contains Lactic acid + salicylic acid
    Product Name -EPI Otic Advanced
    Brand Name - EPI Otic
    Content - Lactic acid + Salicylic acid
    Strength - 25 mg/ml + 1.1 mg/ml 237m
    © 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds
  • Product Description
    • Most widely used pet ear cleanser worldwide.
    • Prevent buildup of bacteria and yeast.
    • It is used for Dogs and Cats of any age.
    • Epi-Otic has a drying agent which helps with ear
    © 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds
  • Why EPI OTIC
    • The anti-adhesive technology in Epi-Otic Advanced prevents
    pseudomonas bacteria from attaching to the skin surface.
    • Epi-Otic Advanced includes anti-odor technology which
    helps eliminate odors.
    • It is especially good for cleaning out an animal's ear having
    ear mites, which cause build-up of a black crusty substance.
    © 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds
  • Storage
    • Stored at room temperature. 
    • Never use Q-tips, as it is very easy to damage the
    eardrum of a cat or dog, especially when they squirm.
    • You can either pour the cleaner directly in the ear, or
    put some on a cotton ball.
    © 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds
  • How to Use
    • Can be used to cleanse ear canals with severe otitis External
    (ear infection).
    • Also be used prior to the administration of other ear
    medications for the treatment of otitisexterna.
    • Contains neutral pH Patented anti-odor technology Can be
    used with ear medications Antiseptic and keratolytic .
    © 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds
  • Precautions
    • For animal use only.
    • For topical use only.
    • Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use in ears with
    ruptured tympanic membranes .
    © 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds
  • Side Effects
    Epi-Otic Side Effects :
    There are no reported side effects.
    © 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds
  • Hurry Up.. Order Now..
    EPI Otic Advanced
    ear and skin cleanser for dogs and cats
     25 mg/ml + 1.1 mg/ml 237ml - Contains Lactic acid + salicylic acid
    Free shipping
    -Mfg by Virbac
    Email : sales@otcvetmeds.com
    © 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds
  • Thanking You…
    By OTC Pet Meds…
    Attractive Price Range!!!
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    Mail us at : sales@otcvetmeds.com
    © 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds