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Foot Pain & Footwear: Your style shouldn't suffer too
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Foot Pain & Footwear: Your style shouldn't suffer too


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Foot pain afflicts millions every year, but can often be solved or improved by the right shoe. This can help avoid surgery or provide the right post surgery support. …

Foot pain afflicts millions every year, but can often be solved or improved by the right shoe. This can help avoid surgery or provide the right post surgery support.

This presentation reviews the foot, common ailments and presents Otabo shoes that can help you or your customers.

Otabo has been making shoes for over 30 years including manufacturing for the biggest and smallest brands. Otabo is a reliable partner in China and can provide both small and large run manufacturing.

If you are interested in starting a line of shoes we can help too!

Just send us a note, tweet or give us a ring to get the conversation started:
customercare [at]

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  • 1. FOOT PAIN & FOOTwear Your style shouldn’t have to suffer too PRESENTED by F I N E C U S T O M F O O T W E A R @otaboinc
  • 2. 25% of the bones in your body are in your feet. January 2011
  • 3. There are 26 33 100+ bones joints tendons muscles & ligaments January 2011
  • 4. Every step you take puts 2 times your body weight on your foot. You take average 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day. A 200 pound person will carry the force of on average 3.4 million pounds of pressure a day. January 2011
  • 5. Running puts 3 to 4 times your weight on each step you take. January 2011
  • 6. That is 7.6 million pounds of pressure every 5 miles. January 2011
  • 7. It is no wonder 43 million people suffer from chronic foot pain. January 2011
  • 8. 20% of the population January 2011
  • 9. 36% regard their foot problems as serious enough to warrant medical attention. January 2011
  • 10. Fast facts • Nine out of 10 women are wearing shoes that are too small for their feet. • Eight out of 10 women say their shoes are painful. • More than 7 out of 10 women have developed a bunion, hammertoe, or other painful foot deformity. • Women are nine times more likely to develop a foot problem because of improper fitting shoes than a man. • Nine out of 10 women's foot deformities can be attributed to tight shoes. January 2011
  • 11. Many more suffer from acute disease and congenital disorders that make life challenging to say the least. January 2011
  • 12. Add to that the side effects of diabetes; including amputations and ulcers you begin to see that there are a lot of people suffering unnecessarily. January 2011
  • 13. Good footwear, that properly fits and supports you will improve your posture, keep you from feeling tired and improve your balance. It also prevents you from getting a variety of avoidable foot ailments. January 2011
  • 14. Far too often treatable issues are met with surgery, and post surgery treatment that does not include supportive footwear. January 2011
  • 15. Problems from tight-fitting shoes cost $2 billion a year to correct with surgery. { $3.5 billion a year If time off from work for the surgery and recovery is included. } January 2011
  • 16. At Otabo, we donʼt think you need to put up with foot pain and we donʼt think the solution should mean surgery or ugly footwear. January 2011
  • 17. Otabo provides solutions for almost every condition including: Achilles Tendonitis Foot pain Over Pronation Adult acquired flat foot Gait Instability & Imbalance Peripheral Neuropathy Amputation Ganglion Cyst Pes cavus / High Arch Arch Pain/Strain Hammer Toe Pes Plano Valgus / Arthritis in the Big Toe Joint Heel Pain Pronation / Flat Feet (Hallux Limitus) Heel Spurs Pinched nerves between the Arthritis of the foot and ankle High Heel Shoes toes Birth Deformities Knee, and Lower Back Pain Plantar Fasciitis Bunionette (Tailors Bunion) Limb Length Discrepancy Plantar Fibroma Bunions Lymphedema Polio Charcoot Feet Mallet Toes Posterior Tibial Tendonitis Charcot-Marie-Tooth Metatarsalgia Rheumatoid Arthritis Chronic Foot Pain from Morton's Toe / Morton's Sesamoiditis Trauma Neuroma Shin Splints Callouses / Hard Skin Neuroma Supination Claw Toes Neuropathy Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Corns Neuromuscular Deformities Tendonitis Diabetic Foot Infection Neuropathies Toe Nail Fungus Diabetic Neuropathy Osteoarthritis (Onychomycosis) Diabetic Therapeutic Shoes Osteophytes - Toe Spurs Toe deformities Diabetic Ulceration Osetophytes - Heel Spurs Ulcerations Edema Osteoporosis (Bone Density) Warts (Verruca Plantaris) January 2011
  • 18. Examples of challenging fits January 2011
  • 19. Otabo Oxfords January 2011
  • 20. Otabo Loafers January 2011
  • 21. Otabo Mary Janes January 2011
  • 22. Otabo Casual January 2011
  • 23. Otabo makes golf, casual & formal footwear January 2011
  • 24. Interested in knowing more? Visit us at to find out how to get a pair of custom orthopedic shoes to improve or maintain your health in style. Send us an email: Call us: 1(888) 236-9888 Or tweet: January 2011
  • 25. Want to carry Otabo fine custom shoes? Retailers and practitioners, we offer a variety of footwear solutions that can be tailored to fit your practice. Send us an email: Call us: 1(888) 236-9888 Or tweet: January 2011
  • 26. Want to design your own line of shoes? Otabo also provides private label and OEM solutions for custom and standard size footwear brands. Weʼve been manufacturing all types of footwear for 30 years, and can support your design and development process, as well as provide short production runs. Visit: January 2011
  • 27. Our mission Thirty years ago, we founded our family shoe business with a mission to change the way shoes are made. Today Otabo provides beautifully crafted footwear that is orthopedically functional and you can be proud to wear. January 2011