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All Apps, What About Suport
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All Apps, What About Suport


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How to organise support for open source content management systems like Joomla and WordPress and its extensions and plugins

How to organise support for open source content management systems like Joomla and WordPress and its extensions and plugins

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. All AppsWhat About Support...?
  • 2. Yes, We Have An IT Strategy
  • 3. We Have Contracts And Licenses
  • 4. And A Geek Squad
  • 5. And Business Requirements
  • 6. Yes, We Can!
  • 7. Yes, We Can! Yeah, Sure!
  • 8. “85% Use Open Source Software”
  • 9. ...Pretty Close To 100%
  • 10. Where Is It?
  • 11. How To Govern?
  • 12. How To Manage The Devil?
  • 13. Do A Survey
  • 14. Internal Support Capabilities?
  • 15. External Support Options• Stack support• Using consultants• Training• Product support• Community support• Hiring project developers
  • 16. 1. Stack Support• Assembly of sets of components• Services around these sets• Support for the most popular software• Control over budget, resources, vendor selection and technology utilisation?
  • 17. 2. Using Consultants• No or small internal staff• On the job training• Remain on call• May become costly
  • 18. 3. Training• Get knowledge within your staff• Improves morale
  • 19. 4. Product Support• From open source vendors• Professional support• Direct access to development team
  • 20. 5. Community Support• Discussion forums• Mailing Lists• Wiki’s• Support fall outside of management• Same support level for everyone
  • 21. 6. Hiring Project Developers• Specialized core team members• Direct changes to the source code• Customer influence on project• May become costly• Availability of talent
  • 22. A Support Strategy In 90 Days • Month 1: Audit current use • Month 2: Devise a plan • Month 3: Roll out
  • 23. Month 1: Audit Current Use • Compile a list – Include unauthorized software • Identify internal lead person • Identify current support, if at all • Determine ideal level of support – Business critical? – Production or internal development?
  • 24. Month 2: Devise A Plan • Get legal and purchasing on board • Set expectations and explore options • Review your budget • Evaluate open source as if it were closed source commercial software
  • 25. Month 3: Roll Out • Users expectations • Record sources for community support • Survey existing IT suppliers on level of open source expertise • Evaluate additional open source suppliers • Look at training and hiring capabilities
  • 26. Mix & Match • For development phase or production? • Level of business risk involved • Service Level Agreements • Escalation rules • Accountability
  • 27. “And Now For SomethingCompletely Different”
  • 28. Developers Develop
  • 29. Designers Design
  • 30. Consultants Consult
  • 31. A Pizzaboy Delivers Pizza’s
  • 32. And Your Client Needs ROI
  • 33. Yes, Your Client Needs ROI Software Acquisition Cost Development Cost Maintenance Cost
  • 34. Keep Them In The Dark?
  • 35. Lock Them In?
  • 36. Hand Over The Keys!
  • 37. Get Serious About Support
  • 38. Client’s Support Requirements• Type of Solution• Initial Investment• Business Critical• Open - Closed• Development skills• Number of users• User skills• Language skills
  • 39. Support Methods• Documentation• Tutorial Videos• Wiki• Forum• Walkthrough• Ticket Support• Email• Phone Support• Knowledgebase• Live Chat• Webcast• Screen Sharing
  • 40. Why Support Sucks• General availability• Support Methods• Initial Respons Time• Open - Closed• Development skills• Accountability• Cost• Lead time• Opening Hours• Expertise• Language•
  • 41. Support Headache• Considered to be FREE• Time Consuming• Keeps you from getting new projects• Disturbing• Staff recruitment• Staff training• High attrition rates• Non core
  • 42. Make Or Buy?• What is YOUR general attitude towards Support• Map Requirements and Support Methods• Calculate cost• Calculate revenue, if any• Evaluate internal support skills
  • 43. +++ General Warning +++ “You should use viewtopic.php? f=9&t=265772... “
  • 44. Rule Number 1 Don’t Sell What YouCannotDeliver
  • 45. Get In Control
  • 46. “Support: The Missing Link”