与 PHP 和 Perl 使用 MySQL 数据库


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与 PHP 和 Perl 使用 MySQL 数据库

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与 PHP 和 Perl 使用 MySQL 数据库

  1. 1. MySQL Introduction to the MySQL products
  2. 2. Agenda • Company Overview • Open Source & MySQL Momentum • Why MySQL? • MySQL OEM, Community & Enterprise offerings • How to successfully sell MySQL • Wrap-up
  3. 3. MySQL Introduction • World’s most popular open source database • Founded in 1995; operations in 30 countries • Over 50,000 downloads/day • 350 Employees • Part of the rapidly growing open source LAMP/SAMP/WAMP stack • Used by leading IT organizations to implement a modern scale-out architecture at 90% less cost • Bundled by 100’s of SW and HW companies • Dramatically reduces TCO of database management • Acquired by Sun Microsystems in January of 2008
  4. 4. What is Open Source? • It means that we provide a free version of our software (Community Edition) to the development community – The Community assures high quality and reliability – The Community offers input with regards to feature content – The Community can take “validated” products mainstream • It is licensed under General Public License (GPL) – End users can use it in development or production environments – End users can modify and change the code – They cannot redistribute the source code they have modified – They cannot embed our product into theirs and resell it (that requires a commercial license)
  5. 5. Analyst Mindshare “Besides having the largest mindshare in the industry, MySQL is well known for reliability, ease of use, and high performance. MySQL has broad support for transactional applications and embedded databases. Many large enterprises run MySQL to support mission-critical, custom applications.” – Forrester. MySQL version 5.0 was released last fall and is the first release with full SQL compliance and the necessary functionality to support full applications. During the next several years, this DBMS will attract much attention and contend seriously with the other DBMS engines for application platform choice.” - Gartner 70% will use OS DBMS’s by end of 2008
  6. 6. Coexistence and Disruption Strategy • Large percentage of Oracle shops run MySQL • 52% plan to increase use of open source • 67% report cost savings as key factor • 28% report reduced vendor lock-in • Express editions have not slowed open source
  7. 7. From Our Users… Cost Performance Open Source Ease of Use Platform Support High Reliability Language Support …Cost is important, but it’s not everything.
  8. 8. MySQL Key Use Cases 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% What types of applications are you deploying on MySQL? Enterprise Community
  9. 9. MySQL Marketplace
  10. 10. MySQL Products Products License Configured Direct Channel OEM-Classic Commercial Per Server Yes No OEM-Pro Commercial Per Server Yes No Community Edition GPL Per Server Yes No Enterprise GPL Per Server Yes Yes Cluster GPL Per CPU * Yes Yes DRBD GPL Per Server Yes Coming Zamanda Recovery Mgr. GPL Per Server Yes Coming * Note: Requires Sales Engineer involvement pre-quote
  11. 11. Spend time to save money or Spend money to save time? Open Source Benefits from testing by worldwide Community Extensive internal/external (Coverity, KLOCwork) testing Benchmarked with 2,000+ connections Feature Releases Mature Mature MySQL Enterprise Monitor and Advisors Rapid Update Service Pack Program Quarterly Service Pack Program Hot Fix Program Bug Escalation Privilege Automated Software Update and Alert Service Online Knowledge Base 24x7 Production Support Extended End-of-Life Policy Legal indemnification Free vs Pay?
  12. 12. MySQL Enterprise Subscriptions • There are four Enterprise subscription classification types, each with a different value proposition – Basic – Silver – Gold – Platinum • Each subscription type can be configured for various usages (each one has a unique part number and price) – Production – Development – Test/QA – Back-up – Master – Slave – Unlimited (available only in Gold and Platinum)
  13. 13. Value Prop of MySQL EnterpriseValuetoCustomer Platinum Gold + • Consultative services included • Highest level of product support • Ensures Performance and Availability • Guards against unplanned schema change • Optimizes/Tunes • Custom Queries • Database Design • Custom Code Gold Silver + • Monitors and Optimizes Memory Usage • Faster support response • Ensures proper Replication configuration • Rapid Problem Resolution • (Hot Fix builds) Silver Basic + • Monitors servers • Proactive Notifications • Expert Advice • Optimizes MySQL Configuration settings • Ensures Recoverability • Tightens Security • Extends Support Basic • Enterprise Server • Ensures Uptime/Reliability • Regular Service Packs • Self-help Support • Production Support Product Support Focus Only Server Monitoring Focus Replication Focus Higher Performance Focus
  14. 14. How to successfully sell MySQL Enterprise • Understand the end user’s environment – Ask developer’s if they would like to save $40-90k/database server – Identify the type and quantity of servers the database will reside on – Ask if they wish to lock in the subscription fee for a discount – Ask if high availability or performance is critical • Identify if they require training • Identify if they require services to implement or tune the DB
  15. 15. Za više informacija javite se na mail: office@PavlovicConsulting.com