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  • 1. High-temperature thermometry
  • 2. The enterprise was established in 2003 with assistance of Obninsk Center of Science and Technologies. The main business line of the enterprise is high-temperature thermometry. The enterprise organized the in-house licensed manufacture of thermoelectric temperature converters and protection fittings for extra aggressive environments including acid solutions and alkalis, molten metals and salts. The quality management system was introduced for control of conformity to the requirements of ISO 9001 standard and IQ- net. The Company is engaged in solution of special problems of thermometry including optimization of technological processes of industrial furnaces on the basis of high-precision temperature monitoring systems that determine the temperature range of a furnace or a product in the real time of the thermal treatment process. It carries out research and development in the field of thermometry under Customers' requirements specifications. About the Company Director: Anatoly Aleksandrovich Ulanovsky
  • 3. The Company's main business line is manufacture of temperature measuring devices for extra aggressive high-temperature environments as well as solution of problems of high-temperature thermometry at a customer's facilities. Thermoconverters of the basic graduation are manufactured under GOST 6616-94, an interstate standard of CIS countries: A – tungsten-rhenium 5 % - tungsten-rhenium 20%; К - chromel-alumel; B - platinum-rhodium 30% - platinum-rhodium 6 %; N - nichrosil-nisil; S - platinum platinum-rhodium 10 %; L - chromel-copel. Thermoconverters may be manufactured both as a standard version and according to a customer's drawings or requirements specifications. A thermoelectric converter (thermoconverter) is a measuring device that uses a thermocouple as a sensor consisting of two different-type conductors and converts the temperature of an environment (object) under measurement to an electric signal of the thermocouple for subsequent transfer, processing or registration by secondary devices. Products
  • 4. Tungsten-rhenium thermoelectric converters of TP-A type Thermoconverters of TP-А-1 type with thermoelectrodes VR 5/20 operate in the temperature range of 0 to 2200°C (up to 2500°C in a short run) in vacuum or in an inert environment. For operation in an aggressive environment (oxidizing or reducing) thermoelectrodes are sealed with a protective cover of quartz (up to 1200°C), or leucosapphire (up to 1950°C) filled with an inert gas. In many cases these thermocouples may replace thermocouples of precious metals.
  • 5. Thermoconverters of TP-S or TP-IN type with thermoelectrodes of precious metals may be installed in protection fittings of heat-resistant steels, ceramics or platinum- rhodium alloys. Protection of thermoelectrodes may be enhanced with an internal protective cover of quartz glass, corundum or leucosapphire. Thermoelectric converters of TP-B and TP-S types based on thermocouples of precious metals
  • 6. Thermoconverters are intended for temperature measurement in vacuum, on the surface of solid bodies, in loose, liquid and gaseous chemically non-aggressive environments as well as in aggressive environments which do not destroy the material of the protective cover. Thermoelectric converters of TP-K (N, L) types with thermoelectrodes of base metals
  • 7. For short-term temperature measurements in molten metals, salts and glass. The sensitive element of a thermoprobe is a thermocouple protected with a ceramic test tube resistant to multiple thermal shocks. It is sufficient to immerse the protected hot junction for 30-60 seconds in the melt, and a digital device will display the temperature of the melt. The thermoprobe is fully self-contained, and the digital device is supplied from three standard batteries of АА size. Thermoconverters for short-term temperature measurements in molten metals, salts and glass
  • 8. These are intended for installation of thermoconverters at the site of operation and for extra protection of thermoconverters from mechanical and chemical impacts of the working environment. Units and parts for thermoconverters
  • 9.  High-quality products using a thermocouple and heating cable with mineral insulation  Ready-made electric heaters using a cable with mineral isolation  Multi-zone assembly of cable thermocouples All articles are supplied on the basis of the Cooperation Agreement between LLC Obninsk Thermoelectric Company, Russia, Obninsk, and Thermal Resources Management Ltd., Washington, Great Britain. TRM LTD and MICC LTD, the only manufacturer of these products in Great Britain. Articles, services and knowledge are offered that are based on long-term experience of solution of various problems in temperature measurement as well as in manufacture of industrial heating elements. Products using a thermocouple and heating cable
  • 10. Furnace temperature profile monitoring systems Temperature monitoring systems are self-contained units made according to the latest technology and intended for reception of the exact and full information on the temperature profile of furnaces and temperature distribution in articles moving through heating (roasting) furnaces. The system with an article moves through the entire heat treatment cycle. At the exit of the furnace, the recorder is removed from the container and connected to a personal computer where the data are unloaded to and analyzed. The system with radiotelemetry makes it possible to see in the real time what is occurring with a product during the heat treatment process with simultaneous data recording to the recorder. These systems are widely used for control of processes of heating and heat treatment of metal workpieces and articles , for roasting of ceramics,
  • 11. OJSC Ural Steel, Novotroitsk OJSC Novolipetsk Metallurgic Complex, Lipetsk OJSC Kosogorsk Metallurgic Plant, Tula OJSC EURAZ Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Complex OJSC Izhora Plants, Kolpino OJSC Chusovoy Metallurgic Plant OJSC Asha Metallurgic Plant OJSC Seversk Pipe Plant OJSC Kirov Non-Ferrous Metal Working Plant LLC Moskabel-TsvetMet LLC URSA Eurasia, Serpukhov CJSC Tikhvin Wagon-Building Works LLC Pilkington Glass, Ramenskoye OJSC Machine Building Plant, Electrostal OJSC Chepetsk Mechanical Plant, Glazov FGUP RP Gas Turbine Building Center "Salute", Moscow OJSC PKF Voronezh Ceramic Factory OJSC Volzhsky Abrasive Plant Major customers
  • 12. Partners OJSC NPK SUPERMETAL, Zelenograd LLC NPF ContrAvt, Nizhny Novgorod OJSC Kirscable, Kirs NITU MISiS, Moscow FGUP NII NPO Luch, Podolsk FGUP VNIIM, St. Petersburg Limatherm Components Sp. z o.o., Poland Rauschert Kloster Veilsdorf, GmbH, Germany ABB Automation Products, GmbH, Germany DATAPAQ, Ltd., United Kingdom PhoenixTM, Ltd., United Kingdom TRM Group, Limited, United Kingdom AVTO G d.o.o., Republic of Slovenia
  • 13. 1. Development of the design and the metrological support of primary elements for temperature measurement in the range of 1300... 2200°C. 2. Development, manufacture and testing of temperature detectors for monitoring of the temperature condition of the active unloading zone of a transport reactor. 3. Development of a pilot multi-zone thermoconverter for the temperature control system for a liquid ammonia storage. 4. Development of a pilot tungsten-rhenium thermoconverter for the temperature control system for a vacuum furnace on the conditions of increased carbon potential. 5. Development of a pilot tungsten-rhenium thermoconverter for temperature control in the vacuum chamber in processes of powder metallurgy. 6. Development of a hermetical pilot tungsten-rhenium thermoconverter with a current output signal for temperature control of an oxidizing environment in furnaces, air heaters, etc. A research work and publications
  • 14. 7. Development of a pilot thermoprobe based on tungsten-rhenium thermocouple for temperature control of liquid molten metal in foundry production and metallurgy. 8. Development of a pilot thermoconverter for temperature control of liquid molten glass. 9. Development of a multi-zone platinum-rhodium thermoconverter for temperature control of the flow part of the combustion chamber of a turbine plant. 10. Development of a system for ultra early detection and subsequent control of explosion- and fire-hazardous gases in the air ("an electronic nose"). 11. Development of tubular electric heaters with an increased life cycle for extra aggressive and radioactive environments. 12. Since 2007 till present time OTC has been realizing the project on using foreign and Russian experience of heat engineering inspection of industrial heating furnaces for conformity of real temperature of a metal in a furnace to indications of zonal thermocouples of a furnace and design temperature values of the mathematical model of the furnace control system. A research work and publications
  • 15. Certificates and diplomas
  • 16. Construction of in-house industrial and office buildings has been started
  • 17. Director: Anatoly Aleksandrovich Ulanovsky +7 48439 4-45-07 otc-director@obninsk.com Head of the Marketing and Sales Department: Yelena Anatolyevna Nikonova +7 48439 2-03-60 otc-market@obninsk.com Obninsk Thermo Electrical Company 249033, Kaluga Oblast, Obninsk, Gorky St., 4. +7 48439 4-45-07, 4-42-90, 2-03-60 otc@obninsk.com www.otc.obninsk.com