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циклотрон en

  1. 1. CYCLOTRON Co., Ltd radioisotope products
  2. 2. About the Company The main sources for radionuclide production are nuclear reactors and charged particle accelerators which also include cyclotrons. Advantages of cyclotron isotopes are their high specific activity and radionuclide purity. Cyclotron Co., Ltd. is a leading Russian producer of cyclotron radioisotopes and radiation sources. The enterprise's products are intended for application in scientific researches, industry and nuclear medicine, and is also in demand in hi-tech space projects.
  3. 3. The Company's history  1958 Construction of a cyclotron U-150 at Institute of Physics and Power Engineering by the Decree of the USSR Government adopted on the ground of I.V. Kurchatov's report on development of the work on isotopes production and application in the country.  1963 A start of the continuous operation of the cyclotron, development of technologies and production of radioactive isotopes and radiation sources based on them.  1965 The country's needs in cyclotron radioisotopes were satisfied in full.  1967 The first export product deliveries.  1981 A start of using enriched stable isotopes as a target material.  1984 Establishment of the stable isotope regeneration section.  1991 Establishment of Research-and-Production Lease Enterprise "Cyclotron" on the base of Cyclotron Isotopes Department of Institute of Physics and Power Engineering. The enterprise was headed and managed irreplaceably until June 7, 2012, by Nikolay Nikolayevich Krasnov, Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor.
  4. 4. The Company's history  1992 By the Decree of the RF President the Research-and-Production Lease Enterprise was transformed to LLP Cyclotron and later to Cyclotron Co., Ltd.  1993 Putting into operation of the heavy box section in the radiochemical laboratory for processing of high radioactive targets and organization of processing of all irradiated targets using.  1993 Introduction of germanium-68 separation technology based on extraction of germanium with hexane.  1994 A technology for separation of strontium-82 radionuclide from a rubidium target irradiated at an accelerator (Moscow Meson Factory, Troitsk) was developed.  1995 A technology for separation of thallium-201 radionuclide from an irradiated thallium target was developed.  1996 Manufacture and delivery of the first gallium-68 generator.  1997 A technology for manufacture of germanium-68-based sources for calibration of PET scanners was developed.  1998 A start of palladium-103 radionuclide production from an irradiated rhodium target.
  5. 5. The Company's history  2000 Commissioning of a cyclotron RIC-14.  2002 Creation of a scanner for control of activity distribution in germanium-68- based linear sources.  2005 A new technology for production of the palladium-103 radionuclide from an irradiated rhodium target was introduced.  2006 A start of production of gallium-68 generators of a new design.  2008 A start of the work on development of a scandium-44 generator.  2009 Researches were carried out which confirmed a possibility of a multiple recharge of an exhausted gallium-68 generator.  2010 A new technology for production of sources of PGL-2 type was developed.  2011 A technology for transfer of the germanum-68 radionuclide to the low- volatile form with DTPA was developed.  2013 A new technology for ittrium-88 separation was developed.
  6. 6. Products We produce a wide range of radionuclides as radiochemicals, gallium-68 generators and various types of radiation sources. Products of Cyclotron Co., Ltd. pass rigid quality and safety control. All sources are tested after manufacture for an absence of the radioactive contamination of the surface and a leakage of the radioactive substance. The Company's activities in the field of industrial safety, labor and environmental protection are carried out in strict compliance with the federal legislation and are an integral part of sustainable development of the enterprise. Radiation Control
  7. 7. The first cyclotron The first cyclotron, U-150, accelerates protons to the energy of 20-23 MeV. Average current of the internal beam on the target during irradiation is up to 1100 µA. Nuclear reactions (p,2n), (p,pn), (p,2p) are used for the radionuclide production on this facility.
  8. 8. The second cyclotron The second cyclotron, RIC-14, accelerates protons to the energy of 14 MeV. Average current of the internal beam on the target during irradiation reaches 2100 µA. The (p,n)-nuclear reaction is used to produce the radionuclides on this accelerator.
  9. 9. The Radiochemical lab The Radiochemical section has seven heavy boxes (hot cells) with lead shielding thickness of 50 mm to 150 mm. They are equipped with manipulators for remote control of operations.
  10. 10. Separated cyclotron radionuclides The enterprise "Cyclotron" has developed technologies for production of more than 20 radionuclides as radiochemicals. These technologies are constantly improved. Besides, technologies for regeneration of enriched stable isotopes used in radionuclide production are developed and improved. Manufacturing application of innovative technologies for production of radioactive nuclides and recovery of raw materials makes it possible to increase production volumes, to improve production efficiency and to increase the quality of manufactured products. Radionuclide: Beryllium-7 Titanium-44 Iron-55 Cobalt-56 Cobalt-57 Zinc-65 Gallium-67 Germanium-68 Strontium-85 Yttrium-88 Palladium-103 Cadmium-109 Indium-111 Cerium-139 Bismuth-207
  11. 11. Mössbauer sources with 57Co A standard source has a capsule from Al with an output window of 40 µm Al foil. 57Co is incorporated into Rh foil matrix (7 µm thick) by annealing. The Rh foil with 57Co is sealed hermetically in the capsule by laser welding. The source has ISO classification C 32231 in accordance with international standard ISO 2919. OPTIONS The capsule can be fabricated upon request as follows: • Ti and 0.5 mm Be window (ISO classification C 54334) or • Al and capton window (ISO classification C 22221). The matrix material can be Cr, Pd, Pt and Cu. The capsule dimensions and active diameter can be modified as specified by the customer.
  12. 12. IRIK-D type X-ray Sources Scope of application: X-ray fluorescent analysis, nuclear medicine and technology control. Radionuclides 55Fe, 57Co or 109Cd are electroplated on a metal foil. The foil with radionuclide is hermetically sealed in the capsule. The hermetization of the capsule is provided by laser welding or by adhesive epoxy resin.
  13. 13. Sources for PET checking with Ge-68 Scope of application: positron emission tomography (PET) systems Line Source of PGL.1 type Line source PGL.1 has a capsule made from Ti alloy (or stainless steel) tube 3 mm in diameter and maximum length of 202 mm. 68Ge is uniformly electroplated on Cu wire. The Cu wire with 68Ge is hermetically sealed in the capsule by laser welding. Plug 2 has internal M2 thread.
  14. 14. Phantom Source of PGL.2 type Phantom source PGL.2 has a hermetically sealed plastic capsule with active part in the form of cylinder. 68Ge is uniformly distributed in the active part. Material of the active part is epoxy resin.
  15. 15. Gallium-68 generator Scope of application: equipment calibration at positron emission tomography centers; development of methods of synthesis of gallium-68 labeled compounds. The gallium-68 generator is intended for multiple production of a gallium-68 solution.
  16. 16. Transport packing set The cyclotron products are shipped in the packing sets of UKT1A-1C and UKT1A-2C types manufactured and marked in accordance with rules and regulations for safe transportation of radioactive materials, stated in NP-053-04 (a standard of RF), No TS-R-1 (IAEA-2005), ICAO and the UN regulations. The packing sets have certificates- authorizations for the design issued by the State Corporation for Atomic Energy “Rosatom”.
  17. 17. The Company's research and engineering potential Within the last 30 years employees of Cyclotron Co., Ltd. implemented more than 50 inventions, published over 260 research papers, and prepared and defended 7 Associate’s theses and 1 Doctor’s thesis. Products of Cyclotron Co., Ltd. were awarded golden and silver medals of the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements, the High-Quality Mark and other awards.
  18. 18. Licenses and certificates
  19. 19. Cyclotron Co., Ltd. Bondarenko Sq., 1, Obninsk, Kaluga Region, 249033 General Director: Dr. Anatolii Razbash Phone: +7 48439 9-86-36, 9-80-34; +7 495 956-91-57 Fax: +7 48439 9-53-78, 9-70-48, 9-42-73 Е-mail: info@cyclotronzao.ru, cyclotron@obninsk.com Web site: www.cyclotronzao.ru Delivery of the required goods of the required quality, in the required quantity, at the required time and to the required place to a consumer on favorable terms. Obninsk