OView is an Application Syndication Software as a
Service (SaaS) that enables companies to place...
How OView Works
There are two components to OView. The first component is the
Application View which is the actual applica...
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Content Marketing Solution OView


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Most organizations are seeing diminishing returns from their traditional, interrupt-driven advertising approaches. A new marketing approach (Content Marketing) that emphasizes engaging target customers with helpful tools and content is proving to be quite effective. Many companies have set their marketing agenda to focus more on Content Marketing but are now struggling to develop compelling content/applications and syndicate them out to desired 3rd party sites and devices to get the content in front of the desired audience.

We help our clients solve these challenges to effectively implement a Content Marketing approach:

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Content Marketing Solution OView

  1. 1. www.optaros.com OView OView is an Application Syndication Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables companies to place rich media content and applications on 3rd party sites and devices and centrally manage them as if they were on their own sites. For many enterprise applications, OView is a superior choice to widget platforms, microsites or ad networks. Nearly any type of application can be syndicated via OView to an unlimited number of websites in a controlled manner. Sponsored Content vs Display Ads Controlled Viral Campaigns Rich media display ads generate Click Through Rates (CTR) of Marketers like viral campaigns as an efficient means to spread a 3/1,000 at best. Using OView, clients are achieving 10X that by message, but are scared of losing control of the brand using one of engaging with individuals on the content real estate with compelling the widget tools. OView controls every embed URL and allows clients information and tools. to block application views at the URL. Sample Applications Event Viewer Application Feeds Many organizations are endlessly spamming their customers with Extend your APIs or RSS feeds to offer application feeds that can be events, sales, offers, etc. that end up in their email junk folder. Using embedded on partner sites. This provides a premium service option OView, companies can have direct access to customers’ Facebook that increases feed revenue through rich media and application page, or Microsoft Outlook calendar to display and update real-time functionality. info. The New England Patriots event viewer is running on hundreds of sites - check it out on Facebook. Microsite Replacement Many companies have dozens or hundreds of microsites that Syndicated Storefronts have been setup over the years. Significant business performance Conduct ecommerce transactions on 3rd party partner sites. improvement possibilities exist if the microsites could be centrally Dramatically expands sales opportunities from affiliate model or managed, enabling A/B tests and best practices applied across all stand-alone ecommerce sites. sites. Content Sponsorship Syndicated Surveys Sponsor content on media sites for increased conversion rates. Place surveys on any partner site for new customer acquisition and centrally manage and track the results. Microsite Replacement Event Viewer Syndicated Storefront Content Sponsorship Application Feeds Syndicated Surveys
  2. 2. How OView Works There are two components to OView. The first component is the Application View which is the actual application to be placed on desired websites. The second component is the Syndication Service that provides all the necessary supporting capabilities to enable successful Application Syndication. Application View (AppView) AppView is the actual application to be embedded on sites and devices. Clients choose from standard capabilities listed below or work with us to design fully custom applications: • Social Media: Media player, calendar, ratings, email a friend, social bookmarks, and galleries • Content: RSS, HTML, MP3, JPEG, PNG, GIF, FLV,SWF Syndication Service The Syndication Service is the SaaS that provides organizations everything necessary to successfully syndicate applications. Content & Design • Fully open system to create new design templates (xhtml) and cascading style sheets (CSS) by site independently. • Aggregate feeds and manage all syndicated content • Add and manage advertising within the AppView through your preferred ad server/network. • Manage content by URL references to your rich media files on preferred CDN. Campaign Management • Create campaigns, customized by site/device • Track every website that embeds AppViews and block undesirable sites. • Full engagement analytics from every embedded site aggregated for useful cross domain analysis, now you can see how different sites drive different audience interactions. • Includes auto-scaling to handle traffic spikes associated with application syndication AppView Services We work with our clients to develop the most compelling user experiences to achieve their business objectives. Analysis – Work with our experts to review metrics to develop more effective online solutions. Design – Utilize our design specialists to design and deliver creative results driven applications for syndication. Content and Service APIs – Create adaptors for your specialized content and/or services for syndication opportunities or create new ones. Support – Utilize our infrastructure to support your custom application needs including 24/7 on-call, specialized script management, and system requirements unique to your business. Please reach out to us for a conversation or a demo. Optaros Corporate Headquarters www.optaros.com 10 Milk St P (617) 227-1855 11th Floor F (617) 224-5388 Boston, MA 02108 E info@optaros.com