The Artisan Internet and Digital Craftsmanship

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My talk for Internet Hungaria 2009

My talk for Internet Hungaria 2009

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  • 1. The culture of craft in a post-material era
  • 2. M u s e u m o f E t h n o g r a p h y, B u d a p e s t
  • 3. Pervasive, indistinguishable
  • 4. Mass production seeks authenticity
  • 5. The retur n of artisanship
  • 6. From a material culture to a digital culture
  • 7. T h e c r a f t s m a n ’s w o r k s h o p
  • 8. A n t o n i o S t r a d i v a r i ’s w o r k s h o p i n C r e m o n a
  • 9. Stradivari violin in Madrid, Spain
  • 10. J a c q u e s d e Va u c a n s o n
  • 11. Proliferation of cheap crap
  • 12. Boutiques are back. Artisanship is in.
  • 13. Where is the craftsmanship?
  • 14. The culture of craftsmanship
  • 15. Mike Migurski | |
  • 16. Digg Labs |
  • 17. Adrian Holovaty | |
  • 18. EveryBlock |
  • 19. Russel Quinn |
  • 20. M c S w e e n e y ’s i P h o n e A p p
  • 21. Zadi Diaz |
  • 22. EpicFu! |
  • 23. U n l i k e Tr a v e l G u i d e | u n l i k e . n e t
  • 24. U n l i k e Tr a v e l G u i d e | u n l i k e . n e t
  • 25. Co-Working: The New Workshop |
  • 26. Code is Poetry |
  • 27. Thank You! David Sasaki Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0