Pianesi - Dal territorio all'Europa e ritorno - Trentorise
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Pianesi - Dal territorio all'Europa e ritorno - Trentorise



Un'esperienza di collaborazione tra PA, Università e Impresa

Un'esperienza di collaborazione tra PA, Università e Impresa



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Pianesi - Dal territorio all'Europa e ritorno - Trentorise Pianesi - Dal territorio all'Europa e ritorno - Trentorise Presentation Transcript

  • From Territories to Europe and BackFabio PianesiVice-Director for Research – Trento RISETrento Node Co-Location Manager – EIT ICT Labs Italy
  • Overview Network of Territorial Ecosystems EIT ICT Labs Italy Trento RISETerritorial Ecosystems European Institute of Innovation and Technology
  • Thinking Global, Acting Local EIT ICT Labs Focus on Territory and Leveraging ICT for Quality of Life Strong Academia and Industry participation
  • Trento RISETrento as an ideal Region for innovation• First class research centres and university• Governance committed to support and stimulatre ERB initiatives• Legislative Capacity to support ERB initiatives• Short chain decision process• Territorial Labs as main drivers of innovation
  • Territories are Key Players for innovation Public Bodies Tourism Sport Culture iGov Energy Mobility Health Security Heath Care Transport Companies Research
  • Territories for innovation• Demand for innovative services enabled by ICT• Participate actively in the process stimulating service innovation enabled by ICT• Act as first “buyers” and “consumers” of service innovation Tourism Sport Culture iGov Energy Mobility Health Security Heath Care Transport Companies Research
  • Territorial Ecosystems • the territory (local government and public bodies) – demanding and buying service innovation • people in the territory (as end users) – demanding and buying service innovation • companies - delivering service innovation enabled by technical innovation • research centers and universities - delivering technological innovation All these actors systematically work together to set up, nurture and advance the Territorial Ecosystem for Innovation
  • Territorial Labs• Living labs extended to the whole territory as means to push service innovation enabled by technological innovation • Stable pool of users and infrastructure • where the service provider can be close to the service consumer • aiming at validating the applicability of innovative technology, organizational, business, market aspects, actual adoption by end-users • as means to merge service innovation demand and technological innovation supply • as the fundamental means to merge research, companies, public bodies, and people
  • Territorial Labs and ERB • Research: results tested in realistic settings • Education: hands-on experience for students in Masters and PhD courses and/or during summer/winter schools • Business: market tests, comparison among alternative business models, assessment of the impact on organizations
  • Trento Rise’s Territorial Lab• Active aging• Mobile Territorial Lab• Tunnels for smart mobility and energy savings• ……. EIT ICT Labs Berlin Node Meeting | Page 10
  • EIT ICT Labs ItalyProjecting and networking outwardly
  • Vision: Innovation at the Regional LevelRegions: The right places for innovation …• where innovation meets society: policy makers, organizations, SMEs, people• “Europe 2020 Flagship Initiative – Innovation Union”• “External Evaluation of the EIT: Final Report, May 2011”EIT ICT Labs @Italy• involves through its partners some of the most active Italian regions: Emilia Romagna, Lombardia, Piemonte, Toscana, Trentino …• realizes its vision through Territorial Labs, as an evolution and extension of the Experience and Living Labs
  • Vision: ICT for Quality of Life• Quality of life as a broad concept, beyond the economical richness & available resources, embracing, e.g., health/social welfare, environmental conditions, education, culture, etc.• Quality of Life is a European Brand, a competitive advantage w.r.t. both highly developed areas (e.g., USA, Japan) and emerging economies• ICT is not only the KEY enabler of Quality of Life • because it provides the tools, infrastructures and services to turn concepts and potentials into reality• It is what IS AND WILL BE SHAPING our understanding of QoL • through new-generation • through emerging research areas, e.g., Future Internet, Embedded Intelligence, Social & Human Computation, ...
  • Vision: ICT for Quality of Life (cont.)• “Person Centric Quality of Life” along two dimensions: • individual dimension (personal needs, individual life styles, etc.) • social dimension (person “embedded” in a social environment)• A “data driven” approach to Interconnection of services through • massive individual and territorial data sets (available thanks to agreements with regional authorities and industrial partners) • Territorial Labs where new services are experimented
  • The Node: Three Core Partners • One Scientific Core Partner: • Trento RISE: Research centers + University • Two Key European ICT Companies as core partners • Telecom Italia spa: The major Italian Telco • Engineering spa: The major Italian IT company EIT ICT Labs @Italy Core Partners
  • The Node: Industrial Affiliated Partners • STMicroelectronics: Sensors, Microsystems, Embedded Systems • FIAT Research: ICT for the Automotive Sector EIT ICT Labs @Italy Affiliated Partners
  • The Node: Scientific Affiliated Partners• Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino: knowledge transfer capabilities, business incubators, connection with large companies• University of Bologna: wide spectrum of scientific areas and humanities, connection with SMEs• Scuola Superiore S. Anna in Pisa: special excellence graduate school (ICT + business + innovation)• CNR: The National Research Council (8 research centers in Italy) EIT ICT Labs @Italy Affiliated Partners
  • The Node: Excellencedata limited to ICT and updated to mid 2011
  • Trento Co-location Centre• 500+ researchers involved in EIT ICT Labs @Italy• Co-location Center available in Trento ICT campus with 3000+ square meters available for co-located activities • Telecom Italia Research Lab • Engineering lab • Other major companies (Poste Italiane, IBM, …) • Co-located SMEs (e.g., GPI) , spin offs • Space available for affiliated partners
  • Trento Co-location Centre
  • Trento Co-Location Center
  • Trento Co-Location Center
  • Co-locatio centerEIT ICT Labs Berlin Node Meeting | Page 23
  • Co-locatio center
  • Activities Trento CLC – 2011-2012Past activities Telecom Italia SKIL Lab Opening Event, April 8th, 2011 (Franco Bernabé, CEO Telecom Italia) Doctoral training on IPR, May 2nd , 2011 GPI (local SME, ~800 employees) R&D Labs launch event, July 6th, 2011 Entrepreneurs IT @ Italy (Entrepreneurs Club event), July 7th 2011, Italian Future Affiliate Partners meeting, September 19th , 2011 Business Circle bi-monthly face-to-face meeting, November 17-18th, 2011• Experience and Living Lab Catalyst Builder Kick off workshops for 2012 activities, February 12th – 13th , 2012• CLC visit – TIMS - Christian Müller, Action Line Leader di TIMS (Intellingent Mobility and Transportation Systems), February 22nd, 2012• CLC visit – Education - Carl-Gustaf Jansson, Activity Lead EIT Master; Christian Queinnec, Activity Lead EIT Doctoral Training Center, February, 27th-29th, 2012• Working Group, Doctoral Training Centre, February 28th, 2012• Workshop, Future Media and Content Delivery, March, 15th-16th, 2012
  • Activities Trento CLC – 2011-2012Current and planned activities Mind the Bridge Italy Tour, April 2012 MC, April, 17 Inauguration of Trento Node, April, 18 Roadshow, April, 19 Research Entrepreneurial Day, May 2 2012 SAT/SMT Summer School, June 2012 Conference on Big Data Management, July, 2012