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The voice april 2013

  1. 1. The Voice Online Our Saviour Lutheran Church – Green Bay, WI April 2013 Volume 1, Issue 16 More on the Church as a Hospital By: Pastor David H. Hatch Including text by Martin Luther and Chaplain Mike of Internet Monk “For, thank God, a child seven years old knows what the Church is, namely, the holy believers and lambs who hear the voice of their Shepherd.” Martin Luther, The Smalcald Articles, III.12 Definition: The Church is a holy people who believe in Christ. Luther starts with a definition of “church” as a community of people who are in Christ by faith and in whom the Holy Spirit is at work to make them holy (and well, spiritual). “If the words, ‘I believe that there is a holy Christian people,’ had been used in the Children’s Creed, all the misery connected with this meaningless and obscure word (“church”) might easily have been avoided,” he writes. Painting of a medieval Church hospital The German word “kirche” did not carry this idea asIn last month’s article, we talked about the parable of the clearly as Luther would have liked, and so he clarifies:Good Samaritan. In that article, it stated that an essential “Ecclesia, however, should mean the holy Christianteaching of the Holy Fathers was that the Church is a people, not only of the days of the apostles, who are long"Hospital" which cures the wounded man, like at the inn since dead, but to the end of the world, so that there isand by the innkeeper, as told in the Good Samaritan always a holy Christian people on earth, in whom Christparable. “He went to him and bandaged his wounds, lives, works, and rules, per redemptionem, ‘throughpouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own grace and remission of sin,’ and the Holy Spirit, perdonkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him.” vivificationem et sanctificationem, ‘through daily(Luke 10:34) In many passages of Holy Scripture such purging of sin and renewal of life,’ so that we do notlanguage is used or can be inferred that the church is a remain in sin but are enabled and obliged to lead a newhospital. life, abounding in all kinds of good works, as the Ten Commandments or the two tables of Moses’ lawWhen we see the church as a hospital, what does that command, and not in old, evil works.”hospital-church look like? What can we expect to seethere? Let’s poke around history and some olddocuments for our answer. - Cont’d on page 2 -
  2. 2. The Voice Online - Cont’d from page 1- Christ is the Hospital’s Great Physician, workingIn the church, like a hospital, people are being healed through the Word and the sacraments of Baptism and thefrom the inside out! Lord’s Supper.In the course of his presentation, Luther stresses the Mark II: These Christian, holy people are recognized by“common holiness” of God’s people. By this he means Baptism. - This “holy bath of regeneration” (Titus 3:5),that the Holy Spirit “renews heart, soul, body, work, and if “taught, believed, and administered correctlyconduct,” in contrast to Catholicism’s emphasis on a according to Christ’s ordinance,” is a “public sign and“special, higher, different, better holiness” that they a precious holy possession by which God’s people are“invented” through extraordinary religious works of sanctified.” This sign surely indicates the presence of amerit. “Just throw a surplice over your head and you genuine Christian, holy people; a people who are gettingare holy in accordance with the Roman church’s better.holiness,” he sardonically observes. Mark III: These Christian, holy people are recognizedThe true common holiness of Christ is seen rather in true by the holy Sacrament of the Altar. - Again, Lutherfaith (the first table of the law) and in faithful living in stresses that the Lord’s Supper must be “rightlyour ordinary human relationships and responsibilities administered, believed, and received, according to(the second table of the law). Christ’s institution.” As with baptism, he asserts that it “belongs to him who receives it, not to him whoSince Christ fulfilled the law for us, and set us free, the administers it,” therefore, one need not worry aboutchurch is where we are unshackled from the bondage of being properly dressed to receive it or whether you aresin and our “feet our healed”, that we might serve Him! male or female or young or old, nor does one need to be overly concerned about the holiness of the one giving it.From this definitional basis, Luther lists the marks of Communion is God’s sacrament, benefiting those whothese “Christian, holy people.” receive it with faith in Christ.Mark I: These Christian, holy people possess the Word Mark IV: These Christian, holy people are recognizedof God. - “This is the principal item, and the holiest of by the Office of the Keys exercised publicly. - Theholy possessions…” Wherever this word is “preached, office of the keys (Matthew 18:15-20) involves thebelieved, professed, and lived,” we should not doubt, confession and forgiveness of sins: “if a Christian sins,said Luther, that the true church is there. If there were he should be reproved; and if he does not mend hisonly one sign, this would be it. ways, he should be bound in his sin and cast out.” The keys must be used differently, both publicly and privately, according to the needs of the penitent. “Now where you see sins forgiven or reproved in some persons, be it publicly or privately, you may know that God’s people are there.” Mark V: These Christian, holy people are recognized by the fact that they consecrate Ministers. - God has so arranged the church that it has officers. That is, as Paul writes in Ephesians 4, though all the church is the Body of Christ, he has instituted that “competent and chosen”Wounded US soldiers utilizing a church at San Pedro de Macati as a - Cont’d on page 3 - hospital during the Philippine-American War 1899-1902
  3. 3. April 2013 - Cont’d from page 2 - those noted before since some heathen too practice these works and indeed at times appear holier thanpeople should be entrusted with administering the Christians…”Word, Sacraments, and Keys. (Luther specificallyexempts women from this function, and in the rest of Now we know a bit more about the church as a hospital,this point he goes on a rant about Rome’s requirement what the role is, and can identify the “Marks of thefor celibacy.) And so, when a congregation “Calls” a Church”.pastor, they are calling, on behalf of God, a doctor fortheir souls. Finally, the Greek words for Lord, have mercy, which are Kyrie, eleison, not only mean ‘forgive me,’ butMark VI: These Christian, holy people are recognized also, Lord, soothe me, comfort me, take away my pain,by prayer, public praise, and thanksgiving to God. - and show me your steadfast love. And isn’t that whatHere Luther advocates for “congregational” worship in happened for the dying man taken to the hospital-inn bywhich all who gather may participate and learn. the Good Samaritan? Is that not what happens for you“However, we are now speaking of prayers and songs and me in a similar hospital called, “the church”?which are intelligible and from which we can learn andby means of which we can mend our ways. The clamoror monks and nuns and priests are not prayer, nor is itpraise to God; for they do not understand it, nor do theylearn anything from it…”Can you imagine, in a hospital hallway, the patients allcome out of their rooms in the morning and sing songsand find mutual encouragement? Ah, the worshipexperience is just this! Much of the text above is printed by permission from: churchMark VII: These Christian, holy people are recognizedby “the holy possession of the sacred cross”(suffering). - “They must endure every misfortune andpersecution, all kinds of trials and evil from the devil, Volume 1, Issue 16 - April 2013the world, and the flesh (as the Lord’s Prayer indicates) ‘The Voice Online’ is published monthly byby inward sadness, timidity, fear, outward poverty, Our Saviour Lutheran Church. All rightscontempt, illness, and weakness, in order to become like reserved. No portion of this publication may betheir head, Christ.” Here we see Luther’s emphasis on reproduced without permission.the way of the cross versus the way of glory as markingthe path of Christian, holy people. “This too is a holy Edited by Mark Stone.possession whereby the Holy Spirit not only sanctifieshis people, but also blesses them.” Please feel free to contact the church office withIn addition to these seven marks, Luther goes back to constructive suggestions and/or comments atthe matter of sanctification and allows that a holy life Thanks to those who haveand growth in sanctification is also meant to mark already commented! We are always seekingChristian people out as belonging to Christ. more congregational input and submissions.Nevertheless, he does not include this with the othermarks, for the following reason: “However, these signs(of sanctification) cannot be regarded as reliable as
  4. 4. The Voice Online OFFICIAL ACTSBaptisms:Savannah Rose KingBorn: May 4, 2007Baptized: February 24, 2013Daughter of Blaine and Shannon KingMembership Changes:IN:OUT: Gerald KirchmanReceived their Crown:Daniel LaelMay 1, 1967 ~ February 19, 2013Funeral service held on February 23, 2013 May 2013 OSLC Usher ScheduleDay Date Service Lead Usher TeamThu. 02-May 7:00 pm C. Arthur Carl Zimonick; Gary Kirchman; Dick ZimonickSun. 05-May 7:45 am J. Kielpikowski Chad Kielpikowski; Ron Klumb; †UNSun. 05-May 9:15 am D. Bitters Robin Williams; Frank Helebrant; Don Schultz; Shelly Williams; Trey BoerschingerSun. 05-May 10:45 am G. Buechner Carmen Leuthner; Lloyd Leuthner; DeVonte King; Rich SpangenbergThu. 09-May 7:00 pm P. Kuehl Bill Baneck; †UN; †UNSun. 12-May 7:45 am M. Dalebroux Andrew Prescher; Al Brietlow; Barry DalebrouxSun. 12-May 9:15 am W. Chamberlain Randy Dyle; Roxanne Dyle; Alex Chamberlain; McKenzie Waniger; Nathan ScholzSun. 12-May 10:45 am M. Charles Don Larson; Karen Kiekhaefer; Hunter AlftThu. 16-May 7:00 pm N. Krueger †UN; †UN; †UNSun. 19-May 7:45 am M. Morgan Vernon Siech; Gloria Morgan; Ralph HoerchlerSun. 19-May 9:15 am D. Wians Lonnie Peerenboom; Todd Korth; Barb Korth; Davis LaMarche; Dan RicherThu. 23-May 7:00 pm C. Arthur Carl Zimonick; Gary Kirchman; Dick ZimonickSun. 26-May 7:45 am A. Knaus Clarence Ney; Josh VanKauwenberg; Jerry VanKauwenbergSun. 26-May 9:15 am R. Vande Hei Walt Juhnke; Tiffany Duff; Brian Duff; Chelsea Vande Hei; Rachel Vande HeiSun. 26-May 10:45 am R. Bruhn Rich Ryman; Sue Bruhn; Richard ChristiansonThu. 30-May 7:00 pm P. Kuehl Bill Baneck; †UN; †UN † UN - Usher Needed: If youd like to volunteer as an usher, please contact the lead usher of the group youd like to join or contact Rich Spangenberg at (920) 857-3014 or email
  5. 5. April 2013 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7pm Board of Elders 6:30am Spring General 12pm Staff Meeting 9am Truth Project 9:15am Beginnings Election 3pm Youth Night 12:15pm Worship 3:30pm Open Gym 7am Bible Study 5pm Weds Night Meal 6:30pm Truth Project 9am Bible Study 6pm Praise Band 7pm Trad Worship No Trinity or 6:30pm Cub Scouts 6pm Confirmation Preschool classes 7pm Choir Practice 6:30pm SH Bible Study 7pm P&F Meeting7 8 9 10 11 12 137:45am Trad Worship 6pm Church Council 7am Bible Study 12pm Staff Meeting 12:15pm Worship 5pm Monthly 11am Fellowship9:15am Praise Worship 9am Bible Study 3pm Youth Night 4pm Fish Fry Prep Fish Fry Hall rentalw/ Adult Confirmation 7pm Choir Practice 5pm Weds Night Meal 7pm Trad Worship 3:30pm Open Gym9:15am Truth Project 6pm Praise Band9:30am Sunday School 6pm Confirmation10:45am Trad Worship w/ 6:30pm SH Bible StudyAdult Confirmation 7:30pm Youth Board14 Mite Box Sunday 15 16 17 18 19 207:45am Trad Worship 7pm Board of 7am Bible Study 12pm Staff Meeting 12:15pm Trad Worship 3:30pm Open Gym9:15am Praise Worship Education 9am Bible Study 3pm Youth Night 7pm Trad Worshipw/ SS Assistance 6:30pm Cub Scouts 5pm Weds Night Meal9:30am Sunday School 7pm Choir Practice 6pm Praise Band10:45am Trad Worship 6pm Confirmationw/ Holy Baptism 6:30pm SH Bible Study21 22 23 24 25 26 277:45am Trad Worship 6:30pm GBLSA 7am Bible Study 12pm Staff Meeting 12:15pm Trad Worship 3:30pm Open Gym9:15am Praise Worship 7pm Stewardship 9am Bible Study 3pm Youth Night 7pm Trad Worship 5:30pm Baumann9:15am Bible Study 7pm Choir Practice 5pm Weds Night Meal Retirement Dinner9:30am Sunday School 6pm Praise Band – The Ravine10:30am Bible Study 6pm Confirmation10:45am Trad Worship 6:30pm SH Bible Study2pm Trinity Spring Musical(K-Grade 4)28 NEWLHS Partnership 29 30 Sunday 7am Bible Study7:45am Trad Worship 8am OLM Meeting9:15am Praise Worship 9am Bible StudyBible/Catechism Day 6:30pm Cub Scouts9:15am Bible Study 7pm Choir Practice9:30am Sunday School10:30am Bible Study10:45am Trad Worship
  6. 6. The Voice Online Partnership in MinistryQ: What is Partnership in Ministry?A: Partnership in Ministry is a distinctive opportunity, based on the Word of God that instills a spirit of thankfulgiving and inspires people to be joyful stewards in support of a common vision for ministry.Q: Why do we need to participate in Partnership in Ministry?A: Our congregation is an owner of the Northeastern Wisconsin Lutheran High School Association. By the graceof God and 35 years of ministry, NEWLHS School is launching an effort to strengthen its mission of HelpingFamilies Prepare Christian Leaders. NEWLHS is part of our mission, and this effort will strengthen the school.Q: So what is the common vision?A: The common vision of the Association and our congregation is simple: to pool the resources God has alreadyprovided us and bring everyone in our area of influence closer to Christ! On Sunday, April 28th, Lutheran HighSchool will share its vision during worship and host a reception after services. With all Association congregationsparticipating, Partnership in Ministry has the potential to raise one million dollars for in support of our Associationstudents.Q: People are hurting financially because of the condition of the national economy. Why are we doingthis now?A: Biblical stewardship is not based upon whether times are good or bad economically, but rather on a gracemotivated response that is planned, regular, and sacrificial. This loving response is part of the growth of our faithand is not dependent on economic circumstances.Q: We are already tithing and contributing as much as we can. How does this appeal apply to us?A: Tithing is an act of "first fruits giving" and should always be held as an important act of faith. From time totime in the Bible, special offerings were gathered. This Partnership in Ministry Stewardship Appeal is a specialoffering to strengthen the ministry of NEWLHS. Each person will seek Gods will and blessing on their personalfaith promise decision for NEWLHS.Q: How do we get started and become a ministry partner?A: You will have the opportunity to hear the presentation on Sunday, April 28 th during our regular NEWLHSSunday. Following the service, you will be invited to a special reception to ask questions. At no time will you berequested to fill out a Faith Promise Card (commitment) or write a check, until you have had the opportunity totake the informational packet home to read, review and discuss before making your prayerful, Spirit-directedresponse. North Eastern Wisconsin Lutheran High School Helping Families Prepare Christian Leaders! Chris Nelson, Executive Director
  7. 7. April 2013 ADOPT A BILL BOARD Our weekly offerings are not keeping up with our weekly budget of $10,373.37, so the ‘Adopt-A-Bill board’ returned on February 1 st. With the ‘Adopt-A-Bill Board,’ we ask donors to take an invoice copy from the board, put it in an envelope (these are found on the board), make your check payable to OSLC, and drop it in the collection plate or bring to the office. Please include your envelope number for credit, or indicate that you will need a receipt. To date (as of the March 18 deposit), we have received an extra $2,721.41. We thank everyone who reached out to us with these extra donations. 4065 or by email for more information or to register. Save the Date for Vacation Bible School Calls and More CallsVacation Bible School will be held in the mornings Green Bay Trinity’s Call to Mr. John Weber to serveJune 24-27, 2013. Our theme this year is Kingdom as next year’s 5th and 6th grade teacher as well asRock, “Where Kids Stand Strong for God”. VBS is Principal was declined. The Call Committee willopen to children from the church and the community begin work to send out another call to fill this positionbeginning with those who are age 3 (by September 1, for the 2013-14 school year. The Call to Mrs. Susan2012) thru 5th grade. Youth who are 6th grade and older Grams to serve as the grade 1 and 2 teacher was(including high school, college-aged and older adults) accepted!are encouraged to volunteer. Camp Luther will be hereagain to lead the older children and OSLC volunteers Mr. Paul Steinhaus, NEWLHS Science teacher, haswill lead ages 3-5. For further information, please accepted the Divine Call to serve as Principal atcontact Mike Charles at (920) 337-0940 or email Martin Luther High School in Fairmont, MN. He or Michelle in the office at his family will be missed by many in the Green Bay(920) 468-4065 or email community.Registration forms will be available in the May issueof The Voice Online and at church. Mr. Brian Scheller from Luther North High School in St. Louis has declined the Call to be the Music Ladies Luncheon Director at NEWLHS. Please continue to praise GodThis great event returns soon. Sign up now for this for His blessing on Mr. Scheller and his work amongwonderfully memorable event to be held at Our the families of Luther North High School.Saviour on Saturday, May 4. Major Ruth Fay is backby popular demand. She is currently serving the NEWLHS has issued a call to Miss Stephanie Mueller,Salvation Army in Janesville, WI. The doors will open who will be graduating from Concordia University inat 11:30am and a delicious meal will be served at Seward, NE. Mill Mueller visited the campus on12:00pm with the speaker to follow. Tickets are just Wednesday, March 20th to meet our ministry team, the$15 and include all of the above amenities. Feel free to students, and other families in our community.invite your mother, sister, aunt, cousin, niece, etc. tojoin you. Contact Michelle in the office at (920) 468-
  8. 8. The Voice Online Donations Needed Choose Our Saviour for Your 3 and 4Your donations to our rummage sales make them the Year Oldsgreat success that they have been for many years. The An open letter from Christina ScholzKids’ Only Sale, which will be held on May 18, is As a parent you have a very tough choice to makelooking for the stuff your kids have outgrown as well about your child’s preschool experience. For mostas the maternity clothes you no longer need. Toys, children, preschool is their first educational experiencegames, clothes, costumes, books, ride-on toys, and the launching of their educational career that willbedding, and more are welcome. span the remainder of their lives. I pray that, as you make this choice, you realize Our Saviour Preschool isDon’t have kids but want to donate to the church? The here to support your family and we would enjoySuper Sale is SUPER because YOU help to fill the meeting with you.gym. We accept all clean, usable, unbroken items.Some suggested things are holiday decorations, As you visit Preschools in the area to choose whatglassware, small appliances, linens, tools, furniture, program is right for your family, I’d like you tolamps, and more! Thanks for the offer…but we DO consider these questions:NOT accept computer monitors, televisions (unlessthey are flat panel or flat screen), or Encyclopedia-type • Is the environment a warm caring Christianbooks. environment? • Is the environment developmentally appropriate and And Then There Were Two…Fish are the experiences geared toward children? • Will your child be able to participate in activities that Fries, That Is promote social, emotional, intellectual, physical, andJust two more left this season. They have been super spiritual growth?successful this year thanks to our wonderful volunteers • Do you feel confident that your child will become aand the word of mouth advertising we get from you passionate learner for “doing” in a play-basedand those who attend. If you haven’t tried it yet, you curriculum as a result of the program?are in for a treat. If you are a regular, thank you for • Do you feel your child will develop skills to thinkyour patronage. We could not do this without and investigate, learning about the world around themeveryone’s support of this event at Our Saviour. as a result of the program? • Is it important that your child attend a Pre-K program with numerous years of success? (Our Saviour Are There Lost Books Preschool has been serving families for over 30 years.) of the Bible? • Is it important that your child enjoys a highlyRev. Dr. Paul L. Maier is the Third Vice-President of functional classroom designed to meet the preschoolThe Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, a history child’s best interests?professor at Western Michigan University, and theauthor of sixteen books and 250 scholarly You, as a parent are a partner in your child’s growtharticles…and he wants you to know the answer to this and development. If you answered YES to any of thesequestion. On June 15, 2013, this seminar will be held questions, please consider sending your 3, 4, or 5 yearat Concordia-Mequon. A description of the questions old child to Our Saviour’s Preschool. Please contactto be answered, a schedule of the day’s events and Our Saviour today to schedule a visit to the classroomregistration forms can be found on the office hallway or to set up a meeting with me.bulletin board. Serving the Master Teacher, Christina L. Scholz Phone: 920-468-3596 Email:
  9. 9. April 2013OSLC Business DirectoryAdvertisements in the business directory help Our Saviour defray the cost of ‘The Voice Online’each month. If you would like to advertise, please contact Michelle in the Church officeat (920) 468-4065 or Please support the sponsors who help support us!Photo credits:Page 1: Medieval church hospital 2: Wounded US soldiers
  10. 10. The Voice Online BAUMANN RETIREMENT PARTYJoin the celebration as we thank and honor Ken and Murphy Baumann for their years at Green Bay TrinityLutheran School and elsewhere as they retire from a life of faithful service to God in our Lutheran schools.When: Saturday, April 27 – 5:30pm reception; 6:30pm dinner; 8:00pm musicWhere: The Ravine, 2633 Manitowoc Rd, Green BayCost: $20 per personRSVP: No later than Sunday, April 14, pleaseMail your registration to Nora Champeau, 2751 Woodstock Ct., Green Bay, WI 54311. Please include yourname, the number attending, and your check (payable to Nora Champeau).