Barriers to cummunication and mechanism to over come them
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Barriers to cummunication and mechanism to over come them

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  • 1. Barriers of communication and itmechanism used to overcome them Oskar Lukasik
  • 2. Background Noises• The background noise is one of the most common barriers to communicate effectively, background noise includes any single noise produced by third-parties like other people or machines or even a nature.• The IT equipment we could used to over come this barrier would probably be headphones like for example if we make an international or inter-office call or meeting by using Skype or similar programme use of headphones might be great way of over coming the background noises as if you have good headphones you wont be able to even hear them background noises.• Skype is great way of communicating between company offices as is practically free as long as you call to other computer with Skype on the only time you pay is when you want to call someone’s phone or get many different people with webcam into one conversation.
  • 3. Distraction• Distraction: such as someone walking into a meeting late or leaving unexpectedly. The arrival of the tea trolley or mobile phone beeping can interrupt the flow of thought of an audience and momentarily they could stop listening to you. As soon as that happens, communication will falter and you as the speaker might feel the need to repeat part of the message.• The use of IT equipment might be essential here as probably no one wants his presentation being distracted by some random person walking in. The kind of things you could use here in order to make sure no one or nothing will distract your presentation could be a simple swipe cards and a lock on the doors of the room you making a presentation in. What I mean is that if someone is late or someone is trying to get into the room that shouldn’t really be there this person wont be able to get in without a right swipe card the magnetic lock will not open.• Usually the simplest swipe card systems cost around £120 for cards and one swipe lock.
  • 4. Language• Because People Speak different languages it is very hard to communicate probably its is very important to find the way to over come this barrier for business that work around the world.• I did search and I find out that there is actually a machine similar to a normal phone which you can use as a translator it. It works by you speaking to it in for example English and it translates it to other language and it actually says it in the other language as well so not only you can translate easy but it also penances it as it should be, the cost of it is only around £50-£100 also you can download it on some phones as a app but it is still best to buy a machine made especially for it
  • 5. Lack of concentration• Lack of concentration can be a huge problem while communicating, if the person you’re talking to doesn’t concentrate on what are you saying then they wont get anything out of that conversation.• The way to overcome this barrier is quite easy for example in the presentation when you need people to be concentrating on you might give out headphones to every one so they hear only you so their whole attention is concentrated on you. The price of microphone is only £30 maximum and the simple headphones wont be expensive as well.
  • 6. Poor proofreadingThis might be a problem as if people communicate in wrong way as in use wrongwords or maybe they might be doing a presentation and they spell the sentenceswrong it might be a barrier for other people in order to understand their ideas.If people got problems with spelling and their grammar they might be interested inusing a voice to text devices where they talk to the device and it writes down whatthey said and it also checks the spelling and grammar this is really useful for peoplethat might have dyslexia. The cost of that kind of thing is not much as it comes withapplications for the iPhone and for many different phones so there is no need ofbuying device just for that.
  • 7. Alternative viewpoints• This can lead to a communication problems as it can make people argue with each other over their viewpoints. If there is a major event or presentation upcoming and people will have different viewpoint on the topic you might get everyone to send you an email describing their viewpoints and so you will know what not to say and in a case of argument you can stop it.• Another way of overcoming this barrier might be use of blogger by making a blog within the company where people can post they different view points and discuss them there is many features on the blogger that can be used for that purpose like for example you can make a private blog so that way no one from outside the company can access it
  • 8. DisabilityThere might be people that are disabled by different illnesses like being deaf or mute ,in order to help those people at work you might buy machine called ‘’dectalk dtc01’’DECtalk can be used as part of a speech generating device for those unable to speak. Anotable user is Stephen Hawking, who is unable to speak due to a combination ofsevere disabilities caused by ALS as well as an emergency tracheotomy. Hawking hasused a version of the DECtalk voice synthesizer for several years and has come to beassociated with the unique voice of the device. For example the used device costsaround $700 so it’s a good long term investment as people that normally wont be ableto communicate they will be while using this device.