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question 4 of our evaluation. Fus3entertainment

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Q4 evaluation

  1. 1. Technologies0 From the beginning of the year we used a range oftechnologies, throughout the stages of Research,Planning, Production and Evaluation.0 We did this as we were more confident with usingtechnologies due to our progression from last yearmeaning we were more confident.0 This allowed us more freedom when we chose ourproduction genre and style.
  2. 2. Apple Macs0 We used Apple Macs throughout our three stages asthis was our main PC that we used universally. Thiswas useful as Macs have a lot of Memory and RAMmeaning it cut down processing speeds when usinglarge software such as editing or photo manipulationsoftware. These were very easy to use for us as itwasn’t our first time using them. We had experiencefrom last year.
  3. 3. Research and Planning0 The technologies we used duringresearch were:0 Word press – We used this as a blogfor our audience to see our posts.We used this during research topost trailer analysis as well ascharacter analysis, storyboards,scripts etc. This was also useful inobtaining feedback from ouraudience from our surveys. Thiswas therefore very beneficial. Wedid not struggle with this websiteas we had plenty of experiencefrom last year.
  4. 4. 0 Slideshare- We used Slideshare in our Research to postour Audience Feedback onto our blog. This was usefulas this meant our audience could see the results as wehad arranged them on a powerpoint presentation. Thiswas more useful to upload on slideshare as we couldembed it onto our blog rather than having to send thepowerpoint file for people to see. This was again veryeasy for us to use as we had experience of using thiswebsite before.
  5. 5. 0 Scribd- We used Scribd to upload scripts and shotlists onto our blog. This was useful as it meant we could embed itonto a post on our blog rather than having to upload aWord Document which our audience would have todownload. Therefore, it was much more convenient. Wehad some minor struggles using this product at first, but asit was very similar to Slideshare we were easily able tonavigate the website.
  6. 6. 0 Digital Cameras – We used HD camcorders duringresearch every time we attained audience feedbackfor one of our drafts. This was important as weneeded to know what improvements our targetaudience wanted. With the use of digital cameras, itwas much easier to capture as it was portable andeasy to transfer the clips off the device. We had nostruggles with this technology as we had experiencefrom last year.
  7. 7. 0 iMovie – This was used after we had captured theaudience feedback or research videos, to edit all theclips into one whole video. This was useful as wecould easily link all the clips together to piece a video.This was not a struggle as we had experience of thislast year when we were editing for our AS production.
  8. 8. 0 Google – We used Google as our primary searchengine whenever we were searching for sites orimages as it was very convenient. This meant wecould easily search for movie websites or images. Thiswas useful as we were able to find websites as wedidn’t know the URL. This helped us during ourresearch particularly for ancillary research ofwebsites.
  9. 9. 0 Youtube – We used Youtube during our research tofind videos of all the similar products of our genresuch as trailers to analyse. This was useful as we wereeasily able to search and analyse the conventions of atrailer. As it is also a web2.0 website it was also usefulwhen we were uploading research videos such asaudience feedback to share in our blog. We had nodifficulties what so ever with this website as we knewhow to use it very well.
  10. 10. 0 Social Networking sites – We used Facebook andTwitter to communicate within our audience as wellas ask them for feedback on any polls we had postedor what they thought of our products. This was veryimportant as these sites were something our targetaudience used on a daily basis so it was moreconvenient for them also. We found these websitesvery easy to use as we had known how to navigatethese pages through personal use.
  11. 11. 0 We used Social NetworkingSites to establish ourcommunication with ouraudience as we held pollsfor soundtrack researchthrough facebook. Thismeant our audience couldvote through our page andwe could gather up theinformation of what theyliked.0 We also used Socialnetworking sites to linktrailer similar to our genreso our audience wouldknow what type of moviewe were looking to make.
  12. 12. Production0 We used a range of technologies during our productionstage. These were:0 Adobe After Effects – We used this as our main editingsoftware as iMovie was too basic for the editing we had inmind such as the special effects. We also used After effectsto record sound for voiceovers. We had not used thisproduct beforehand so we did have difficulties navigatingand finding everything at first. But we soon got used to thesoftware and used the technology to its full potential.
  13. 13. 0 At the start our production we were totally aware ifwe were going to achieve an authentic action/sci-fimovie with special effects we were going to have touse expert video editing software to do it. We usedAfter Effects it as it was easily accessible as it wasalready installed on the school mac’s and our editorhad purchased it sometime ago.
  14. 14. 0 We first of all found it hard as it was really complexcompared to easier software like Imovie, but with alot of tutorials for example on videcopilot.net , wewere able to learn base fundamentals to progress andbe able to comfortably use After Effects. The londonmissile scene near the end of the trailer was a specificexample of a tutorial used, by learning how to make itwe were able to manipulate it into our trailer with ourtheme.
  15. 15. 0 Cameras – We used cameras to record footage for ourmovie trailer as well as take pictures for our anciallarytask. This was very useful as recorded in HD. It wasalso portable and compact meaning we didn’t have tocarry huge pieces of equipment when we went toshoot in different locations. Also it was very easy totransfer the video clips from the camera onto theMacs. This was a very easy piece of technology for usto use as we already had experience on it beforehand.
  16. 16. 0 Microphones – We used microphones duringproduction for voiceovers which were used in themovie trailer. This allowed us to record our sound inclear quality. It was also small and didn’t take up a lotof space. We did not have any difficulties using amicrophone as we had already used it before so weknew what to do.
  17. 17. 0 VideoCoPilot – This was a website we found from googlewhen were researching. This website had tutorials forspecial effects on Adobe After effects which allowed us tofind the effect we were looking for and learn it easily andcreate it. This was very useful as it had a handful of effectswe wanted for our movies such as the interior of a spaceshuttle etc. We had not used this site last year so it took ussome time to navigate but as it was very similar to Youtubewe quickly got the hang of things.
  18. 18. 0 Photoshop – We used this software for our ancillarytask of poster. This was a image manipulationsoftware which allowed us to edit our images. Weused this software over others on the market such asPaint because this was more advanced and had thetechnology we were looking for. We already hadexperience of this software through personal use sooverall we found it easy to use. However, we did runinto some hiccups but we were able to solve themvery quickly.
  19. 19. 0 Wix – We used Wix for our ancillary task of a website. Wehad researched into this website through Google and saw alot of potential so we decided to use it. This was beneficialas we knew this was very helpful for making a website. Westruggled with the website at first as we didn’t know howto navigate or design the pages. It had a steep learningcurve as a lot of features were hidden under menus butafter tinkering with the software we were soon able todesign the website we wanted with links to everythingfrom our social networking sites as well as our embeddedvideo and poster.
  20. 20. 0 Dafont – We researched Dafont from the use of googleas we were looking for fonts to put into our movie,poster and website. Dafont was very useful as a lot offonts were downloadable from the website. It also hada search bar and categories so it was easier for us tonavigate. We used Dafont to download our font“NeuroPol” from the website and used it for all threeof our products. We had no struggles whatsoever withthis website as we already knew how to use it throughpersonal use.
  21. 21. 0 YouTube – We used YouTube for our production as a way todistribute our video. It also allowed quick trimming of thevideo once uploaded onto the site. We used it as it is themost popular site for video sharing so it was also moreconvenient for our audience who used the site on a veryfrequent basis. We uploaded our main movie trailerthrough this website. We already had plenty of experienceof this website through our personal use as well as fromthe Research stage. Therefore, we did not have anytroubles using this website.
  22. 22. Evaluation0 These were the technologies we used during ourevaluation:0 Cameras – We used Cameras during our evaluation aswe recorded ourselves for some questions. Thismeant it was easy for us to record as the camera wasportable and record in good quality. This was again avery easy task as we could easily use this technologythrough our experience from production as well asresearch and planning.
  23. 23. 0 Microphones – We used microphones to record ourvoices for our evaluation. We used this for one of ourquestions as we recorded a podcast. The microphoneswe used were useful as it captured our voice in clearquality as well as being able to transfer the clips to thecomputer. We had no problems by this stage of usingthis technology as we had already used it numeroustimes.
  24. 24. 0 Sony Vegas – We used Vegas as our main editingsoftware in our evaluation. We did this as it was basicand we didn’t need anything fancy for our evaluation.It was quick and easy to use for our editor. We neededthis software to edit the sound clips and the videoclips into one. Also as it was something which we allhad a lot of experience using through personal use, weknew we would suffer no setbacks at all.
  25. 25. 0 Youtube – We used YouTube, just like the production,to distribute some questions of our evaluation. We didthis as YouTube has an embed feature meaning wecould embed our video onto other sites. This was veryuseful as it meant we could have all our evaluationanswers in one place. We had again no difficulty usingthis product as it was very easy to use and we hadplenty of experience.
  26. 26. 0 Social Networking sites – We used sites such asFacebook and Twitter to get screenshots of evidencefor questions in our evaluation. This was very usefulas all our audience feedback was recorded on thesepages. We also mainly recorded feedback for ourwebsite as it was more convenient for our audience.These sites were easy to use and navigate as we hadused it a lot before.
  27. 27. 0 Prezi – We used prezi in our evaluation as we wantedto branch out with the technology we used in ourevaluation. Prezi allowed us to present our work in amore interactive way. It allowed us to add voiceoveras well as have smooth transitions through one mainhub. We hadn’t used prezi before so we did have somedifficulties using the website. We found it difficult tomove around the frames but again we soon figured itout and believe we have used it to its full potential.
  28. 28. 0 Wordpress – We used Wordpress in our evaluation forscreenshots as we needed it for reference in ourquestions mentioning the target audience. As ourWordpress was organised well, it was very easy for usto take samples of what we needed. As we had usedthe website for over a year, we also had no difficultiesat all.
  29. 29. 0 SlideShare – We are using Slideshare right now inquestion 4 as you can see. We used slideshare as itwas easy to upload our PowerPoint onto the websiteas well as being able to embed it onto our website. Itwas also much more convenient than having to openup a powerpoint presentation. We had already usedthis website before so we found it very easy to use.
  30. 30. 0 Wix – We used wix in our evaluation to create awebsite mainly for our answers to each question. Weused this software as we already knew what we coulddo from the production of our ancillary website. Wecould embed Youtube Videos onto our pages as wellas organise it very well. We had no difficulties usingthis due to experience.