Fus3 Entertainment A2 pitch


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Pitches for our A2 production for media.

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Fus3 Entertainment A2 pitch

  1. 1. WHY WE CHOSE A TRAILER?A trailer was something we decided to do as we believed we could authenticate this at a high standard, we wanted something to engage the audience and not to longwinded.Ideas – Batman dark knight rises trailerMan of steelBourne identitySuperbadChronicle28 days laterBlood and BoneJumper Looper! day
  2. 2. AUDIENCETeenagers 15+ aimed at both genders but action my spiral towards male
  3. 3. PITCH 1South African scientist accidently creates a virus that mutates human genes which makes their behaviour “demon like”, it eradicates a city making survivors flee into countryside, demon clans begin to rise whop want to dominate all.The protagonist, Jonas, family is brutally murdered by the shadow (dark demon brotherhood who runs tings!) his father was a scientist and was working on a gene to combat the demon one, he also specialised in modern artillery which Jonas stumbles upon and learns how to use, on a normal day he is kidnapped and brought to the society that wants to eradicate the demons and develop his fathers idea, they are called the Hunters, he trains in combat and decided to head out into the dangerous over run cities, his aim, to annihilate them.TRAILER:Establishing shot showing skyline music come in, demon running away down alley way, cross cut from the demon hunter chasing him, cross cut to demon running through streets, cross cuts again, w
  4. 4. MORE PITCHES- Set in a school. Two demented teens venture into electric site and get super powers (e.g. chronicle) they’re best friends. The powers they have are secretive they are involved in an argument and one day of the friends takes it a bit too far and unleashes his anger out on the school. So, begins the school massacre- #Moralpanic Two teens go to a newly opened video game store, dodgy dealer recommends a game, they go home play it and get sucked into it, but in reality they have been influenced and carry it out actions thinking their actions are not serious.- Doctor, weed smoking, alcoholic one night luckily thinks of an idea for a gay gene whilst high. discovers gay gene and then discovers he gets a bounty on his head from the homophobe organisation. he has to go on the run but at the same time he wants to gain fame- Comedy - Coming of age comedy, nerdy boy suffers from chronic…… and follows his life through the school year , the ups and downs and his road to university, involves girls, intercourse and other innuendos.- 18 year old wrongly accused of a robbery, goes prison and meets an old man who gropes, sorry helps him to be a better man when he leaves.- A 8 year old Korean kid becomes Gangnam style champion back home in Seoul and decides to gangnam across the world. includes scenes of sexual nature/violence and drug abuse
  5. 5. SYNERGIES• Website so the audience have a exclusive insight to what we do, a forum will allow people to give feedback and create a community atmosphere• Poster to advertise and entice the audience to watch, must include a unique recognizable style e.g. Spiderman font. Also catchy slogan.• Video Game, using motion capture and animation phyisics using Maya and entcore 3.4656897 v9, in the state of the art FUZEproductions studios we will create a PS3 exclusive ( we have come to a contract clause for Sony) a sandbox video game for the trailer, Zain the programmer and with a hundred japanese AI programmers, Nicholas the art director, Osish and the storywriters and coffee for producers, and bavique the main director, with other jobs that you may find boring but yeah! Next may you will see a game made by us on Play.com. INTENSE!, mustafa has the right to sue us for that buy hey! We are ballin’ from the money Suck3rpunch mad last year, I got 80% from that haha.
  6. 6. We have started a storyboard and a shot list, also we have thoroughly analyzed trailers for conventions. Heres our storyboard for the gay gene idea of the scene where protagonist drowns his sorrows in a bar.