Medical billing services for cardiologists


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Medical billing services for cardiologists can help these professionals strike a balance between their professional and personal lives. Outsourcing to a reliable provider is a viable solution.

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Medical billing services for cardiologists

  1. 1. M E D I C A L B I L L I N G S E R V I C E S F O R C A R D I O L O G I S T S
  2. 2. Medical Billing Services for Cardiologists Cardiologists are healthcare professionals handling a vast medical specialty with diverse sub specialties such as general clinical, nuclear specialty, transplant, heart failure, interventional, and surgery. Several cardiologists have discussed their concerns on their blogs, highlighting the hassles they face due to lack of time management. Most of them complain of a poor personal life due to the heavy job schedule while some others are concerned about the lack of time for innovative research which keeps them lagging behind in the competitive industry. Medical coding and billing responsibility is one of the tasks that consume most of their time. However, these are tasks that cannot be sidelined because they are very necessary to improve practice revenue. Online discussions among practicing cardiologists project medical billing services for cardiologists as a viable solution that will help them strike a balance between their professional and personal lives. Outsourcing the billing tasks to an established medical billing company will surely help to address time management issues. What Makes Cardiology Coding Complex As a specialty always bringing in new effective procedures and practice techniques, cardiology has a distinctive position in the medical fraternity. It requires highly specialized coding and billing on account of the multiple procedure rules and intricate contractual adjustments involved. Data needs to be gathered from multiple sites and systems, which makes the billing process rather difficult. As such, coding for cardiology requires the use of advanced technology and the service of expert coders and billers. This is where a professional billing service that has already invested heavily in advanced technology and trained professionals can be of great support. Effective Medical Coding Services for Cardiologists Medical coding, which is an important process in the revenue cycle would be provided by AAPC certified medical coders well-versed in CPT medical coding, ASCs – Ambulatory Surgical Centers Coding and ICD-9 coding based on AMA and CMS guidelines. Services provided include hospital / in-patient coding, emergency room ecode evaluation, medical coding audits, backlog coding resolution and DRG/ICD-9CM coding validations. Medical coders also keep abreast with the latest coding changes to maintain precision in coding. Quality Medical Billing Services for Cardiologists What makes medical billing services most advantageous is the comprehensiveness of the service offered. Each component of the billing cycle is carefully supervised with
  3. 3. constant focus on increasing the client’s revenue while improving their compliance level. Cardiologists can benefit from a fully integrated service that includes the following: • Demographic entry • • Patient scheduling and charge entry • • • • • • Insurance authorization and verification Code checking and analysis Payment posting services Claims billing and patient billing transmission AR follow-up Collections management Billing and reconciliation of accounts Trained billing professionals have experience working with diverse billing software such as Medisoft, Practice Admin, Advanced MD, NextGen, AdvantX, eClinicalWorks, IDX, Lytec, Eclipse and others. A reputable firm attaches prime importance to client convenience and comfort. Benefits offered include free scheduling software, unlimited access to the software, system-based eligibility checking and claims scrubbing, and much more. Merits of Quality Cardiology Medical Billing Services By opting for the right company offering accurate medical billing services for cardiologists, professionals in this field also experience some additional benefits such as strict confidentiality, customized turnaround time, certified billing and coding specialists and much more including: • • • • • • • • • • Focus completely on patient care and research Reduce account receivables and enjoy speedy claim settlement HIPAA compliant service Avoids coding mistakes and delays Enhanced cash flow and also improved collections Maximizes patient and physician satisfaction Improves office effectiveness Reduction in telephone and postage expenses Cuts down staffing issues and training time Speedy and maximum reimbursement • Reduces paperwork and handling tasks in-house One time claim submission • • • Follow-up on claims denied Minimizes payroll and operational expenses Generates and submits claims through electronic means • Increases overall revenue. •
  4. 4. About Outsource Strategies International Outsource Strategies International is a medical billing company provides services to solo cardiology practitioners, clinics, hospitals, multi-specialty healthcare facilities, and more. Outsourcing your cardiology billing tasks to our cardiology medical billing company will leave you with more time to focus on patient care and other core activities. Call 1-800-6709-2809 or visit :