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HIPAA Compliant Physicians Medical Billing Service


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With HIPAA compliant medical billing service, physicians can submit medical bills and claims on time, reducing the chances of claim denials and rejections, and thereby maximizing their reimbursements

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HIPAA Compliant Physicians Medical Billing Service

  1. 1. 800-670-2809HIPAA Compliant Physician Billing ServicesHIPAA compliant physician billing services ensure proper andtimely reimbursement of claims. The customized billingservices that established medical billing companies offerinclude insurance verification and authorization, chargeentry, insurance collection, collection agency reporting,patient collection, cash posting and reconciliation. Medical billing companies have a team of expert staff that works to maximize their claim reimbursements, minimize administrative expenses and meet HIPAA regulations. The procedure involves enrollment into the billing system, verification ofinsurance and authorizations, coding, billing and reconcilingof accounts, and Accounts Receivable collections.
  2. 2. 800-670-2809HIPAA Compliance for Document SecurityPhysician practices that outsource their billing tasks risk theloss of information privacy. With HIPAA compliant physicianbilling services, physicians can make sure that the privacyrights of their patients are protected. The outsourcingcompanies take extra security measures to provide completesecurity, privacy and confidentiality for the services theyprovide. For this, they streamline their structure, technicalequipment and capabilities, and administration proceduresaccording to HIPAA security norms. Some of the addedbenefits of HIPAA compliant physician billing services are: • Periodic backup of data and critical facilities accessibility • Technical evaluations are performed on a routine basis • Secure workstations, storage facility and authorized access • Firewalls and antivirus software on all systems are updated frequently.Physician Billing Services – Save Time and ExpensesMedical professionals can reduce administrative expensesand maximize their claim reimbursements with physician
  3. 3. 800-670-2809billing services. Medical billing experts will effectivelymanage all their billing tasks, so that they can concentrateon their core business. Outsourcing is also a cost-effectiveway of managing their administrative tasks as physicianscan save the expenses that would be needed for employingpersonnel for managing their medical billing procedures.Since every aspect of the billing procedure is effectivelyhandled by the billing companies, physicians can be sure ofgetting their claims processed in a timely manner.OutSourceStrategiesUnited States Main Office8596 E. 101st Street, Suite HTulsa, OK 74133Phone 800-670-2809
  4. 4. 800-670-2809