Gain Maximum Benefits by Outsourcing to a Medical Coding and Billing Company


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Most healthcare institutions have realized the benefits of outsourcing to a medical coding and billing company. Resource savings and efficiency are the major benefits ensured.

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Gain Maximum Benefits by Outsourcing to a Medical Coding and Billing Company

  1. 1. Gain Maximum Benefits by Outsourcing to a MedicalCoding and Billing CompanyMost healthcare institutions have realized the benefits of outsourcing to amedical coding and billing company. Resource savings and efficiency arethe major benefits ensured.Healthcare institutions can gain maximum benefits by outsourcing to amedical coding and billing company. These benefits are in terms ofincreased efficiency, streamlining and greater resources saved.Outsourcing Medical Billing and Medical Coding ServicesA medical coding andbilling companycomprehensively takes overthese responsibilities ofhealthcare providers andinstitutions. It helps thelatter reduce their workloadand save costs andresources. Reducedworkload ensures greaterefficiency on account ofstreamlined operation.Medical billing and coding are some of the most extensive responsibilitiesthat demand significant expertise. It is estimated that around one-fourth ofall income from medical practices is lost to issues such as under coding,under pricing, missed charges and claims that are not reimbursed. All thesearise due to faulty billing and coding. Outsourcing ensures greater efficiencyin the medical billing and coding process.
  2. 2. Medical Billing and Coding Services AvailableA reliable and experienced medical coding and billing companycomprehensively takes care of all aspects of billing. Its medical billingservices generally include:• Patient Scheduling and Reminders• Patient Enrollment• Insurance Enrollment• Insurance Verification• Insurance Authorizations• Coding and Audits• Payment Posting• EOB Analysis and Denial Management• AR Management• Financial Management ReportingMedical coding services usually consist of:• Hospital / in-patient coding• Emergency room e-code evaluation• Medical coding audits• Backlog coding resolution services• DRG/ICD-9-CM coding validations• CPT medical coding• ASCs – Ambulatory Surgical Centers Coding• ICD-9 coding based on AMA and CMS guidelinesAdvantages of a Medical Coding and Billing CompanyA medical coding and billing company has trained and experienced codingand billing specialists with knowledge of procedural and diagnostic coding,Medicaid and Medicare rules, HIPAA, accounts payable management andelectronic claim submission. The company would also have advancedsoftware and hardware resources to ensure efficient and quick coding.
  3. 3. One of the greatest advantages of medical billing companies is theirflexibility to adjust their services to the unique requirements of their clients.This is reflected in the turnaround times, the overall functioning of thecompany, its relationship with the client and the charges. This ensures themedical billing services are affordable for the healthcare facility and actuallyhelp it save costs.More AdvantagesThe flexibility is felt in the company’s use of the medical billing softwarewhich could either be the client’s existing billing software or the billingcompany’s own software. Some of the other advantages of outsourcingmedical billing are:• Really quick turnaround times• 100% HIPAA complianceClients are given monthly and weekly reports detailing topics such asprocedure code analysis, projections, and productivity. The medical billingcompany conducts regular quality analysis checks in AR management,coding and ensures clean claims. The accounts are analyzed by coderscertified by the AAPC as well as other experienced professionals.As a healthcare provider you stand to gain maximum benefits byoutsourcing to a medical coding and billing company.About Outsource Strategies InternationalOutsource Strategies International is a leading outsourcing companyheadquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It provides wide range of services formedical industry such as medical transcription, medical billing, medicalwebsite designs, medical search engine optimization and back officeservices. For more information, see
  4. 4. Contact Details:Headquarters:8596 E. 101st Street, Suite HTulsa, OK 74133Main: (800) 670 2809Fax: (877) 835-5442E-mail: