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Ko presentation v2

  1. 1. Provision of consultancy services supporting the activities of the EU Policy Lot 3 Leader Open Evidence Partners University of the Arts London, Uscreates, Futuregov, TheGovLab, Equals, Bloc de Ideas
  2. 2. Open Evidence is a spin-off from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya formed by professors, researchers and consultants with more than 20 years of experience in applied research and consultancy About Open Evidence
  3. 3. Open Evidence Expertise Econometrics Quantitative surveys Data mining Impact assessment Policy Evaluation And Monitoring Benchmarking Web tools for open policy Online engagement Foresight and roadmapping Market research Behavioural studies Experimental Design
  4. 4. INSTITUTION CORE COUNTRY LEAD Open Evidence Open Policy Making Spain David Osimo University of Arts Policy Design United Kingdom Lucy Kimbell TheGovLab Policy Crowdsourcing United States Beth Noveck Uscreates Service/communication design Uscreates Zoe Stanton Futuregov Organisations Design Uscreates Carrie Bishop Equals Graphic Facilitation Uscreates Nick Payne Bloc de Ideas Survey Services Spain Rosa Dalet Consortium Composition
  5. 5. OE UAL GovLab FutureGov Uscreates Equals BDI Policy Evaluation Web Consultation Tools Policy Crowdsourcing Communication Design Ethnographic Research Policy Design Visualisation Graphic Harvesting Focus Groups Opinion Mining Collaborative workshops Consortium Expertise
  6. 6. Management Structure Scientific Steering Committee Coordinator Project manager Core Team David Osimo Lucy Kimbell Carrie Bishop Beth Noveck Nick Payne Rosa Dalet Francesco Mureddu OE UAL FutureGov Equals BDI GovLab Uscreate s
  7. 7. Smart crowdsourcing http://daeimplementation.eu/
  8. 8. It’s not just “two-way” conversation • Many-to-many drives participation and action http://daa.ec.europa.eu/gro up/2/content
  9. 9. It’s not about direct democracy • It’s about letting good ideas emerge and bad ideas be revealed http://daa.ec.europa.eu/content/ special/crowdsourcing
  10. 10. It’s not about “total openness now” http://daa.ec.europa.eu/content/speci al/towards-european-strategy-web- entrepreneurs
  11. 11. https://openpolicy.blog.gov.uk/2015/02/26/policy-making-through-possible-futures/ • Two workshops asking people to talk about their responses to images of future possible scenarios associated with technology/ageing • Report analysing participants’ responses UK Policy Lab/Government Office of Science – Speculative design (2015) UAL researcher involved in Policy Lab – Dr Lucy Kimbell
  12. 12. https://openpolicy.blog.gov.uk/2014/10/21/october-16th-2014-northern-futures-open-ideas-days/ UK Policy Lab – Northern Futures ideas day (2014) UAL researcher involved – Dr Lucy Kimbell • Eight one-day policy jams in the north of England held in one day involving 192 people • Outputs were 30 video proposals • Real time twitter feeds • Digital crowdsourcing platform live before, during and after
  13. 13. PeerToPatent La Decision queda en el gobierno (USPTO)
  14. 14. Govlab/1
  15. 15. Govlab/2
  16. 16. La abertura no tiene que ser solo para militantes La abertura no es incompatible con la competicion, la diversion y el interes Hat tip: Carter and Dance, Nytimes.com
  17. 17. Iterative processes Fuente: http://ebiinterfaces.wordpress.com/2010/11/29/ux-people-autumn-2010- talks/
  18. 18. It’s not about “total citizens” • Not representative but insightful Contributions People 1% left more than 50 contributions and more than 100 tweets 60% left 1 contributions and made 1 tweet 6
  19. 19. THANK YOU!
  20. 20. BACK-UP SLIDES
  21. 21. Team Member Function Expertise Open Evidence David Osimo Coordinator Policy Crowdsourcing Open Policy Making Francesco Mureddu Project Manager Policy Evaluation and Online Engagement Francisco Vilanueva Core Team Member Policy Evaluation Opinion Mining Marcello Verona Core Team Member Web Consultation Tools Katarzyna Jakimowicz Core Team Member Policy Analysis Federica Porcu Core Team Member Community management University of Arts Lucy Kimbell Scientific Steering Committee Co-Design in Policy Making Ethnographic Research David Sims Core Team Member Communication Design Digital Design and Visualisation Karen Cham Core Team Member Collaborative Workshops Alison Prendiville Core Team Member Co-Design for Public Services Members’ Expertise (1)
  22. 22. Team Member Function Expertise FutureGov Carrie Bishop Scientific Steering Committee Digital Design Co-Design in Policy Making Jenny Thai Core Team Member User Experience Design Simone Carrier Core Team Member User Experience Design Tony Brown Core Team Member Organisation Design Carrie Bishop Scientific Steering Committee Digital Design Co-Design in Policy Making Uscreates Zoe Stanton Core Team Member Communication design Alan Boyles Core Team Member Digital Design and Data Visualisation Joanna Choukeir Core Team Member Co-Design for Public Services Co-Design in Policy Making Laura Malan Core Team Member Communication Design Members’ Expertise (2)
  23. 23. Team Member Function Expertise GovLab Beth Simone Noveck Scientific Steering Committee Open Government Stefaan Verhulst Core Team Member Policy Crowdsourcing Co-Design for Public Services Equals Nicholas Payne Scientific Steering Committee Graphic Harvesting Focus Groups James Skinner Core Team Member Multimedia Visualization Visual Production Bloc de Ideas Rosa Dalet Scientific Steering Committee Focus Groups Quantitative Surveys Luisa Fernández Core Team Member Focus Groups Ethnographic Research Members’ Expertise (3)