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The Oshkosh (WI) Chamber of Commerce's Partners in Education Council developed a presentation that describes the purpose of the council, its desired outcomes and objectives.

The Oshkosh (WI) Chamber of Commerce's Partners in Education Council developed a presentation that describes the purpose of the council, its desired outcomes and objectives.

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  • 1. Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce Partners In Education Council (P.I.E. Council)
  • 2. Mission/Vision
    • To serve as a conduit between Business and Schools to help Foster Partnerships and to Encourage & Influence Long Term Change.
    • Dr. Willard Daggett’s Maxim
    • We will never be able to effect change in education until the pressure to change exceeds the resistance to change.
  • 3. P.I.E. Council Membership (40 )
    • Business Representatives (12 members)
    • School Administrators (11 members)
    • - OASD Superintendent, UCS/OCS System Presidents
    • - OASD Directors of Curriculum, Administration & CTE
    • - School Principals (Elementary, Middle, & High School)
    • Teachers/Counselors (5 members)
    • - OASD OEA President
    • Oshkosh School Board (2 members)
    • UW-Oshkosh/FVTC Deans, Admin., Professors (4 members)
    • Non-Profit/At Large Community Reps (6 members)
  • 4. P.I.E. Council Structure
    • 3 Co-Chairs
    • 1) Business Representative (Business CEO)
    • 2) School Administrator (OASD Superintendent )
    • 3) Teacher Representative (President Oshkosh Education Association)
    • Executive Committee (meets monthly)
    • Full P.I.E. Council (meets monthly)
    • Ad Hoc Committees (meet as needed)
  • 5. 2007/2008
    • Schools presented programs & challenges
    • Business provided viewpoint on students entering workforce
    • Attendance, Attitude, Appearance, Work Ethic
    • Many do not understand how to lead a successful life
    • Business/Education Summit with Dr. Daggett
    • Summer “ad hoc” sessions (with teachers)
    • Desire to accomplish something
    • Decision to focus efforts
    • Result: Our ‘Desired Student Outcome’
  • 6. Our Desired Student Outcome
    • Graduating students will have an in-depth understanding of their career and life path options, together with the knowledge of what they should and should not do to pursue these paths and lead a successful and productive life.
  • 7. Accomplishments
    • Developed list of “Essential Learning Needs” that need to be taught to EVERY STUDENT
    • UCS implemented Life Skills Class for Seniors (2009)
    • OASD School Board votes Financial Literacy as a requirement for graduation
    • UCS expands Life Skills (2 High School classes per semester, Life Skills Program for Middle School)
    • Summer, 2009 Focus Groups
  • 8. Life Skills Course Main Topics
    • Career Planning (WisCareers, Speakers)
    • Credit Card Facts & Pitfalls
    • Savings & Checking Accounts
    • Money Management
    • Investing (Jeff Kemp for 7 class periods)
    • How much things cost (30 days on Minimum Wage)
    • Manners & Etiquette
    • Safety (Self Defense, First Aid)
    • Car Buying & Ownership
    • Apartment Renting & Leases
  • 9. Focus Groups Summer, 2009
    • 2 sessions
    • 3 groups/session
    • 2009 Graduates, 20-21 year olds, 23-28 year olds
    • Parents, Educators, HR Professionals
    • Asked to Identify: Specific Learning Topics
    • Soft Skills (attitude, etiquette, work ethic)
    • Life Skills (financial literacy, safety)
    • Next Step After High School
    • Career Knowledge
  • 10. Focus Group Results Summer, 2009 Top 6 Categories
    • Finance 125 Dots 63 Post-its
    • Communications/Language 85 Dots 39 Post-its
    • Job/School Applications 59 Dots 31 Post-its
    • Character Development 48 Dots 28 Post-its
    • Interpersonal Skills 46 Dots 15 Post-its
    • Global Awareness 37 Dots 8 Post-its
    • Totals 700 Dots 359 Post-its
  • 11. Student Responses
    • “ As far as financial literacy, I really had no idea. I didn’t know what credit was, and I didn’t know how important it was. I had no idea what my options were for paying for college. I didn’t even know how to write a check.”
    • “ I had to learn the hard way how to rent places. No one ever told me what a lease was, or that it is standard that landlords require a one month security deposit, that they sometimes need contacts and references just like on your resume, and the penalties for not paying or being late with rent.”
    • “ I truly believe that not everyone is made for college, so I think it would have been helpful to know more of my choices . . . . I had no idea about 2 year degrees or military options.”
  • 12. 2009/2010 Objectives
    • Continue to push for the adoption of the DSO and a Life Skills requirement in OASD
    • Develop list of topics for Next Step After High School
    • Determine how to best communicate these topics to parents & students
    • - Seminar Approach
    • - Part of 1 st week orientation
    • - Single class period auditorium presentations
  • 13. Some Observations
    • Business people & Educators are different
    • Business participants need to be patient
    • Educators need to be less defensive
    • A P.I.E. Council is a three legged stool (business/teachers/admin)
    • Focus is essential for accomplishment
    • A blend of Public and Private Schools is helpful
    • Beware of Process masquerading as action
    • P.I.E. only has the power to Persuade
    • Be willing to get involved