100 ideas of getting more sleep


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100 ideas of getting more sleep

  1. 1. The problem:Not getting enough sleep because of Shift work Team „CCO“ – 1 member  Crash course of Creativity
  2. 2. When having shift work one faces several problems: A Sometimes you have to sleep between the shifts during the day or in the morning, So here are some ideas how to easiliy get asleep at practically any time
  3. 3. 1. Buy non transparent curtains2. Use earplugs3. Use sleeping mask4. Listen to a CD with a relaxing musik5. Take Sleeping pill6. Watch a very boring DVD7. Taking warm shower8. read a book9. drink hot milk10. drink alcohol11. drink warm relaxing tea12. have a massage13. use autogenic training14. use muscle relaxing techniques15. looking to an aquarium
  4. 4. 16. Switch off your cell phone17. Switch off your home bell18. Switch off your pc/other devices19. Use hypnosis20. Having sleeping rituals21. sound isolation in the bedroom – so you can not hear anything from outside22. The bedroom can be placed in the basement – where it‘s easy to create darkness23. Self illusion: install a monitor in your dark bedroom, which shows dark sky and stars/moon – so you think it‘s a window and it‘s dark outside
  5. 5. B The problem of not having enough sleep base sometimes on bad quality of sleep one hasSo here are some ideas how to increase the sleeping comfort and the (biological) quality of sleep:
  6. 6. 24. knowing your own sleeping physiology/biological rhythm (e.g. REM-phase) and wake up accordingly25. doing health check-ups regulary26. avoiding any kind of stress27. increasing the sleeping comfort: buy comfortable, big bed28. choose the mattress which individually suits you29. choose the best/most comfortable pillow30. use the most comfortable blanket according to the season31. choose only those bedclothes which feel comfortable32. put warming pads under the blanket to warm the bed before going to bed33. for more comfort while sleeping on the side use side-sleeping-pillow
  7. 7. 34. Regulate the bedroom temperature35. Eat healthy36. Do not eat anything „heavy“ before going to sleep37. Sleeping clothes should be warm while putting them on38. Having fresh flowers at home – it‘s presence and fragrance have relaxing effects39. Using relaxing fragrances (e.g. oils) which suite your perception40. Install a bednet / windownet againg insects, so you can not be disturbed while sleeping41. Do not have animals, who can disturb you while sleeping42. do not have children, who can disturb you while sleeping
  8. 8. 43. Do not watch news before going to sleep: avoid negativ emotions44. Do not read newspapers/sad books before going to sleep45. Take a bath with aromatic oils which support healthy sleeping before going to bed
  9. 9. C The problem of not having enough sleep basessometimes on lack of opportunities to organize the work/spare time for more sleepingSo here are some ideas how to organize your day so, that you have more possibilities to sleep:
  10. 10. 46. Change the job47. Re-Negotiate your shift-shedule48. Change shift work into home-office (if possible)49. Create sleeping possibility at your workplace50. To save time, do not go to sleep at home, sleep in your car51. To save time of going home you can sleep in the next hotel52. Live in an aparmet on the ground floor – so you save time of taking a lift or going upstairs53. Make more breaks during work, so you will not get that tired54. Move somethere, where it‘s dark practically the whole year55. Move somewhere, where it‘s not noisy at all
  11. 11. 56. Start your own company – become a boss, who has employeers with shift work57. Live near your work – to save time driving home58. Live AT work – e.g. separate building with apartments for employeers59. Learn to sleep while seating60. Learn to sleep „short“ it means during short breaks61. Use possibilities to save time: you can put your make up/bonding a tie on the way to work62. Choose hobbies which can be done 24/763. live near a 24/7 supermarket, to save time (so you can sleep instead of shopping only because of opening hours)64. Choose friends who have the same schedule
  12. 12. 65. Engage a personal assistant: for arranging things of everyday life – you can use the saved time for sleeping66. Engage a personal driver, so you can sleep in the car67. Using technology: remote controller for regulating kitchen devices at home: switching the oven on while driving home, so you have the perfect oven just in time when you are at home68. Using remote controller for regulating room temperature at home69. Using a TV-recorder instead of watching TV live – in order to avoid commercial breaks70. Do not work more than you have to – organize your work without additional hours
  13. 13. 71. Use „sleeping capsules“ at work: sleeping boxes (like in solariums) – it‘s comfortable boxes where your sleeping rhythm, brain activity (depth of sleep) and sleep time are measured. You will be waked up when you‘ve slept enough or reached the flat sleeping phase.72. Use alarm clock which measure the sleeping phases73. Find a (medical) reason, why you can not do shift work anymore – and change to regular work time74. Research on sleeping pills – which lets you fall asleep immediately and wake up after a fixed amount of time75. Change into sleeping clothes while driving home76. Wear devices, which make your sleeping clothes your wear warm
  14. 14. 77. Meditate at work – it can become a replacement for sleeping78. Just fall asleep at work – if you have supportive collegues nothing happens79. Organize your social life somewhere near your workplace – e.g. meeting friends in a bar near your workplace
  15. 15. D The problem of not having enough sleep bases sometimes on the daytime: you have to delay your sleep in order to sleep through at nightSo here are some ideas how to stay awake in order to go to sleep later:
  16. 16. 80. Doing sports81. Playing PC games82. taking adrenalin83. drink coffee84. use electroshocks85. clean the house86. doing something exhosting87. take cold shower88. take cold bath for your feet89. take pills for staying awake90. read a very exhiting book so you can not stop reading91. Doing double-shifts (work longer)92. listening to loud music93. watch an action film on multimedia glasses (so you think you are in a cinema)
  17. 17. 94. Move furniture at home95. Jogging outside96. Do not take too long holidays, so you can stay in the shift rhythm97. Sream loudly98. Sting/slap yourself99. Do garden work100. Find a supportive person who does all these things with you