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Egypt Fighting Terrorism - 2013
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Egypt Fighting Terrorism - 2013


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This document include different statements with …

This document include different statements with
evidences gathered by millions of Egyptians
either from the Government, the private
sector, or ordinary individuals whom were taken aback by the inhuman terrorist attacks poured on Egypt, by the Muslem Brotherhood and some of their supporters.

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  • 1. 1 Egypt Fighting Terrorism
  • 2. 2 A statement to the Free World: Egypt fighting Terrorism of MB -17 August 2013 (In addition to links of proof of terrorism: videos and pictures) The following includes a number of compiled statements by the Ministry of Foreign Affaris, the AMCham/private sector, and many Egyptian citizens whom were taken aback by the inhuman terrorist attacks poured on Egypt, by the Moslem Brotherhood and their supporters.
  • 3. 3 I. Ministry of Foreign Affairs description of Muslim Brotherhood atrocities: (attached in power point presentation proof of MB’s terrorism)  The Moslem Brotherhood (MB) called for a “Friday of Anger” on 16 August.  Walid Khattab, a member of the Media Committee of the Freedom and Justice Party stated in a recorded interview that “if every member of the army and police does not desert his unit and announce his rejection of the dismantlement of the Rabaa and Nahda sit-ins before sunrise, then their blood will be permissible (‘halal’ in Arabic)”. He added that “we will organize demonstrations across the country, and the blood of all (army and police) officers will flow if they are found on the streets, and the blood of any person supporting the dismantlement of the sit-ins will be permissible”.  In plain sight protestors went on an indiscriminate rampage carrying black Al-Qaeda flags and targeting security forces, civilians, police stations, government buildings, hospitals, museums and churches.  In response, the Egyptian government acted in precisely the same way that any responsible government would have in such grave circumstances. Egyptian security forces exercised utmost restraint, and the large casualties they sustained, despite being trained professionals wearing protective gear, speak for themselves.  Nevertheless, members of the international community and global media outlets who have otherwise been so vocal in criticizing the Egyptian authorities over the last days, had nothing or little to say about these events.  There simply cannot be any moral equivalence between security forces acting to defend the state in the face of an all-out assault, and criminal gangs determined to target the very essence of that state.  The Egyptian political leadership deeply regrets that some of its long-time friends and closest allies chose not to display the solidarity that should have come naturally to allies on such dire occasions. By choosing not to issue clear and unequivocal statements condemning the violence perpetrated by the Moslem Brotherhood and their supporters, these countries chose to be inconsistent with the very same values they proclaim to stand for.  Egypt also deeply regrets to see some of its partners instrumentalize international fora against a country that has never waived from its moderation and commitment to peace and security in its region and beyond.  Failing to condemn in the clearest of terms the assault of criminal gangs on the Egyptian state and people is tantamount to condoning them. It will only encourage the perpetrators to pursue their sinister designs, safe in the knowledge that they have found new allies in unexpected places.  Egyptians public opinion was taken aback and profoundly shaken by the failure of those who claim to stand on firm moral ground to speak out. Voices are rising amongst the Egyptian people calling
  • 4. 4 for a comprehensive review of Egypt’s international relations, and of the choices it has made over the years. Public opinion is demanding to know who our real friends and allies are, and who are not.  The Egyptians who took to the streets peacefully in their tens of millions on June 30th , July 3rd and July 26th , are the very same Egyptians who took to the streets peacefully in January 2011, gaining respect and admiration throughout the world.  Progress comes to nations that are governed by the forces of moderation, tolerance and enlightenment. Egypt will therefore do what it has to do to ensure that extremist and violent ideologies are allowed no room in this most ancient of nations.
  • 5. 5 II.Christian Community: Throughout the six weeks duration of the Rabaa and Nahda sit-ins of ousted president Morsi supporters, a number of foreign governments and international media outlets chose to view these sit-ins as exclusively peaceful protests by ousted president Morsi supporters exercising their right to gather and express themselves freely. Beyond the massive disturbance to the neighborhood and beyond, in addition to the widespread destruction of public and private property that resulted from the sit-ins, the dismantling of these gatherings by Egyptian police forces on 14 August has revealed what many Egyptians have known for weeks: the Rabaa and Nahda sit-ins were not exclusively peaceful gatherings, and they posed a clear danger to Egypt's national security. Beyond overlooking the violent and dangerous reality of the Rabaa and Nahda sit-ins, a number of foreign governments and international media outlets have also chosen to overlook the recent increase in killings and attacks that are once again targeting Egypt's Christian community. On the very same day the Rabaa and Nahda sit-ins were disbanded, several churches and other church properties in different parts of the country were ransacked or set ablaze. The homes and businesses of Egyptian Christians have become privileged targets, and mobs of Moslem Brotherhood members and their supporters, at the behest of extremist preachers, are threatening and attacking Egypt's Christians. Given the keen interest that the international community has taken in the current state of affairs in Egypt, it is only natural that Egypt's Christian community, and the Egyptian people as a whole, should wonder why foreign governments and international media outlets have decided to exclude the intensified attacks on Egypt's Christian community from their field of vision. The mainstream of the Egyptian people has demonstrated time and again that Moslems and Christians will continue to co-exist and interact peacefully in Egypt as they have for centuries. Egyptian Christians and Moslems stood hand-in-hand during the January 2011 revolution, and again during the multi-million mass demonstrations that took place on 30 June, 3 July and 26 July 2013. While foreign governments and international media outlets, that in the not so distant past were so keen to highlight and express outrage at any attack on Egypt's Christian community, have maintained a conspicuous silence in the face of the recent intensification of such attacks, Egypt's Moslems have spontaneously formed committees of volunteers who have taken position around Egyptian churches in order to protect them from any possible attack. Egyptians do not appreciate interference by the international community in their internal affairs. They do, however, expect a semblance of impartiality vis-a-vis present developments currently taking place in Egypt. This has regrettably not been the case recently. ------------------
  • 6. 6 III. The American Chambre and private sector statments: Broadcasting Egypt, videos and pictures documenting: 1. Muslim Brotherhood atrocities in 5 minutes, ( 2. A video from police helicopter showing Muslim Brotherhood armed militants shooting at police, 3. III. Video of Muslim Brotherhood Militants Firing at Police Forces, 4. An audio recording of Former Ambassador to Egypt Frank Wisner on the situation in Egypt, 5. A video showing a Muslim Brotherhood celebrating killing a policeman and then shooting him again, 6. A clickable image leading to a dynamic list of attacks on Christian Churches from yesterday and today only, 7. Video showing Brotherhood gang member with a machine gun during todays "peaceful" and "unarmed" protests shooting at the police forces in Egypt, 8. A video prove disastrous and dangerous use of the Brotherhood machine gun in their march higher bridge, 9. Video showing the condition of one of Egypts churches after being burned down by pro-Morsi supporters today. The Army has announced that it will rebuild and refurbish all damaged and burned churches and mosques, 10. Also available via this link on and "unarmed" protests shooting at the police hing from their homes. “Today, the Egyptian Government began to disperse the Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins which for more than 50 days have occupied two of Cairo’s main squares; the Rabaa El Adaweya public square in Cairo and El Nahda public square in Giza adjacent to Cairo University’s main campus. Today's actions come after numerous attempts by the government to negotiate an end to the sit-ins and efforts to encourage the protesters to disperse peacefully and engage in an inclusive dialogue and democratic process. No nation can allow its streets and public squares to become chaotic, unsanitary and dangerous. Egyptian security forces entered the occupied areas after several days of repetitive warnings. Those who wished to leave peacefully and of their own volition were allowed and even encouraged to do so. Unfortunately, there have been some fatalities of both protesters. A death toll of 149 civilians and 43 members of the security forces have been reported. There would have been no fatalities had all the protesters elected to disperse peacefully.
  • 7. 7 While many in the international media have focused on the actions of the security forces, there is much less awareness of the violent actions of many of the demonstrators and their supporters throughout Egypt. Security forces have found caches of weapons and ammunition among the so-called "peaceful" demonstrators. Even as the government is attempting to return peace and order to Egypt's cities, Brotherhood supporters have attacked public facilities across Egypt with petrol bombs and arson. Coptic and catholic churches also have been targeted; today alone, seven Christian churches have been set ablaze. The Alexandria Library; a proud symbol of Egypt's tolerance and an independent center of scholarship, is currently being besieged by Brotherhood supporters. All over Egypt, roaming armed gangs of Brotherhood supporters have sought to seize control of neighborhoods and are firing at passersby. Given the above reasons, Egypt’s interim government has announced a month-long ‘State of Emergency’, which is not an uncommon practice, since it is vital to regain control over the streets and limit incidents of violence by groups of terrorists roaming the country. A ‘State of Emergency was last declared just last January when the ousted President Morsi declared a curfew and gave police the power to arrest and detain at will in the cities of Port Said, Suez and Ismailia. For the past month, pro-Morsi demonstrators were unharassed as they occupied public squares, denounced the interim government, called for civil war and holy war, and collected an arsenal of weapons. Today, the government decided that enough is enough. Some of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood are using the government's intervention as an excuse to intensify and expand violence. It is becoming increasingly apparent that many in the Brotherhood are eager for Egypt to descend into violence. They seek a civil war to achieve their goals, which the vast majority of the Egyptian people reject. According to a recent poll by American pollster John Zogby, over 90 per cent of Egyptian people are against Muslim Brothers. Without doubt, there are individual members of the Muslim Brotherhood who are opposed to the actions of the cult's extremist leaders and who are willing to participate in a democratic future. Unfortunately, their voices have been silenced by those who currently control the movement. Egypt has for generations enjoyed one of the Middle East's most tolerant societies, where Muslims and Christians, liberals and conservatives, city-dwellers and farmers, have all shared a strong Egyptian identity. This tradition of tolerance and mutual acceptance is a prerequisite for democracy; without it, Egypt will descend into the chaos of civil war and terrorism. Those who are currently being dispersed from the streets of Egypt's cities are enemies of tolerance and enemies of democracy. Their violent response to the government's attempts to restore public order is an indication of what their plans are for Egypt's future: civil war and terrorist violence. We hope that you will continue to support Egypt in its ongoing struggle against terrorism to create a truly democratic society, in which everyone, including responsible members of the Muslim Brotherhood, is free to participate in shaping the nation's future.” ------------------
  • 8. 8 IV. Egyptian Citizens Statements Egyptian Citizens Statement - 1: This is a 5-minute video showing examples of the unbelievable and inhuman atrocities and brutalities of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) ( ). Contrary to what is portrayed in some Western media and announced by some Western nations, the MB demonstrations were militant, violent and inhuman. It is pure terrorism in essence and spirit. The atrocities shown in the video include:- Militia training- Torturing innocent Christian protestors- Torturing and cutting off fingers of protestors- Killing, dragging, intimidating and torturing protestors- Torturing innocent child by former member of Morsy cabinet- Destroying properties- Using Molotov to burn buildings- Attacking innocent cars and their drivers- Throwing children from building roofs- Using automatic machine guns and raising Al-Qaeda flag- Stabbing innocent protestors with knives- Threats of killing, annihilation, bombing all Egypt institutions, starting suicide bombers, establishing an Egyptian Al-Qaeda and Taliban; announced by MB top leaders in their speeches- Burning republican guards building- Burning Christian churches, and threats of killing all Christians- Torturing and killing Shiite leaders and believers- Threatening liberals with bloodshed and explosive remote-controlled cars- Threats of bloodily attacks by MB top leaders in their speeches- Threats of MB top leaders with continuing destruction of Sinai infra-structure if Morsy is not returned as president- Brutally attacking and killing military soldiers at Egypt eastern borders - Using innocent children, acting as if martyrs to be, to shield the MB militia- Robbing stores-Total disrespect of religious institutions- Disrespect of Egyptian culture and heritage- Torturing police officers- Sticking MB crimes to the police to stir up public opinion- Seizing the Supreme Constitutional Court- Killing pedestrians - Using weapons in their peaceful protests - Faking scenes of violence and torture to stir up public opinion That is what the MB calls “peaceful” protests !!! This is total madness of a crazy cult and terrorism organization. Contrary to what is portrayed in some Western media and announced by some Western nations, the MB demonstrations were militant, violent and inhuman. It is pure terrorism in essence and spirit. MB selected Egypt as a starting point. If it is not stopped, which country is next? ------------------ Egyptian Citizens statement - 2: “To all colleagues and friends who believe in democracy, governance and free world....We have all condemned outrageous acts of terrorism worldwide over the past decades, either before or after its apex on September 11, 2001. Today in Egypt, of the 7000 years of profound peaceful civilization, we are confronting the ugly face of severe terrorism poured on us by the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and Al- Qaeda (which are far from holy Islam). Their terrorism shows in many forms, as follows: attacking and burning churches, mosques, courts, universities, ministries, municipalities, gas, police and military stations!!! Using different types of weapons; taking hostages, exploiting women and children as human shields; cutting main and side
  • 9. 9 roads; and terrifying and tormenting civilians nationwide!!! What more is needed as proofs of their inhuman terrorism. The new Government in Egypt has been tolerant to the furthest extent. However those indescribable acts of terrorism are not acceptable in any developed nor developing country worldwide. Hence, please share with your friends and let the world know: What's happening in Egypt: it has NEVER been a military coup; Egypt is NOT a fascist country. But rather the free, sane millions of Egyptians have revolted against terrorism, THEN supported by all Egyptian institutions. To our shock some Governments of the free World in Europe and America have not comprehended the delicate situation in Egypt against terrorism and called for an urgent Security Council meeting!!! Thus it is our duty to clarify and iterate the real facts of terrorism confrontations in Egypt, currently being carried out. We would be supporting our colleagues and friends worldwide who might face similar battle with terrorism in their countries, God forbid; for the belief of free people and free world. This is the fact of the matter. Egypt and Egyptians are confronting terrorism now. So we would appreciate conveying the real truth to your governments in the EU and the USA. We need your support to fight those terrorists. Please pursue the truth and don't follow alleged fallacies. We are certain to curb those terrorist waves the soonest and to regain our beloved Egypt, as we and you all know it." ------------------ Egyptian Citizens statement - 3: The below are efforts of a number of Egyptians compiling numerous evidence of terrorism targeting Egypt: 1. Muslim Brotherhood leader Walid Khatab says "The streets would sink in blood and the police and army are of no value to us " ================== 2. A Morsi supporter threatenes to burn the country after being arrested at Al Nahda sit-in, ================ 3. Muslims Brotherhood resisting police during the disengagement of the sit in at Rab3a al Adaweya, ================= 4. Weapons that have been seized during the disengagement of the sit-in at Al Nahda,
  • 10. 10 =================== 5. Security found a coffin filled with ammunition, pistols, cartridges at Al Nahda sit in, ================= 6. Brotherhood burning tents and belongings before Disengagement their sit-in, =============== 7. Violence and attacks of government installations in Egypt, ================ 8. A fire set on in a church in Minya, ================ 9. More than 20 dead bodies found under Rab3a Al Adaweya platform, ============== 10. Brotherhood elements ignite fires in Cairo, ============== 11. Muslims Brotherhood cut Game3et Al Dewal Street and the masked men fire shots, =============== 12. Muslims Brotherhood cut Game3et Al Dewal Street and the masked men fire shots, =============== 13. Police seized a large quantity of weapons and live ammunition at Al Nahda sit in, ============== 14. Scenes of the killing os Kerdasa Department officers by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, ==============
  • 11. 11 15. Dragging and killing of a taxi driver by supporters of the outsed president in Alexandria, =============== 16. Protesters setting fire at Rabaa Al Adaweya mosque before departure, =================== 17. Field execution chamber and the gallows at the hospital at Rabaa Al Adaweya, ================ 18. Worldwide scandal broadcasted by the Egyptian television of the Muslim Brotherhood and watch what they did, ====================== 19. Muslims Brotherhood tried to kill photographers while being filmed using their guns ;
  • 12. 12 The above are different statements with evidences gathered by millions of Egyptians either from the Government, the private sector, or ordinary individuals who are addressing their peers in the free world. Accepting is Choosing accept terrorism or to combat terrorism. If it is not stopped today in Egypt knows which country would be next tomorrow?