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  • Title slide


  • 1. Rails Plugins Eric Pugh Clinton Nixon Andy Gregorowicz OSCON 2007
  • 2. The Plan
    • Intro
    • Plugins
    • Gems into Plugins
    • Packaging Gems
    • Future Directions
    • Questions
  • 3. Why Plugins?
    • Share code between applications in discrete chunks.
      • Models
      • View Helpers
      • Controllers
      • Rake Tasks
      • Public folder content: Images, Stylesheets, Javascript
    At 37signals we usually use five or six plugins in each app. — David Heinemeier Hansson at Canada on Rails
  • 4. acts_as_nxt Available at http://acts-as-nxt.rubyforge.org
  • 5. Managing Plugins
    • Add a new source of plugins
      • ./script/plugin source http://svn.rubaidh.com/plugins/trunk
    • Install from known sources
      • ./script/plugin install google_analytics
    • Install from URL
      • ./script/plugin install http://svn.rubaidh.com/plugins/trunk/google_analytics
    • Install from URL using svn:externals (track updates!)
      • ./script/plugin install -x http://svn.rubaidh.com/plugins/trunk/google_analytics
  • 6. Piston for plugin management
    • Add a new plugin
      • piston import http://svn.rubaidh.com/plugins/trunk/google_analytics vendor/plugins/google_analytics
      • svn commit vendor/plugins
    • Check Status of Plugins
      • piston status vendor/plugins/google_analytics
    • Update plugin on demand
      • piston update vendor/plugins/google_analytics
    • Lock the plugin to a revision
      • piston lock vendor/plugins/google_analytics
  • 7. Things to be aware of!
    • Plugins load alphabetically! Plugins that depend on Plugins can break.. The “flare” plugin depends on “solr-ruby” so you need to override the load order
      • config.plugins = ['solr-ruby-rails-0.0.3', 'flare', 'rspec', 'rspec_on_rails']
    • Test and retest when adding plugins, small changes can have big impacts on your system!
  • 8. Best Practices
    • Watch out for plugin overload!
    • Relying on remote repositories can slow SVN down
    • “ Engines”, and old style approach to plugins combining controllers, models, and views are bad, and rapidly disappearing
    • Plugins depending on plugins leads to head-aches
    • Don’t pull your code out into plugins too early…
    • Treat your plugins like you treat your apps:
      • versioning, testing, continous integration
  • 9. You’ve got Questions? We’ve got Answers!